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The people behind MiFiHost are either kids or people with absolutely no clue of how the internet works.

Even after being called out for posting fake reviews, the company, all while denying culpability, continues posting even more fake reviews.



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I had just renewed with Hostgator for 3 years at $10 a month when I found myself waiting interminably for tech support. I then vowed to change servers...following the fake reviews on the "10 best hosts sites" I signed up with a really cheap service, which turned out to be in Bulgeria with consequent communication problems, I dropped them. Tried another cheap host and didn't do much better. Somehow I lucked into MifiHost and whose prices were also quite reasonable, and with a real basis for comparison can say that they have the most amazing, consistent, effective, tech support...there is nothing else quite like it in my experience! I must admit MifiHost Cpanel is another planet for me, where I am constantly dazed and confused. MifiHost changed my thinking that every web host that comes are crappy cos despite the cheap web hosting prices, i enjoyed optimal support. MifiHost tech support wizards have been doing all the brilliant work keeping it simple for me...a unique job of stellar hosting tech support.

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I don't understand why the person below is complaining about a lack of phone support. Are you actually using MifiHost? I have been with them for 2 years and they have always had their customer support number at the top of the webpage for 24/7 support. I have had to call a few times and never wait more than 5 minutes.

I have only had my website go down once in those 2 years as well, so I'm happy. I just think that the only people who tend to write reviews are people who are pissed. Happy customers have no need to spend their time. I felt obligated to simply because it seems some complaints are based on a lack of knowledge of what MifiHost offers.

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Goodday, Our attention at MifiHost has been drawn to The review made by Ana which has in turn made some of the reviews made by our client to be classified as fake or to be deleted by hostjury. We would like to state this clearly, Every informations provided on MifiHost web site is 100% Accurate. I would explain the issue of MifiHost Starting Date as @Ana seems not to get it. MifiHost begun operations in 2007 with the domain name (Nairaland.com) created in 2005-03-07,The domain name was later sold out and we acquire the domain name (Djwalexinfotech.com) Created 2013- 01- 14. MifiHost finally moved to the domain name (MifiHost.com) Created in 22-08-15.

@Ana, Having gone through our clients database, You don't seem to have an account with MifiHost. What you are only trying to potrait is that Mifihost uses the same kind of cpanel those web hosting companies you mentioned also use. Kindly note that, it is very possible. Numerous Web hosting company uses the same kind of cpanel but we can't say if we use the same with those ones you mentioned as we don't know / haven't seen what their Cpanel looks like. I want to be sure you weren't complaining about MifiHost services as you dont have an account. I stand to be corrected here. Cpanel looks doesn't in any way have effect of The services rendered by the companies. In all aspect, We appreciate your good works as you are trying to make Host Jury free from Fake reiews. I Hope HostJury makes the comment available to everyone as we maintained the standard we have on ground. Thank you, Andrew, MifiHost Marketing Team

Andrew S, MifiHost Marketing Team

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@Ana, Point of Correction, MifiHost is not and has never being a reseller.You haven't signup for our services and as such has no right to comment on it. Just because you do not like our Cpanel doesn't means others don't like it .Just because we uses the Cpanel as the same as the companies you've mentioned doesn't in any way means we have anything to do or in common with them. Only the gullible ones will definitely fall for your Comment as Cpanel doesn't have anything to do with the services being rendered. Companies shares the same Cpanel but that doesn't translate into good Services.

About the reviews, MifiHost staffs has never and will never post reviews about its services. If we should do so, how do we get to improve on our services? HostJury should only improved on its Security and Screen every Reviews before being displayed. Just because a clients rates us 5/5 or 10/10 doesn't means the reviews are being posted by Our staffs. I want this Case Closed as we at MifiHost has better things to do than Posting Reviews. [email protected] Andrew S, MifiHost Marketing Team.

Andrew S, MifiHost Marketing Team

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@Ana, I would still insist that MifiHost is and has never being a reseller. In as much as Cpanel doesn't amount to Good Service, i would like to have this case close and dead. In the aspect of reviews, HostJury should enhance further scrutiny of reviews. Thanks, Andrew S, MifiHost Marketing Team


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Nicole called me to confirm my web hosting information. Very professional and helpful with telling me about how my hosting account and renewal information. Very good service and on a Holiday (Xmas Day). Two Thumbs up. Keep Up the good work!

Dan P

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Outstanding customer support. Listened to my difficulties, quickly identified the source of the problem, and helped me to fix it. My wife's business email was up and working in a flash on her iphone, and on webmail.

Excellent, fast, and effective help!

A fake review by Ek

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I recently had two very positive customer service experiences with MifiHost. They were prompt, courteous and helpful, and they solved my problems. Very good technical support.


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Been using the free service for 5 years to host my school projects and some freelance work and so far it has been a great 5 years! Will upgrade to paid service soon!

@Ana, i doubt if you are really a customer of this company cos i think you are just here to place an attack on them. If the control panel is difficult for you to navigate, then you should know it has a feature you would find useful, which is the ability to pin and rearrange your most used options on the CP home screen via drag-and-drop.Selah

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