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MochaHost founders realized that many online service providers lacked the skills and vision needed to provide truly integrated, holistic, and flexible online solutions. In 2002 MochaHost was launched.

MochaHost is located in the heart of Silicon Valley specializing in providing professional hosting, web design, e-commerce, and Internet promotion services.

MochaHost believe that a good company consists of well-educated and experienced people. MochaHost have a wide range of experiences gained through consulting and direct positions at various business levels, including but not limited to: Fortune 500's, start-ups, non-profits, and government organizations.


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Hosting Reviews for MochaHost

Sami Gascón

    Review Rating

Very cheap server, very slow, with a lot of things you can dream in a server and a really good and fast support service. If you dont look for perfomance, this is your server. I use it for several customers (about 5) and myself... and altought the control panel (not the hosting itself) is not reliable at all and the FTP server perfomance sucks, for the price you have a non limited .NET/SqlServer server.

    Review Rating

I've been a client for MochaHost for a 5 month now.

I use windows Soho plan.

and bandwidth.

I just moved from another .uk hosters and i don't like there price.

I like this realy unlimeter plans.

I didn't realize that I am getting so many options, space.

Good and fast support.

Good support knowledge.

Their tech support team is really concerned and willing to help.

Wonderful quick efficient professional service.

I plan to hosting there other my sites.

I recommend it.


    Review Rating

I don't really get how many angry post there can be against mocha, i've send them way too much tickets i think because everytime i have a problem i write to them. and they always reply soo fast never took more than 24hours. The service so far is great. I one day had lag and told them, they said it was due to spam and everything went fine, all that in like 2hours.. I find it way more than okay. The only thing i really hate from mochahost is the plesk panel.. It is sooo slow it kills me and i want to change it asap.

    Review Rating

Mocha host is really awesome, I was surprised to see the bad reviews here. They are one of the few people who also offer Tomact hosting and very reasonable price.

I have multiple website and my website got little slow a while ago and when I posted a ticket they responded very fast and offered me to move to different server.

some of the things people forget is that in shared hosting websites tend to get little slow.

I went through many reviews here and some of them are very lame and they don't even know how to build a website. Websites also tend to get slow if you don't enable caching and css compression.

I thought of moving to other hosts but this service is really good and I'm gonna stay with them for quite sometime.

    Review Rating

I am using mocahost from past 7 months.i am using their vps with tomcat(jvm) server.Till this date i am satisfied with their service .I have opened many ticket for various Issues, every ticket they responed in resonable time .Their thechinal team is really good.

I don't have any problem with mocahost other than only one problemm.Suddenly they will come up with warning saying that you are using more system resources and you should upgrade to new plan.as iam technical person,i know really myserver is not using the resources as they said ,but still these people will force you to upgrade to new plan.Other than this i did'nt see any problem really

Olga Borodynya

    Review Rating

I'm with Mochahost hosting since january 2010. And good Hoster for me - when I don't worry about my site. With MochaHost I don't worry. First time I checked my site sometimes, accessibility, speed. But now - there are no check need. It's only working.

And one more question about support - it's really brilliant! 24/7, Quick responce, I had some different questions - and each time different units contact with me and successfully help me.

    Review Rating

I hosted my site www.stmaryswaterford.com with mochahost and was really really impressed with the features and customer support. This made me transfer my existing domain www.proventherapy.com from godaddy to mochahost. Took a while to transfer since my domain was in private registration with godaddy. But I did get enough support from mochahost to get around. The only disappointment is that my second site is not yet listed at the site builder even after repeated requests. Consequently my site www.proventherapy.com is still down. But I think mochahost will sort it out soon.

Jose Ma Sanchez

    Review Rating

I have a couple of months using mochahost service. In my opinion the service is very good. To create my portal was very easy (very happy with this facility!!!). I send many support emails and no problem, they answer very fast, some times two minutes after i send the email. No site shut down at this moment. I really appreciate the service.


    Review Rating

I have been with many Windows hosting companies and Mocha beats them all in pricing and support. However, I wish they could do something about Plesk. I know they are working on it and even introduced an alternate faster control panel. Unfortunately, the new panel only has some of the more routine functions. I have been trying to install an SSL cert for about 24 hours and Plesk keeps puking. It is normal to have to wait up to 5 minutes for a request response from Plesk at Mocha but right now it gives errors even after waiting so long and being patient. It confuses me how a large, reputable hosting company can't figure out how to fix this issue.

bhuvanesh kumar

    Review Rating

quick response,

but service is poor.

Iam in shared hosting plan.

so far i adjusted everything.

but today all my client sites gone because of their database failure.

webmail often goes down for an hour.. tired of raising the tickets again and again .

this day 01 august 2012. a very sad day for me.

they put me and my business down.

I dont say they are worst. but their servers are.

Jörg Rüdiger

    Review Rating

cheap but very slow - had to change my hoster


    Review Rating

Horrible horrible horrible! I saw them call one person a liar earlier on this thread so I thought I would weigh in with some real stats to prove how bad they are. I signed up a few days ago. Had a tech install my simple website. I notice pages were loading crazy slow speeds like 10 seconds to load a simple page. So I started poking around. Over 1200 websites on one server!!! Load averages are often 25 to 45! Basically about 50% of the time my site is so slow it would be considered down by an internet user. Take a look at this uptime I just did:

21:09:13 up 68 days, 9:25, 6 users, load average: 12.40, 48.12, 33.34

48!!!! Shame on you mochahost.

I am moving on tonight to find a new host.


    Review Rating

worst host available at present!

such a pathetic service,cheap price but most of feature doesn't work,they give lots of advertisement in their site but when u purchase a hosting plan,u will understand,most of the features they disable and anything I ask they ask me upgrade to dedicated server or VPS and pay more money!I have business account and

some of the basic PHP funstions are disabled can you believe!


    Review Rating

I purchased hosting from Mocha to try and increase performance of my DotNetNuke sites. DNS and mail have been excellent, but the web hosting has been painful.

The Plesk control panel is so slow that it is unusable. I constantly get authentication errors switching between tabs. When I write to support, all the say is "we can't see a problem, all we can do is move you to another server." Can you imagine all the headache with reconfiguring DNS to accomplish this - totally unreasonable.

In addition, I don't think they handle server permissions correctly. Day one, my sie is running fine, day two the same site gives an IIS7 error saying that the site can't be accessed due to permissions to a vhost path that is not mine. I didn't change a thing, someone else did. I have to move off of Mocha to get a reliable control panel and management of my sites.

    Review Rating

How is it that at any issue I've encountered to setup my website has been seems to have been "you must upgrade"???

It's been over a month I've been trying to get the site to be setup properly and it takes an average 2 days for a tech to respond. I'm currently having an issue with the private JVM shutting down all by itself and what I get is "you must optimize your code or upgrade your memory heap" when I know for a fact the application works fine on our development servers under 12mb of memory using the same database connection at Mochahost.

I can see there is a Mochahost rep responding to the reviews. Please, make sure someone is actually going to look into this and stop blowing me off with a "Have a great day!"


    Review Rating

Our web site was up&running without any issue for years on other hosting provider and on our staging server (that is visible from internet and is currently up & running also).

However, Mochahost administrator stopped our web site (without any warning) so we are unable to view our web site content and (which is more painful) without our mail access!

Ticket with critical status is opened 2 hours ago. We are bagging for enabling only mail accounts and we are ready to set our web site to use simple 'under construction' html page. But we cannot work without our mails. However still no answer from support.

We got mail from support stating that our web site is disabled and that we must reply to mail within 24 hours. We replied but their mail server responds with error!!!

We are business owners and we do have direct damage because of this.

I will let community knows about further development of this case…

We are unable to set our web site running from plesk (no rights!).


    Review Rating

I have hosted my website with them for about 8 months now. I just wanted to say that my website is so slow that no one is able to use it. I have had many times when I would log onto my website and it would take 40-50 seconds for the website to come up. It is awful. There has been about 8 times when my website would go down for no reason at all. Then within a couple of minutes the website would come back up. Then support would say everything looks good. It got so annoying that I even wrote a custom application to ping my website every 5 minutes to see if it was still alive. After bombarding them with support tickets every time my website goes down the issue eventually stopped. I don’t know why. I guess they got tired of my complains and finally addressed the issue.


    Review Rating

Garbage. You search garbage on "www.Wikipedia.org" and you have mochahost as the poster child for this word. They give you the run around until your time is up and want you to upgrade and can't even send the right invioce. Customer support is intertaining if your slightly psychotic and have nothing going for you. But they do not help with anything. They give out dated tutorials and don't help problems that accur on an individual basis.

I want to start a union or a petition to shut this site down for good for the sake of all of humanity.


    Review Rating

Had some big backup files on the server that I forgot to delete and got an email from the Abuse department telling me:

"During live server maintenance we have detected that your account is currently using more than 16.5 GB of disk space.


4.9G Archive2.zip

6.9G Archive3.zip

2.2G Archive.zip

We do not impose limits on the bandwidth and disk space you can use with our Shared hosting plans. Still we do need to be sure that we provide high quality service to all of our customers. Therefore, every account on a shared server has to utilize only the resources needed for the operation of a personal or small business website.

In other words, there are no exact limits set per account on the usage of disk space, CPU, memory, and so forth. However, your hosting plan is shared one, based on a shared server with shared resources, and excessive usage of any of the system resources can affect the rest of the accounts hosted on that shared server.

Have in mind that we allow for the disk space to be used only for active website content.

Please proceed with downloading of your archives to a local computer and removing them from the server.

In order to prevent such issue from occurring in future, you may want to consider upgrading to a VPS or Cloud plan, where the resources are dedicated."

So there are no limits except that there are limits. WTF?

So I responded I would remove them and less than 24 hours later the cut off my html service telling me my lack of response forced them to. WTF?

Rude, pushy and I have been a customer for years, sent them customers. I'm leaving now. This is pretty bad service.


    Review Rating

Hosting is spotty. Three weeks ago, my hosted server went down for the entire morning. No reason was given, but I figure it was equipment problem.

This morning I found the account syspended. Strange, because last week I received confirmation that invoice for next 6 months is paid.

Try to get support: the online chat support can tell you nothing you must send email to tech support team. Even though the server is COMPLETELY down and unavailable, probably the most critical situation imaginable, they can not help, you have to email someone.

If you call the support line, they only have an answering machine on all option, even sales. On the phone line, they say to use their "award winning 7x24 chat support".

I email the tech support, and they tell me I am using the wrong email return address, and they can't help me, and give me another email address to change my email address.

Remember .... my server has been down for about 2 hours now, and they are worried about the email address on the account, and whether that is correct. Meanwhile, everyone visiting my site is seeing a big yellow message saying "Account suspended".

After two hours, nobody can even tell me why the account is suspended.

The one thing you care about in a hosting service is up-time, and responsiveness to critical problems. I think the C- minus rating that BBB gives them is FAR too generous.


    Review Rating

Pathetic Customer Service and Worst Tech Support is all what I have to say about MochaHost.

I am a customer since a little over 6 months and their Tech Support is really really really bad.

Their servers had a problem last november and till date my sites are not working correctly.

I have contacted MochaHost tech support numerous times and have waited to hear back over a week from them.

We are paying customers and expect the service that they proudly publish on their site.

In reality, their service is no where close to what they mention on the site.

if you have any questions, please email me and I will prove to you that I am a real customer with mochahost my email address vrajput77 (at) gmail (dot) com

Ken Parker

    Review Rating

I don't know what happened to Mocha. We were with them for 3 or 4 years without serious problems. Performance and support were always marginal, but it was cheap and I felt like we got what we paid for.

Then around the beginning of 2011 their uptime went to hell. By 5/11 our store was down so often that we were finally forced to move. Should have done it much sooner, I know, but after being with them for so many years I figured they would get their act together.

They never did.

    Review Rating

they have very bad support sytem. Never buy their reseller hosting as they provide a very long link to login and difficult to remeber for our customers. like this https://matrix.my-hosting-panel.com:8443/login.php3

No possible for customers to remember. No very helpful in case of any issue like, i have been receiving too many spams in my emails request many times to fix it, No its over 35 days no response and update on that ticket!!!


    Review Rating

It looked like the perfect host, with the perfect features and the perfect price. But once that you sign in with them, you will find that they have the worst support department and customer service. I closed my account a day after I opened it with them, The Plesk system for windows 2008, hangs while you try to create sub domain, add appliction, etc.

The site was supposed to come with a site builder, I submitted the ticket to have this feature added, it never got setup. Do not waist your time, do a research pay extra, but get something better.


    Review Rating

I recently signed up with Mocha and two days went by without me getting the "welcome email". I submitted two comments on this, the second one saying that I was disappointed, and got the following reply (no kidding):

"Did you bother to read the directions where it says to check your SPAM Folder if you do not see the MochaHost Welcome e-mail in your regular e-mail; if your SPAMGUARD is set too high on your e-mail account, the MochaHost Welcome e-mail will be sent there to the SPAM folder. After you ordered, we sent an automated 'status pending' update notice with a BOLD lettered sentence in RED letters that asked you to check your SPAM folder, and to please adjust your SPAMGUARD, if needed.

Please do not jump to hasty conclusions about our company, as this is obviously your mistaken oversight."

Can you believe it? The best part is that then the person forwards me a copy of the email that, you know, they already sent but I was too dumb to find, and original's header SAYS IT WAS GENERATED AN HOUR EARLIER.

I'm just blown away by their rudeness. Needless to say, I am still disappointed.

    Review Rating

MochaHost make themselves sound as though they are business hosts. Wrong. My website took an average of 12.8 seconds to load on MochaHost with many times that I would receive a Network Interruption or Network Timeout. When looking at the Server Status I would regularly find 7.91 out of 8 CPUs in use (maxed out) and 89% memory. Many drive partitions were also in critical state. When consulting with technical support they stated that there is no problem with the server.

Don't believe their pricing nor their 30-day money back guarantee. Its a bunch of bull. They will drag things out past the 30 days, and if you encounter issues past the 30 days you are simply out of the money you paid. Do a search with the BBB if you don't believe me. MochaHost gets an F and reports that their business practices are illegal, which I intend to report to the California Attorney General.

    Review Rating

Mochahost is absolutely shocking. I have had nothing but problems with them over the last six months. My VPS was so slow they moved it to another server, which is now so slow they are offering to move me again. Every move means changing DNS, other configurations etc. Whenever my VPS died (due to the host crashing) they would boot up my old server, leaving the new one unstarted.

Their support is a joke. The online chat goes no further than having some clueless moron tell you to submit tickets. When my tickets disappeared they told me to submit a ticket explaining that I couldn't see my tickets!

Just stay away from them, they don't care about their customers and their tech and customer support are horrific.


    Review Rating

The web hosting is average, kinda slow but ok for personal use.

Their email server is inconsistent. I fail to connect at least once a month. lately the server has been blocked by spamhaus. So my emails get rejected by recipients with BL filtering. A backup mail service is needed if you go with Mochahost


Matt Proper

    Review Rating

Mochahost is terrible to work with. Their chat with a "Live Person" always says they can't help any further, you must open a new ticket. The ticket system is garbage. You never know how long it is going to take them to respond. If I say my problem is "urgent" vs "critical" does that mean that you don't have to respond for three days instead of two? The 888 number is just for a voicemail and then they call you back in like an hour or two. Okay, not bad, but still, why can't I call them and talk to them when I need to? Hosting-wise, my site was only down shortly twice this past year. Pricing is good and they do have a lot of quality features for the price. That's all.


    Review Rating

I bought their dedicated server in January. The server was Ok, though it took two weeks to get started.

However, in March I was told that I had to move to another server in different location(data center).

Not mentioning all the work that I had to redo for a new server, the new sever is so slow that my sites are so slow. As my site also stream video, it is impossible to view videos. Only sometime when my site had little traffic, can I get a so-so speed. I never met such problem before in previoud vendors like 1and1 etc. I have communicated many times to tech people, they insisted on no problem on their side.

I have so much anger and almost want to get a gun to kill someome.

Does anyone has same problem?


    Review Rating

Due to the large amount of complaints about Mochahost, we would like to warn the consumer. First you can review Mochahost.com F rating with the BBB, http://sanjose.bbb.org/Business-Report/Mochahost-235786 . Mochahost.com is known for fraudulent activities and involved in bait and switch by offering low priced hosting but will later claim you are using too much resources to force you to pay more with unnecessary upgrades. Please be warned. Avoid Mochahost and go with a more reputable company


    Review Rating


George Papadopoulos

    Review Rating

The worst company ever. Not professional and not respecting their customers. I lost 700 USD for a VPS that was mis configured since the beginning. Stay away from them!!


    Review Rating

My site have numerous times during the 2 years i been with mochahost gone down while they claim it is working.

Today with no warning my visitors and customers met a big fat "Suspended" text. Mochahost still claimed it was active and send me a bill for next period.

After several hours (as usual) i got the information that my so called unlimited monthly traffic was too high and they shut me down, while i can not access my files, databases or domains they are happy to inform me that if i choose an account for triple the cost... then everything will be back to normal.

They are obviosuly scammers and i will contact my lawyer to get my material back at least.

Avoid them to all cost unless you are ready to accept blackmailing and loss of material, reputation and visitors.

    Review Rating

I become a affiliate after reviewing its price and recomended one of my friend and two other customer. but mochahost is spaming with their affiliate programme. thier customer support doesn`t respond even after four months. its really sucks

    Review Rating

I am searching for a good web host for my current domain. I thought MochaHost is a good one since a friend recommended it to me but I end up disappointed and frustrated!

I never really received a good service from them as I thought I would.

I will never ever use this web hosting website and I would spread out to all of my friends.

Below are the BAD points of MochaHost.

- Poor Customer Service especially their chat and e-mail support

- They claim that they strive hard to maintain excellent services yet their representatives are terrible and have poor English! makes me think they are from India!

- They closes your ticket even though your issue is unresolved!

I could have been their new loyal customer if they were more reliable web host!

    Review Rating

well after 6 days, 30 tickets with average of 15-20 posts per ticket and all the bad stuff that has been said about support being true, all I can say it I still don't have a website (I bought 6 or so around 6 days ago from them and some still appear "available" on whois!) After 6 days of stalling, blowing off with stupid time wasting irrelevant questions, after they took down the only site that worked (hosted elsewhere, but they thought it would be great to switch the dns of a live website to their empty folder) after they tested the only web visible site (I told them it was the only visible site) hosted on their server and told me it was ok (Duh!) and after telling me to fix a dns that didn't need fixing because I bought the domain from them. Ater me telling them constantly that I wanted at least one website up and that was never addressed, after complaining that there are mailserver issues, after all that, and being treated like a moron and taken the piss out of, I must say they have a lot to forgive if they want forgiving. If you write more than one sentence in aticket the rest after the first is ignored. They must either have robots or underpaid undermotivated indians from the outskirts of Mumbai and Kolkata as technicians. They do not apply their brains, they jsut rattle off rubbish. I would not advise anyone to go through the nightmare night and day every 3 hour crap (non) reply from support that did absolutely nothing for days on end and Live Chat not being able to do anything except "escalate" a ticket, one way. I would advise anyone against Mochahost unless and until there is a change of attitude and quality, because lots of features mean squat when you can't access them! Don't you think? Now that I MAY HAVE MOCHAHOST'S FULL UNDIVIDED ATTENTION BECAUSE I have made my dissatisfaction public, what does their man on this forum have to say about that? Has the the nerve to come up with some "You're wrong. Have a great day" bullshit? In my book the client is always right so if they don't address these issues quickly they are probably in for a fast buck. Who knows? I know I am totally dissatisfied. Totally. I am very much considering requesting a refund.


    Review Rating

Mocha host is not expensive, but their servers always down, the chat support is useless, it always ends up asking you to enter a ticket. I have 12 sites hosteb by them and the server is down since this morning.

The chat support always says we are experiencing temporary problems, WTF temporay, over 8 hours I don't call that temporary. Its just inacceptable I will transfer all to hostpapa !!

    Review Rating

I have at this moment waiting 6 days for support, I have a server barista, last Thursday for no apparent reason the server was canceled, immediately sent a support ticket and they said my account was canceled, I have no debt, and then said the disk was corrupt, I no longer want the service I just want to recover my data. So far I would say the service is bad, support is horrible, and nobody can say anything.

Mochahost User

    Review Rating

Don't do it!!! worst web host I have ever used!

Site & email has been down for 9 days now. Tech staff appears unable to fix their problems, or work with their backup system (if it exists). Hosting Company can not be reached by phone, only online 'chat'. Anyone I have managed to communicate with is not concerned the site is down or particularly interested in solving it.

If you value your online presence steer clear of this hole. You WILL lose contents, and be at the mercy of an incompetent technical and support staff.

Nelly from their 'online support' clarified they do not have phones or anyone responsible to assure issues are resolved.

who does not have phones..???


    Review Rating

I am using mochahost for a year and had lots of problems.

First is you buy an unlimited hosting plan but you can't use. Because there is a not working or very very very slow working plesk panel.So you can't make any configuration. Can there be a webmail problem and it can't be solved? There are lots of problems. I don't suggest mochahost to anyone.

Jennifer Graddy

    Review Rating


to another hosting company. I've been in this business for 20+ years and have used many hosting companies. MochaHost is the worst hosting company E.V.E.R. !!

We have had client websites down for several weeks and when we contact customer support here is the email that we receive:

We apologize for any inconveniences we might have caused you, one of our Managers is currently working on the matter under ticket ID TKP-702467 and you will receive a response as soon as we have any further information.

This is simply unacceptable. I'm headed to HostGator, which has a much better reputation.


    Review Rating

If you value your business and uptime DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT give these people your business. They are hands down the most unprofessional company I have ever dealt with and I've worked with some bad ones. They claim 24/7 service but all that is is an online chat that just feeds you scripted answers and claims they will "escalate the issue" which obviously never happens. As I write this, I have been waiting 2 days for someone to respond to me. DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE A DIME. I have never regretted giving a company my business as much as I regret this decision.

I would like everyone to know that I have absolutely no bias. I am not in the hosting industry or anything like that. I am a website owner and that is my business. I made the mistake of trusting this company to do the right thing and provide me with a tiny bit of support and over 24 hours later, they still haven't even attempted to assist me.

Mochahost, if you do read this please take what I say into consideration as I know that there are other people who are just as frustrated as I am.

Sergey Krayniy

    Review Rating

Our site and email service are down for full five days and cannot get any straight ETA when it will be back. Only useless e-support, no phone..


    Review Rating

Mochahost is a joke. I'm amazed they are still in business. I've been with them for over a year during which time my VPS has crashed an average of 3 times a month. Their tech support team changed my root password last week and forgot to mention it to me. Also, my VPS crashed this morning and they want to charge me 25.00 for them to rebuild it. I use this think as a temporary holding place for a small number of files , there is no reason it should break. I have a huge collection of emails I'd love to share with someone who is serious about putting these jokers out of business.

Robert Strickland

    Review Rating

Not a bad company to deal with until something unusual happens. Then these nitwits find themselves completely unable to provide any semblance of support towards their customer. My current issue with them is related to their unwillingness to provide me with the epp code for my domain. They contend that in spite of the fact that I transferred it to them and in spite of the fact the the registrar or record that they use, enom has it listed under their business account, that somehow it's still not their responsibility. It's been almost 2 weeks and my domain is down and I have no way to access it, and they seem to be unable to do anything beyond collect my money.

Kapil Jain

    Review Rating

Never go with this company if you want good support and reliable hosting. Please see my complaint filed with Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Mochahost didn't take any pain to reply to even BBB whereas they are registered member of BBB


Complaint Details


2880 Zanker Rd #203

San Jose, CA 95134

Contact: Savov, Jim

Phone: (888) 816-6242

In the absence of any response from the company this complaint despite our two requests to them, we are closing our file on this complaint.

This unanswered complaint will become part of the information we report to the public on this company for the next three years. Should any government agency request our files on this company, your complaint will also be included.

If you have settled this complaint directly with the company, would you please email us to let us know that, as well as any other comments you might have. Your help in doing this is important to ensure that our report to the public on this company is accurate.

Thank you for using the Better Business Bureau.

Complaint ID: 16066041

Complaint Classification:

Complaint Description - Posted 7/1/2011 11:41:36 AM

Such company should be banned and they have to refund my full amount with the compensation of all mental pain and financial loss I am asking for compensation of 5000$ including page rank loss, website unavailability, control panel un-availability, Nameserver availability, Time spent in finding new reseller hosting company, migration of sites to the new company. Evaluation of new vendors etc

Complaint Summary

I have so many tickets open with Mochahost which they never resolve and it is impacting my business. I have lost my google page rank

Resolution Sought

Such company should be banned and they have to refund my full amount with the compensation of all mental pain and financial loss I am asking for compensation of 5000$ including page rank loss, website unavailability, control panel un-availability, Nameserver availability, Time spent in finding new reseller hosting company, migration of sites to the new company. Evaluation of new vendors etc

Additional Information

Date Problem First Occurred:


Product or Service: Windows and Linux Reseller hosting

Model Name or Number:

Date Purchased:

Order Number:

Amount In Dispute: $5,000.00

Company's Response

Company's Initial Response - None Posted

Initial Response Summary

Consumer's Rebuttal

Consumer's Rebuttal - None Posted

Company's Final Response

Company's Final Response - None Posted

    Review Rating

This is to inform to the general public against Mochahost company which is run by some bulgarians and company is a registered LLC in California USA. The company claims 100% uptime and also shows lots of awards and certificates for their superior support and hosting but in fact this hosting company is one of the worst hosting company, I have ever seen in my life.

I bought a business hosting account from this company around a month back. For the first two days everything seems to be fine.

The company showed me so many awards and certificates and their response was fantastic before the sales was made.

I was also happy with the way, their sales team gave me the response.

Before buying the hosting account, I made it clear to the hosting company that this hosting account will be used to show the web-development work to my clients on whose projects we would be working.

I also told them that my hosting account must be online 24X7 coz my clients are from different geographic locations, the sales team of mocha host assured me that they would offer me one of the best hosting servers and will ensure that I do not have any problem, In return, I also told them that I will also ensure that all my customers buy the hosting from their company.

But the real story now begins

1. Every single day, my hosting goes offline for 1-2 hours.

2. When ever I try to import some heavy database on my website or has some extra visiotrs, the website always use to tell me that I have exceed server resources.

3. Most of the time during the peak hours, the websites always use to show bad gateway and gateway time out.

4. Recently they asked me to upgrade to a VPS server by paying 30 USD per month additional to the company, I did some internet research on this company and found that Mochahost use to do the same with all their customers and finally I asked to cancel my hosting account

In this regard I have made several complaints almost daily to the team of mochahost either via chat, or via email and also to their support ticket system, I also have had a discussion with the Customer Quality and Customer Support Vice President Miss Ann Hudson about the same, how ever I doubt if she really exist or if this is her real name.

She also ensured me that there would not be any problem in the future and kept on wasting my time.

When ever I use to ask for my refund, the customer support staff, use to tell me that this is a temporary problem and will get resolved in next 2-3 minutes and always kept me waiting.

Today it has been more than 40 days and the problem still exist. I Have not seen any changes in my services and hosting account.

When finally I asked for a refund from this company, they are making the excuses that they do not have any authority to refund me the money and only their management can do that.

I strongly feel that the company is trying to make me fool by saying all this.

They are trying to divert the matter in some other direction.

I also have some more complaints against this company.

1. The company claims on their website that they offer 24X7 customer support via their toll free number. I tried to call their company more than 20 times and tried different departments but every time the IVR use to tell me that the staff is busy with some other customer. Later the chat executive told me that they do not offer any support via phone and only offer call back service.

Now the matter arise that if the company offers only call back service, how their staff is busy supporting others customers. Why have they mentioned that offer toll free customer support 24X7. The company seems to be a fraudlent company.

2. They have a parent company with the name mochain.com where there is no number, no address, no contact details.

Even in the paypal support, they have entered a wrong number and thus I feel, such kind of companies must be banned from doing the business and making others fool.

The real story begin after this, after making several complaints to the company, I finally decided to ask for the full value refund, I deserve a full value refund as I faced problem since the beginning, but company seems to be so greedy and denied me the full refund and told me that they will deduct the value of 2 months and will refund me in 7 days, I told them that I have faced problem since beginning and hence I deserve the full refund.

All of a sudden company blocked my hosting account and canceled my hosting account as well as the the support system, they even blocked my IP from their chat support.

Since last 3 days I am asking the company to provide me the full cpanel backup along with the mysql details but they are trying to play some stupid games with me telling me that they can only provide me the public_html backup and nothing more than that, I really do not know how they claim to be number 1 hosting company when they do not know that without mysql backup, php files are totally useless.

Now when ever I try to talk to them using some other internet connection, they keep on repeating the same two lines. Which can be seen in one of the copy and pasted chat with their online support representative KEVIN.

Chat InformationPlease wait for a site operator to respond.

Chat InformationYou are now chatting with 'Kevin'

Kevin: Welcome to MochaHost's Live Help ! How may I help you ?

Nitin Naresh: hello

Nitin Naresh: I am Nitin Naresh

Nitin Naresh: I have received the backup from your side

Nitin Naresh: for my website www.cmswar.org

Nitin Naresh: but it does not have any mysql

Nitin Naresh: how will I run my website without the mysql

Nitin Naresh: it is only the home directory backup you have given me

Nitin Naresh: but I want the full cpanel backup along with the backup of mysql

Kevin: Unfortunately this is the only backup which we can provide you

Nitin Naresh: what does it mean

Nitin Naresh: are you trying to make me fool

Nitin Naresh: without the mysql how the sites are going to work???

Nitin Naresh: you must understand that you will not be able to get rid of me so easily

Kevin: Can you give me your ticket where you requested this backup please?

Nitin Naresh: You guys have deleted my each and every ticket along with the login details for the support system

Kevin: Please let me check this for you

Nitin Naresh: sure

Nitin Naresh: Kevin I want the complete cpanel backup along with everything which includes mysql and all the settings

Kevin: Please just wait to check that

Nitin Naresh: I assure you that You guys will be in a big trouble if you try to play games with me

Kevin: Please just wait

Nitin Naresh: yes I am waiting

Kevin: Unfortunately this is the only backup which we can provide you

Nitin Naresh: I already told you guys to restore my hosting for 48 hours so that my other hosting company can take the full cpanel backup

Nitin Naresh: but you denied

Nitin Naresh: now you will have to provide me the full cpanel backup

Nitin Naresh: do you want me to talk to the owners of mochain, I have all their contact details with me now

Kevin: Unfortunately we can't provide you any other backup

Nitin Naresh: Dont piss me off with your games

Kevin: Is there anything else I can do for you today?

Nitin Naresh: I do not have time for alll this cat and mouse games

Nitin Naresh: Restore my hosting account for 48 hours so that I may ask my present company to take full cpanel backup

Kevin: Unfortunately we can't provide you any other backup

Nitin Naresh: Restore my hosting account for 48 hours so that I may ask my present company to take full cpanel backup

Kevin: Unfortunately we can't provide you any other backup

Nitin Naresh: Restore my hosting account for 48 hours so that I may ask my present company to take full cpanel backup

Kevin: Unfortunately we can't provide you any other backup

Nitin Naresh: Restore my hosting account for 48 hours so that I may ask my present company to take full cpanel backup

Nitin Naresh: I am waiting for your response

Nitin Naresh: I am still waiting for your response

Kevin: If you don't stop repeating , I will close the chat session

Nitin Naresh: answer me and I am waiting for your answer

Kevin: I told you that we can't provide you another backup

Nitin Naresh: I also said Restore my hosting account for 48 hours so that I may ask my present company to take full cpanel backup

Nitin Naresh: it is you who has suspended my account so it becomes your duty to provide me the full backup

Kevin: Unfortunately we can't provide you another backup

Kevin: Is there anything else I can do for you today?

Nitin Naresh: I said Restore my hosting account for 48 hours so that I may ask my present company to take full cpanel backup. Dont keep repeating what you have told me

Kevin: I will appreciate if you do not use that language. If you continue to do so, this chat will need to be terminated.

Nitin Naresh: what language????

Nitin Naresh: what did I said now

Nitin Naresh: are you trying to annoy me?

Kevin: Unfortunately, I will need to close this chat session with you.

Now as per the above chat, it us very clear that I have not used even a single abusive word in the chat or something which is offensive, still the chat support asked me not to use the offensive words and immediately closed my chat, which made it clear that they are not at all interested to provide me the backup of my websites.

Now when ever I try to chat with their support staff online, company use to simply close my chat session without even listening to me.

Such kind of companies only harass the customers and nothing more.

I would like to request you to kindly look into the matter and take a strong, very strong action on this company and also put a heavy penalty on this company.

I am also worried about my data on their server, I strongly feel that company will try to harrass me by blocking my data on their servers. They know very well that my this data is really important for me and my clients and they will simply try to block this data and will harass me for this complaint.

I simply want a complete refund of my money which I paid to the company which is 88.20 USD and also I want a complete backup of my files hosted on their servers at the domain www.cmswar.org

Hope you will look into the matter and will take quick, strict and appropriate action on the same

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they are scam and greedy persons. i purchased their hosting for 12 months but i purchsed hell of problems for me. first they were upgrading their servers which took 1 month. most of the times servers are low. again and again i dont know why they are cenceling my hosting. i have only 1 site http://www.hwallpapers.com on my hosting and now they asked me my website is using very much “network sockets, memory limits, kernel memory limits” so i buy a VPS from them. they only provided service for 1 month in six months. from my experience they are cheats


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Mochahost Doent have any office in USA , The Office address mentioned on website is of Regus Hq. The Entire Company is operating somewhere in INDDIA . Beware

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All positive reviews online must be from employees at mochahost. They blackmail you into upgrading and kill your website if you don't comply. The reliability, support, and features were less than poor, they were maddening and they cost me lots of money. Now almost a year after I left them they want money, claiming I didn't cancel my account. No, they did! They are the worst I've ever seen. I should sue them.

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Do me a favor, run, RUN, when ever you see Mochahost begin to run and never look back.

TV Licence Resistance

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These guys are nothing more than thieves. When I first joined I signed up to the Soho package because it was ideal for me.

Once they got my money and I got my site up I realized the site was far to slow and I was told I would need to upgrade to the business one that gives me more CPU, Memory and Resources as the shared hosting is VPS Optimised by them.

Well they got more money from me and the speeds did increase. Since then though I have had lots of downtime & DNS issues, showing 403 errors etc.

Now this morning I woke up to find my account suspended, I contacted their “live support” who couldn’t tell me anything because there was no ticket at the time, yes that’s right they just suspended it without informing themselves why never mind me.

Eventually they did create a ticket telling me my account was suspended because it had used to much resources!. I pointed out to them that the accounts are restricted so they were clearly trying it on for even more money. I also pointed out that the site was suspended in the early hours when hardly anyone is using it (UK Topic Site). Their “abuse” team claim the restrictions were taken off (very handy for them hey) however I now have access to the cpanel and the restrictions are there so they are lying to me!


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I don’t know what else to say about MochaHost apart from its hell. This week for instance one of my accounts has had DNS issues for the past 3 days and they’ve done nothing.

All the support tickets are updated with “the sites are working fine here”

I have explained to them that doesn’t mean others aren’t affected and provided them with a trace route proving the problem is at their end but this was ignored.

I got that desperate last night I told them to just move my sites to another server but that to was ignored with another “the sites are working fine here”

In the end I lost my temper with them and the ticket, which has been escalated, was answered after ten hours with them refusing to take any action even though they haven’t done anything so far anyway!

This is proof so others know to stay clear of these cowboys



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" I hate Mochahost, they suck, I wanted to transfer my site to them, last week, so we started the transfer, it took over a week to do, and the website would not display. They kept saying this a holder page was up instead of the website. Hello if a website is being transferred, then the da*n site should be up, not a holder page even once the transfer is complete. So I said fu*k it and loaded the damn site files, then an error is in place instead of the site.

Site has been down for so long I forgot what it looks like. I am leaving this bullsh*t, You have been warned Stay Away. The Techs Tell You, You Have To Do The Work, Even Though You Did Cause The Problem. "

Sara R.

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I recommend you never buy any host or domain from this place, because the access to their database always have problem and not available in most cases,

your website would load heavily, and finally when you ask for refund, they refuse to refund you, they owe me about 130 USD. read my more stories here http://www.facebook.com/MochahostNever


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Horrible customer service. Can not get anyone to answer simple questions. The ticket system is very irritating and slow

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I recommend you never buy any host or domain from this place, because the access to their database always have problem and not available in most cases,

your website would load heavily, and finally when you ask for refund, they refuse to refund you, they owe me about 130 USD. read my more stories here http://www.facebook.com/MochahostNever


You can also complain about their service here


David Latimer

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Mochahost is a scam site. They create fake reviews on sites they secretly own, like top11hosting. They offer cheap hosting and blackmail clients into highly expensive upgrades. Their rating by the California Better Business Bureau is "F".


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Five minutes with MochaHost and you will start questioning your intelligence.

If something looks too good to be true, it is usually because it is not true. This is the case with MochaHost. Nothing come for free, so it was not a big of a upraise that none of their unlimited space, bandwidth etc did not exist. Extremely slow servers and extremely low bandwidth. Most days you simply give up out of frustration from timeout errors.

Please do try their support. Their answers are so stupid that it actually makes you feel like a genius. You feel like Einstein talking to a batch of elementary school kids. Like their servers performance you give up out of frustration from being impossible to communicate with them.

Their accounts department is just the same. They charge your credit card months before the contract expiry, but the new contract takes effect from the latest payment date and not the expiry of the previous contract. So ultimately you usually pay for 12 month while the contract duration is actually only 10 months. This is 20% over charge.

Cancelled After 1 Hour Of Signing Up

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We cancelled our service with MochaHost.com after only 1-2 hours of signing up with them. There 100% uptime is based on automatically banning you for uploading 2 mb worth of data onto your own website. When we signed up we were uploading our files not even 2MB in length, all of the sudden their systems automatically bans our IP address so we couldnt get access to the site. When we FTP'd into the account, they banned us again. They couldnt figure out anything and didnt know what to do. It wasnt a hardware related issue, but their own policies that they had installed on their own systems. You cant even do anything to your website without them banning you from your own site. We were going to use the site for simple support ticket response. Wasted nearly 2 hours of our time when they couldnt figure out to place an exclusion in the firewall. Would not recommend. They dont allow you to do your own system backup...and anything you do, like sneezing and your site crashes!


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What a joke. Reseller CP is like watching paint dry. no tel, useless helpdesk, billing errors, constant down time. Mochahost is run by some joker named, Matthew D. Gams in WI (server is in CA). avoid!

John Newman

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Control panel is exceptionally slow - expect up to 45 seconds between screens.

Web mail was nearly inaccessible for my users.

Company declined to offer fair refund once 180 days passed although they breached their service promise.

I'd avoid.


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Website went down after 48hrs, and support team suggest to upgrade my plan!

stay away from them.


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I have suffered a lot from their poor host with frequent service down and very slow assistance so I called for the cancellation of their poor service and refund of my money back. They delayed for a long time until I got half of my money according to their terms and conditions.

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