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Hosting Reviews for MonsterHost

Edward Davidson

    Review Rating

I've used them for commercial purposes and revenue sites. I am very satisfied with the uptime.

Joel Holmes

    Review Rating

They provide a very reliable service at an affordable price. It is very rare that I need the customer service, but when I do they are prompt and knowledgeable.

Kieran James

    Review Rating

I am researching on Monsterhost and the opinion of people here are all very valuable, thanks for sharing and thanks to the site!

Colunga Munguia

    Review Rating

I’ve used their customer support a few times and their quick and informative responses have always been very helpful in fixing or correcting my issues. I highly recommend them!

Odile Alaniz

    Review Rating

Hosting multiple websites on server facitlity is good. Cpanel features are good. WordPress installation is also good. Cost is rather affordable.

Clotilde Zito

    Review Rating

I have been with this company for almost a year now with no problems. They are a trustworthy for what you need. They are a great host for any type of sites.

Germaine Pelchat

    Review Rating

I am very happy with the level of hosting I have gotten from this company so far. I have been with them nearly a year now and I don't think my site has ever gone down. Their support is there 24/7 when you need them, and the pricing is quite nice. They were a great choice for me when I wanted to start my blog. I love this hosting.

Furio Lorenzo

    Review Rating

Fantastic, pro, very kindly… really really fantastic.

They have stable servers which have high uptime and prices are competitive.

I've used many web hosting companies and I confidently can say this is one of the best support available out there.

I recommend it for someone looking for a good web hosting.

Harrison Sandes

    Review Rating

MonsterHost web hosting is superb when it comes to Wordpressing, Reselling and VPS.

Their hosting is that reliable due to customer service which is user-friendly and prompt.

Ute Keller

    Review Rating

We are very impressed with the level of support and the speed of the replies. We would recommend ithis company to anyone who needs quality services.

Hoshimi Ooba

    Review Rating

Love this host and my new server - dedicated is the way to go! No more waiting or crashing or slow times. It's all mine!..

Kristin Kastner

    Review Rating

The things are usually smooth with these guys, and when something is wrong (downtime, etc) I have always received amazing customer service, and the technical support actually knows what they're talking about which is reassuring.

And it means much for me.

Eline Næss

    Review Rating

They are the BEST HOSTING I bought, ever! Quick loading, good support, etc.. 1000% RECOMMEND!!!!

Callimaco Gallo

    Review Rating

I am very exciting when I am using their services. Peoples are very friendly, courteous, caring 24/7, professional services. Highly recommend them to everyone looking for a quality hosting provider.

Martina Koch

    Review Rating

They are very affordable and the site loads really fast. I was worried that the low price would mean they are overselling their servers, but that is clearly not the case. I think this is one of the best hosting companies in the whole IT industry.

Juliane Rothschild

    Review Rating

Their prices are very affordable, from domain registration to hosting. Setting up email addresses — in fact, pretty much all the technical stuff — is easy. If there’s a problem, I don’t hesitate to hit up their very responsive customer service. They offer ticket support, and most issues are remedied within an hour (and that’s on the long side). They’re unfailingly cheerful, helpful, and responsive.

Jacob Hodgson

    Review Rating

I have been using Monsterhost for both my personal sites, as well as for my work. Great value for the money and great service when I need it. Highly recommend.

Abigail Johnston

    Review Rating

Monsterhost has got the right solution: maybe a little bit more expensive than other providers, but their support is MORE than worth it. The best they are!.

Tilde Frederiksen

    Review Rating

I used to be with another hosting provider and then switched to Monsterhost. I'm so glad I did! They are awesome and I would recommend to anyone!

Damiano Sal

    Review Rating

My website's performance has been amazing ever since joining Monsterhost and I've actually seen a rise in visitors since I made the switch.

Orlando Trevisani

    Review Rating

Highly Recommended to all who are looking for a real deal and support. Prices are competitive and their uptime is high.

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