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Mr Site is an award-winning, internet company, which has pioneered the concept of Takeaway Websites - everything you need to create a professional dot com website and get it online in moments. Mr Site has thousands of loyal customers from all around the world who rate its products so highly for ease of use and value for money that the majority willingly recommend Mr Site to friends and colleagues.

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I have read better reviews about Mr Site and particularly the Pro version which includes stock control, a very scarce feature on low cost web-sites but vital if you only sell one-off products.

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Support often took many days to be responded to, the server crashed many times, even when no-one went on the site, no changes made etc. Features are immensely poor - no php support, could hardly use site except for html files. Features list states a forum feature, which one would assume to mean php or another forum package reliant form, but no - you have to use the in-house forum package, which I may add is awful. No control over files such as htaccess, and many server messages/hoster provided sections included links to the site (mrsite.com) and not to the site you have made. I hasten to add that after 3 months of a website hosted on their servers, I swiftly moved on to another hoster. I emailed them to say that I was not actively maintaining my site anymore due to a lack of support, features, and reliability, and received no response. I didn't expect one.

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Part of the problem is that people who purchase a copy, expect it to do far more than it is actually capable. Even in skilled hands with a dose of manually inserted Javascript it falls woefully short of even the free packages such as Joomla or even our own home brew CMS.


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