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Hosting Reviews for MyHosting

William Barath

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This company used to be reliable and forthcoming with information about service outages.

In the last 2 years though, I've experienced multi-day service outages on a VPS server, plainly because their "technical" staff have no skills with Parallels / Virtuozzo, and only trivial skills with CPanel/WHM.

For example, when they have an issue with a host node, they don't migrate the VPS guests to a host that's operating normally and then reboot the failing host node. Nope, they boot the host node without taking the guests down and without notifying their customers, perform maintenance on it while it is offline, leaving all the guests offline, and then they reboot the host, which takes hours because they have oversubscribed it to hell.

daniel talavera

    Review Rating

In three months, my sites have been down several times, my emails have not been working and constant issues have made me loose revenue and clients.

My business has gotten worst with myhosting.com which has made me loose revenue.

I spent a lot of times and resources moving to a VPS myhosting.com server.

The first week after moving sites start the problems already with sites down and email issues at midday of a working day. That made me loose nearly US$ 1,000. That was the Case #QOB-418832 and this was the guarantee from Customer specialist: 100%: I assure you such instance should not happen in future.

In 7 weeks there were more than 10 cases opened related to issues with my sites. I was handled to more than 8 different “specialists” and none of them have been able to make things work, but always they said: I assure you such instance should not happen in future.

More than 15 times I received their apologize as a protocol but no one was capable to make things work.

I deeply regret to have moved with them and they have hurt my business very badly. Any reference about my case please contact me.

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