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Namesco began as 2 separate Internet companies in 1996 and 1997 as Names.co Internet Services Limited and Webcall.com Limited who merged in late 2000.


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Hosting Reviews for Namesco

Brian Thorne

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All servers down again due to attack - mail has become as reliable as snail mail telephone support unobtainable the whole thing has gone to hell in a hand cart since being bought out - If we were not in so deep with this company I would be migrating elsewhere.

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Namesco used to be one of the best hosting providers albeit a bit pricey. However recently their service and support has deteriorated due to an increasing number of attacks on their servers. This has resulted in frequent outages of both websites and email services. The latest issues have been with SQL databases timing out that has disabled the majority of Ecommerce websites.

After having our websites hacked by a malicious javascript we were told it was an issue with the security of our local computers albeit our hosting with other providers had not been affected and we are very conscious about our internal security. Namesco then disabled all ftp access to our clients websites and changed the main control panel login without letting us know. We were then advised to change all our clients logins resulting in a loss of a days work as these new passwords had to be then configured on our clients computers for email access etc.

A couple of weeks later we had the same scenario again and all had to be changed once more.

To top that during all the above problems our bandwidth went over by 2GB and Namesco suspended our account immediately without any notification which resulted in all our clients accounts, websites and emails going down. We had to contact them which is very difficult now and can result in anything up to an hour queuing on the phone to find out what the issue was. Having been told about the bandwidth charge we then paid any monies due immediately and was told our service would be restored straight away. After 20 minutes we called again and was told it would be another 15 minutes. A third call and we were told anything up to an hour.

As you can imagine all of the above can have a detremental affect on any web hosting company therefore I would think twice before considering Namesco as a virtual hosting provider for the following reasons:

Lack of communications

Poor security

Very expensive

Slow support response

Lack of consideration for clients businesses

By the way we are still without services and are in the process of moving to another server. You also get charged £10 for every domain you try and move away from Namesco.

My advise is to shop around as you will find a better service at a more reasonable price.

Matt Hill

    Review Rating

I'm amazed to see above that others have the same suspicions and issues with Names - I too had 45+ of my customers' websites hacked, and I too was told that it was an issue on my own PC.

I also would avoid Names if I could - unfortunately I'm in too deep as well.

Anyone else here fancy teaming up to threaten legal action? The threat alone should convince Names to make it easier for us to migrate.

Stewart S

    Review Rating

I also had huge problems with Names. They just don't care about their customers anymore. I have had to pay hundreds of pounds to transfer all of my domains away to another reseller provider. But it was worth it to be rid of these idiots.


    Review Rating

Pfff... Just Stay away from this chicken chips company. Is now i think 10 time when it comes to brake my screen because of this incompetent people.. but no.. i will just change everything and will keep post this everywhere i can. Websites down, emails not working, response afte 2-3 days and no solution.. . Stay away from Namesco Names.co.uk, namesco.co.uk, cheapdomainnames.co.uk and so on ..

    Review Rating

Namesco aka cheapdomainnames.co.uk aka names.co.uk are a terrible hosting company and practically scammers.

They charge over double the original cost to renew your domains. You can see proof of that hidden away on their own website here: cheapdomainnames.co.uk/pricelist_renewa


£16.788 per year for a .co.uk domain !!


    Review Rating

I am appalled as well at the after sale service I have received from Names.co.uk To sum up my recent experience my business was brought to it knees, their response was lame, and during the tenure of paid for SMTP service, my service was stopped so that their support team could do what they should have done before shutting me down which was to clear-fully check their records. I suspect someone in Names.co.uk has the job of drumming up more wallet share from existing customers. Maybe in their charter they are allowed to hold customers to ransom until they get more out of them but based on my experience, I will be moving to another provide soonest.

    Review Rating

A most disappointing experience with Namesco [ CEO: Claudio Corbetta, Operational Director Chirag Patel ].

1 Credit card details Theft: My credit card details held by this company were stolen internally at Namesco and Namesco asked me to cancel my card and change my password. Namesco keep your credit card details on file without asking if you want them saved - even for one off payments and they use it to take funds without warning. Therefore not a secure set-up at all. I should have known better and moved domain but that is quite an upheaval!

2. My average bandwidth per month is less than 1GB. In April, this jumped to 14GB and Namesco advised they will charge £21+VAT per Gb (£120.00). When asked why this happened I had no response except notification that the domain will be cut off ‘the next day if not paid. Further, they attempted to take payment from an already lodged card. Most or all hosting companies will advise in advance on or before a bandwidth limit is reached but Namesco expect customers to login into cPanel every day to check usage, which is not reasonable.. I was offered instead to upgrade the hosting for £90 upon which they would waver the bandwidth fee. But why should I upgrade to a bandwidth I never use? I agreed to upgrade but they still attempted to take payment of £120.00 anyway as well as they did disconnect my service/website.

3. Requested an authorisation code to transfer domain which they charged £12.00. Only several chases will get the code and I was still waiting for release more than a week later.

4. Spam filters - generally spam is impossible to control with the tools provided - you do need to rout via a third party if you want to filter spam on Namesco.


    Review Rating

Avoid this company if you have a business. Their customer & technical support are virtually non-existent. They are quite happy to leave our site down for 24-48 hours. So this means no enquiries, no bookings, no online chat or support for your customers.

They're honestly just not bothered if you are loosing business because of their mistake in upgrading your hosting. If you have staff & bills to pay & rely on your customers being able to reach you to do business! They're honestly not bothered. They won't reply to your emails or messages unless they think they are likely to get more money out of you - then quite simply they don't deliver on they're promises that service worn be in any way effected by the changes they make. they may well not care about their reputation, but if you care about yours, then please look elsewhere for a hosting company that does.

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