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Netregistry customers are hosted on the same advanced web hosting infrastructure designed for multi-million dollar websites, whether you are a multinational or a one-man-band.

Netregistry now serves hundreds of thousands of Australian businesses. We register more domains than any other provider and our solid reputation led to the sole contract to supply government bodies with .gov.au domain names.

In recent years, new services were developed to help customers achieve more. Search engine optimisation, web design packages, email marketing and e-commerce were each added and eagerly taken up by small businesses keen for simple solutions at a reasonable price.

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Hosting Reviews for Netregistry

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I've used NetRegistry for the past two years to great satisfaction. Their excellent customer support, incredible hosting services and intuitive design team have all helped in boosting my sites web presence and daily visits. I greatly recommend NetRegistry to anyone interested in running a successful website and would like to especially thank Rachel Deegan and Angelina Potapova for their excellent support in all matters with my website. A great service!

Heather Linaker

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I started my own business about 9 months ago and I have had my web site and e-mail hosted by NetRegistry from the beginning. I chose them because they offered these two services plus domain name registration, and their template-based approach to web site creation appealed to me. I have worked on the creation of web sites in the past and the template approach represented to me a suitable blend of professional design, flexibility to change the design to the extent that I needed it, easy ongoing updates of the copy, and value for money.

I have been very happy with the support that I have received from NetRegistry, particularly from Rachel Deegan who managed the creation of my web site and some subsequent minor updates. She has always explained clearly the processes they follow – which was important to me as I wanted to understand these fully – and given me accurate estimates of the time/cost of the initial site creation and subsequent changes. I have also had good service from the Tech Support group on the handful of occasions I have needed to contact them. I have also found their online help pages very informative.

I recommend NetRegistry to other small business owners who want a cost-effective and professional-looking web site that is easy to update.


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I was with MD Webhosting (the company that was bought out by Net Registry) since 1995 and didn't have an issue with the former but since the buyout things have degraded and there support is next to useless.

I'm now looking for a different host as I'm fed up with asking simple questions and getting "canned response emails" and the support ticket being close with no chance to respond. I even spent 2 hrs on an STD phone call trying to resolve an issue only to be told if it's not an issue with their server’s hardware it's not covered by support.

Not very professional at dealing with customers issues but they are happy to sell you a different package or service, then they chase you down via every means possible.

They have lost me as a customer and I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone now!


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I have been a customer for around 10 years and have many domains, I had fraud on my credit card and there was a charge back on my account and instead of contacting me, they have cancelled my domain, and then insisted I pay via direct debit, which I have still they haven't put my domain up.I sent them an email yesterday. To get the opportunity to pay this it took me 3plus hours on chat and the phone, also they wouldn't supply a tax invoice they just gave me a verbal amount that I needed to pay, they still haven't done anything and I am not getting emails that are vital to my business

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