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Network Redux services are premised on the fundamentals of honesty, open communication and quality infrastructure.

Network Redux commitment to you as the customer is more then just competitive pricing and fantastically scalable hosting services, Network Redux commitment extends to the open source community, including those involved in developing and maintaining the architecture empowering Network Redux operations.

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Hosting Reviews for Network Redux

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Network Redux has been a godsend for my web design & development business. They have been with me through thick and thin and have saved my life countless times. I could write an essay on their virtues, but I am lazy so here is the tip of the iceberg:

* Incredible support

* Fast turn-around time

* Unparallelled expertise

* An uncanny ability to answer loads of stupid questions and still be pleasant

* The staff are real human beings who are genuinely awesome

* Quick emergency response time

* Ninja skills

They have helped me with the smallest shared hosting account (back in the day) to a complex enterprise build and the experience has been consistent along the way. So save yourself a world of pain and go with Network Redux for your hosting needs.


    Review Rating

I've been with Network Redux for over two years now. I've hosted two enterprise class systems with over 40 servers.

What I like most about Redux is the fact that they not only get the hardware that you want on time but also help architect the right network infrastructure.

I've always had support 24x7. Its easy communicating with the engineers cause they understand what I'm asking for. I've had support IM as well as E-Mail. Never had any problems.

Looking forward to my next big implementation with Network Redux.

scott ventura

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I was with Network redux for several years. They started out good and got progressively worse. Down times were weekly, couldn't get email correct at all. Had to confirm passwords every few minutes to receive email. THEY SUCK big time. What did it for me was that they would refund money, when they couldnt fulfill their obligations. THEY SUCK, STAY AWAY FROM THEM. There's much better out there.

Mark Astengo

    Review Rating

Technical support is only available by e-mail. Slow technical support response. Over the last few months their customer service has gone straight downhill. Their TOS (Terms of Service) is dictatorial and restrictive. Major outage in August caused many hosts to be down for up to 5 days. Moving to a new Hosting Firm Now... "


    Review Rating

I don't know what's going on there but Network Redux has gone downhill. Hard to believe but Network Redux cancelled my account because I was asking too many "passive aggressive" questions. Their words, not mine! Vindictive and unpredictable, they are clearly not the kind of host pros are looking for. I say, "Skip!"

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