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Network Solutions focus on helping small businesses start and market their businesses on the Web, enabling them to realize their dreams of self-reliance, entrepreneurship, creativity, and financial independence.

Network Solutions is a Web.com company.

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Not very pleased with our Network Solutions server. Our site goes down for an entire day usually once or twice a month on average. We will be switching ASAP.

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Network Solutions hosting is very slow, do not install a wordpress blog and expect timely page loads... Customer Service will try to upgrade your shared hosting package if you ask them to resolve the problem. FIND A REAL HOSTING PROVIDER.

Oana Candea

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Admittedly, their servers are very slow, and MySQL variables show it's not tuned. Oversold servers.

And yet, I am okay at NS. They have all the features one may need, that many average shared hosts don't, like automatic backups, handy interface for multiple domains and subdomains, that I wouldn't find easy to give up.

Never needed their support, which was a very welcome change comparing to my previous host. Though slow, so slow, their hosting works. So does their administration interface.

I cannot recommend them, because they [i]have[/i] oversold servers. But admittedly my peace of mind is quite assured with them. Only, soon enough, I will need more than a very low traffic little forum and a few experimental subdomains. And then, slowness will matter, and I will look to low-end VPS (at other companies, I want to be able to count on sharing the server with only that many, or try to count on that). Funnily enough, NS spoiled me enough that I wouldn't really search for a shared solution (anyway the lowest end VPS is not far from their price, heh), because of being so used now with handy tools. I cannot take the risk to go to a nice little shared host that needs me to contact support for a silly little task like adding a domain or whatnot. I'd say NS allows you to manage your web needs very well.

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If you interested in hosting a WordPress blog on Network Solutions, forget about it. It is extremely slow and no matter what you do they are just not capable of resolving this issue. I have hosted several WP blogs with NetSol and every single one has been a major issue in regards to speed. I moved few of these blogs over to Media Temple and they run 1000 times faster. The sad part is that NetSol does not even see this is an issue - although their customer service acknowledges it, the management certainly does not do anything to fix it.

Julia Roh

    Review Rating

I do mostly blogs, and when a client comes to me with a host already picked out, I work with it.

I just put a blog up on NS and I am astonished how poor the response time is!! I'm talking 40sec to a minute to return a page. We've only had the service a week, and I can see by these comments that contacting support is a waste of time. Just horrific!


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I had never had previous experience with Network Solutions, but they were recommended to me by a fellow designer, so I wanted to give them a shot in the dark. At first everything seemed quite nice, their speeds were pretty quick and their back end systems were very well structured.

Now about three months into post project launch I have decided to move the site for my client to a new host since there are major speed issues when loading the site in the browser. FTP uploads and downloads, however, are fine.

I would not recommend Network Solutions to anyone now after experiencing this very important issue.

Unsatisfied Customer

    Review Rating

I am sorry I ever did business with this horrible company, I wish I could give them zero stars. Their web interface is entirely oriented around selling you more stuff, most of which you do not need. Non-technical users will find themselves suckered into buying lots of useless stuff.

The company practices push-selling. For example, they will register domain names to your account (such as re-registering your .com as a .biz) without consulting you first. Then, they charge to cancel your "purchase". Or, they will automatically renew your domain name, but they do it several months before it is due to expire and in 5-year blocks, so it gets very expensive. If you try to block these payments, they will lock your account and hold on to your domain names.

They will use subdomains for their own advertisements. For example, if you register example.com and host your website at www.example.com, then ww2.example.com will show a Network Solutions advertising page.

Their process for transferring domain names away from them to another registrar does not actually work. You have to *call* their customer service to actually get your transfer code. There is no international toll-free number to do this and you have to call during US business hours (sucks to be in Europe).

Frankly, I am surprised that ICANN allows this company to exist.


    Review Rating

Very very slow. I have a simple WordPress site and editing pages takes 30-60 minutes. Moved site to a different server and suddenly everything is smooth as can be. But NS does not see that as a reason to speed up their own servers. NEVER EVER use this host!

Dean Miller

    Review Rating


There are better services out there ... most have far superior support and are easier to deal with.

I can't think of any reason to go to NS. I can think of a dozen reasons to leave them.


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Network Solutions simply grabbed our $$ and we are yet to be granted access/permission to the services we purchased. Contacted them by phone & email, nothing working. Cannot get any response to our attempted cancellation of services so we may work with another hosting service. our domain remains hostage. In pursuit of a legal remedy (aka, damages) at this time.


    Review Rating

Very poor hosting service they shut down our message board with over a 100,000 members since they said they did bit like the traffic we were getting.

So you get too much traffic so they suspend your account.

If you do business with them you will be left in the cold.



    Review Rating

We just got locked with a one year contract with Network Solutions and then since about 2 weeks ago, our website has been very slow and no help at all from Network Solutions. Stay away from them. As soon as we are able to find another hosting company, we are out of this crappy hosting company!


    Review Rating

I have been with NS for many years but I can't imagine why. I guess the only reason I stick to them is because it's too much hassle to change. Their service often is unbelievably slow and incredibly frustrating when it takes almost a minute to load a simple email.

Ernest Istook

    Review Rating

I am fed up and will end the years for which I have been a customer. After purchasing a supposedly-sufficient and complete WordPress blog hosting package, the entire thing shuts down after a minimal number of posts to my blog and I get error message (below) that insufficient memory has been allocated to the package (as packaged and sold by Network Solutions). After untold hours fruitlessly trying to solve it, I call customer service and am told there is nothing I can do EXCEPT to pay $59.95 to change the memory settings. Obviously, they should know to include sufficient settings in what they package and sell--rather than do an after-the-fact bait-and-switch to pay them $59.95 to make this simple tweak to THEIR package. There were no options originally offered me to specify a different memory. How many other customers are they ripping off with this $59.95 fee?

    Review Rating

Network Solutions is lousy web host. If you are hosting any websites with them just move away. Their servers are obsolete hardware and I had continuous problems on websites for months altogether because there servers are very old and obsolete and can not handle traffic. They do not handle email complaints. You have to make international call to discuss the website problems. They have very awkward and difficult to use web interface.

Network Solutions Hosting experience continued: On top of that when I wanted to cancel my accounts and get refund they first told me that they will consider refund but when I did cancel the accounts they send another email that they do not have refund policy. Clever guys, if they had told me they will not provide refund I could use the hosting for the remaining period. I do not know how these people get away with such lousy behaviour.

    Review Rating

Thinking of using Network Solutions? DON'T Unless you want to kill your buiness. They think they are doing customers a favor and customers have no choice

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