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NixiHost.com, Inc. is a Texas registered corporation which was founded in early 2007 and is headquartered in Houston, TX. NixiHost was founded by a team of hosting industry professionals who were fed up with dealing with the failures of major web hosting companies. Instead of dealing with constant server hardware rebuilds, mass billing errors, and incompetent staff, we decided to build our company with our management staff involved in every step of the company's daily operation.

Our staff focuses on delivering exceptional web hosting with friendly, personalized customer service - all at a reasonable price. We've worked hard to deliver on these promises by maintaining staff based in the United States rather than outsourcing, and by ensuring that every step is taken to keep our servers fast and responsive.

Unlike most other hosting companies, chances are you WILL see ticket replies and maybe even get a phone call from our CEO. Why? Because we are firm believers in preventing what we call "corporate creep" where the decision makers are so far removed from what's actually happening that the decisions they make are damaging the company on a regular basis.


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