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NoFrillsReseller.com is a division of Aspiration Hosting.

No Frills Reseller strive to provide the best reseller hosting services by focusing on simplicity and affordability. Our clients need not pay a high amount for a reseller hosting package and instead will only need to order any Optional Addons that they require to run their business smoothly and efficiently.

With the vast experience and the high number of positive reviews we have by running Aspiration Hosting, rest assured that you will not be let down by going with NoFrillsReseller.com!

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Hosting Reviews for No Frills Reseller

Edward H.

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I signed up with NoFrillsReseller primarily in search of faster hosting service, regardless of price. Their prices are very reasonable. Their ticket-oriented support system is top-notch. The actual hosting service, however, is unusually and unacceptably slow … slow to the point where visitors to my site complained. I tested the load speed and confirmed load times of up to 30 seconds. When I called it to their attention, the billing department at NoFrills took it as invitation to cross-sell to their parent company, Aspiration Hosting. I canceled my account, leaving NoFrills with a feeling that it would be a terrific hosting company if only they could deliver faster service.

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