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No Support Linux Hosting has a completely different business model. Ignore the support questions, and pass the savings on to you! If you are an expert who does not want to pay extra for help with amateur support issues, then you can host with No Support Linux Hosting and save big money.

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Hosting Reviews for No Support Linux Hosting

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This host isn't for everyone. They keep prices low by not tutoring you. But if you know about html and have some experience with linux, you can get a fast, reliable site with full shell access for $1 a month! Seriously!

They don't answer support questions that you could google (and they may even post them in ridicule), but a couple times I had legitimate questions and they replied quickly and were very helpful. (Once I was worried I would go over my monthly limit and asked if I could pay for more bandwidth, and they instead just let me go over that month, and once I had a question about how the server was configured, and they got right back to me).

I've only had my site go down once in the last 3.5 years - a virus got in, and they quickly rebuilt the system, but they didn't restore my site because, for $1 a month, they don't back up your site. They are upfront about that, so I keep a local mirror, and it was simple to put it back up.

Long story short - I'm running a fairly serious site with over 100 visit per day, full shell access, LAMP, etc., and it costs me a buck a month.

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I have a hobby website. It generates no income for me at all. It's just for my amusement and provides weather information to my local community.

I was paying Hostgator $250 for three years of hosting service. Now that I'm familiar with HTML I don't need help or support. No Support Linux is just right for me.

For $1 per month, my site is working just as good if not better that it was with my previous expensive company. I highly recommend this service if your are an experienced website operator.

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