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Since 2000 OccHosting has been servicing southern US customers with outstanding service 24/7, 365 days a year. OCC Hosting are located in Sunny South Florida, with state of the art facilities in Boca Raton, Florida. OCC Hosting have in house technical support and are continually seeking ways to improve customer service by offering full hosting services – Linux, Windows, PHP/MySQL, asp.net Cold Fusion Hosting, Flash Media Servers, and eCommerce

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I have been with OCC for about two years now, after much searching, research and coming from a 'cheap - no limits' company, OCC is a professionally run hosting company. Being a small business they are customer focused, give you quick professional service, they are very technically capable (with both PHP and ASP/ASP.Net).

When my account becomes due again I will have no hesitation staying with OCC - I signed up for three years. I consider myself very lucky having found a hosting company who performs as they say they will!

The only negative point I would have is their chat service is not available enough, but I have had so few issues of problems it does not pose a problem.


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Have had very little problems with them except that I can't access my ftp site. I think it's a software problem rather than OCC Hosting though. They have always had good support.

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What John fails to mention he has a balance due of $40.00 - John also fails to mention he was late 80% of the time with the monthly payments. Never once did OccHosting charge him late fees nor was his website(s) ever shutdown when his accounts was past 30 days due - this was a regular (monthly) occurrence mind you.

John also fails to mention for many many months due to health problems - John was unable to make any payments and ask if we would extend him credit until he was able to get back on his feet - not only did we extend him credit for a several months - we only partial billed him when he was able to make payments - basically we comp his website fees to assist him.

Mind you his emails, websites etc never missed a beat, so yes, I believe we have the right to hold his domain for past due payments.

We have offered John (several times) a good will jester – pay $19.95” and we’ll gladly release his domain "and" assist him with moving his web files to the new host – A fair offer.

Regarding his choice of hosting plans - John fails to mention he wanted to keep his business and personal websites separated from his adult websites, now he blames us for his decisions on the hosting plans "he" selected and signup for.

if reasonable requests are made and within our power - we will help our customers - we understand we are in a recession - times are hard for everybody - Problem for John - he decided that grass is greener on the other side (seem to have forgotten the extra special services we did for him). As I see it. John is mad because he got caught trying to sneak away without paying.


Regarding Nkkhoo: - it clearly states in our Terms of Service, and I believe this is the policy with all web hosting companies, we do not refund domain registration fees - Nkkhoo was refunded for hosting fees as per our 30 day policy -

Regarding his FTP issue: one word should explain why he has problems with slow FTP - Malaysia -

OccHosting has been in business since Oct 2000, we are a family run business - because we family run - we can take the extra and personal steps in servicing our customers - we can and do work very close with our customers with special needs - a service one does not get with larger web hosting companies.


Barry Tarbet - President

OccHosting.com a sub division of

Visual Solutions Group Inc.



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99.9% uptime! Dream on!! Customer service they always carp on about it, but ask specific questions for answers and you never get any they ignore your question. I just discovered today they have been overcharging me, and my sites had been barely working despite telling them, they ignored my comments and requests for service until I discovered that I was paying more than their top service package for less than half the benefit!! Will they refund me I doubt it, they cannot communicate with real people. The result, sites not functioning for several weeks properly. They need a reality check and they need me to help, them create proper customer service something I know a lot about but they think they know it all and can ignore customer comments; They could be really good but arrogance gets in their way, they know it all and NEVER listen to logic!


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1. OCC hosting declined to honor 30-day refund policy.

2. FTP transfer is problematic from my location in Malaysia. Most of FTP file transfers are only partially completed and I have to manuallly sort it out one by one which is a daunting task.

3. Many competitors in USA providing MUCH higher storage and bandwidth capacity for same amount of money.

4. Control panel for Unix server is not user-friendly to layman like me.


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I have had hosting with OCC Hosting since before they were OCC Hosting it was originally rackroon.net. Today I attempted to move my last domain from them only to have it stolen. I have been over paying for hosting for several years and just never really wanted to move my sites away from them. Finally made that decision after a long thought about it. I purchased a total of 7 domains from Directnic.com and then the last (8th) one I decided to just purchase through OCC Hosting. I had already moved the other 7 domains. Here is what I’ve been paying for years, 3 domains on one account at $12.95 per month, 4 domains on another account at the same $12.95 per month totaling $25.90 and then on the 8th domain which he will not release now even though I paid for the yearly domain charge, was $14.98 quarterly. In looking at my billing I find that when he renewed my domain charge I was charged a total of 3 years but only given 2. Now the quarterly billing was due January 6th, 2010 and today is January 21, 2010, he wants me to pay the entire quarter to release the domain to me, meaning through March 2010. One of my major issues with this guy is that every time I called for customer support, he was on his way out the door to run errands. Ok well there is a time difference, I’m in Arizona and he’s in Florida, but his web site claims 24/7 customer support. Now that a dispute has broken out over the last domain, he has blocked my IP address from his site so I cannot chat with his customer support to resolve the matter of my site. His phones are all VOIP so he has blocked my number that way too. He is a Tech guru so he can bash you and do exactly what he wants. His business apparently has gotten so big that those of us who are small time site owners are of no big deal to him. So if you think paying cheap is where I went wrong I don’t consider $30.00 a month cheap considering I would call him maybe once a year. One more thing, on all of these comment sites, I noticed “Janet” is there. I think Janet the guardian angel is one of his employees in the billing department. Nothing like having an employee pump up your business to get a good pay check. Beware of this company!!!!!!! They are thieves and customer support is non-existent.


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Have been with Occhosting approx 10 years and have been using them simply as a personal website hosting. so the demands for uptime and tech support requirements were close to nil. However the times I needed to contact them they were almost never available via phone and took 1-2 business days to respond via email.

During my last issue, my payment was due, and they suspended my account on a friday. I made payment same day and emailed them.

They only responded back and resumed website service on on Monday afternoon.

In the past, at least once they gave an attitude of superiority in their responses.

I would not recommend their service.

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