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Founded in 1996, OLM.net has grown considerably by providing a comprehensive array of web services backed by superior service and the latest technology. Currently, more than 350,000 domains from over 150 countries are securely hosted in our network.

As a total web solutions provider, OLM product offerings include virtual, e-commerce, and dedicated web hosting as well as domain registration and web design. Through partnerships with key industry leaders, vital development and marketing tools are also available to enhance your website and to help your business grow.


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Hosting Reviews for OLM

Dave Kulas

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I have been with OLM since April of 2000. Their tech support is FANTASTIC ... you get to talk to someone actually knows what they are talking about. The tech you get usually does not have to sent your problem to someone higher ... tech you are talking with has access to the server and in most cases FIXES the problem. About the only thing I don't like is the ENSIM control panel they use ... after many year I know how to use it, but I would prefer they used Cpanel .... You can call these guys at 2AM ... and get someone KNOWLEDGEABLE to help you ... OLM really tries to work with you. I have quite a few clients hosting with them ... and it is very rare that I have to get involved to fix a problem ... my clients work with OLM and gets things right ...


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I had okay service. They had good download speeds for my Quicktime video. Tools and features are in the stone age. HORRIBLE billing. Credit card billing is via fax. Change account, fax in a form. No online account or billing changes. You have to fill out a form and find a fax machine.


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Tech support did not live up to my expectations. They frequently asked me to upgrade the service rather than address my concerns. The apps are not current (ex. WordPress was about 6 dot releases old).

The billing department dropped the ball on my last and final hosting cancellation with them so now I owe them for another quarter due to their mistake!

You can get better service and features and lower price from GoDaddy hosting. Avoid OLM.


    Review Rating

OLM is the worst. OLM is terrbile. They do not know when their servers go down nor when they are slow. They deny that there is any problem. I have to write scripts to prove to them that it's not 'the network' but their own servers. Their head manager was arrested this year for obstructing an investigation into not paying overtime to their employees. Today, as usual, my web site is not working but OLM's web site is working fine....which means they care enough about their own uptime for their busines, but they do not care enough about their customers to keep their customer's web sites up and going. Outages usually last 12 hours and occur 3 times a month even when their foreign worker's proclaim 'but our server has been working fine for the past 96 days'. They're also expensive.

Bill Jones

    Review Rating

After 6 years as a loyal customer, I got screwed by OLM. I had 50 accounts and many clients with them. But as time went on, service got worse. Crashes happened all the time and they didn't know why. Hold times got to an average of 20 minutes. I still know the number by heart because I called so many times after crashes. Very unreliable. Pricing is terrible as well. I moved to a new host finally after those dreaded down-time years. A fraction of the cost and no one downtime yet after 8 months. That's normal. OLM as a company also got worse. They hired non-english speaking people who can hardly answer a basic question on the phone. They read from a screen like a crappy Dell rep of something. Pathetic. BEWARE. OLM is terrible. Google them and find reviewers who agree with me!


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Technical support going from bad to worse. Used to be a great hosting company now it's really bad. Servers break down quite often and support it's really bad!!!

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