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One Provider was created with one idea in mind: simplicity. Whether you are looking to run a small project with just a handful of servers in one location, or looking to build your own worldwide cloud with hundreds of servers, we have the solution for you.

Having been established in the hosting business since 2005, providing shared and dedicated hosting and online game servers in all 5 continents, we have built a powerful and steady relationship with over 40 upstream providers in over 90 datacenters in as many cities. OneProvider can thus bring you the most affordable deals on dedicated servers and large scale hosting, all with a single bill, and a single admin panel.

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Hosting Reviews for OneProvider

Patrick Kouzamine

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Horrible technical support service and there is no working number in France. All office contact numbers do not work and no one to answer any calls. They claim to have live support and 24 hour support, but it doesn't exist. They will take money from you, but leave you high and dry if there are problems.


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I first started using 1 provider in 2015, and it was decent.

The support and efficiency has gone downhill. Back in the day, they used to respond quickly, issues got resolved. Cool. They had a lot of my business.

Now, 2018? Garbage. The support staff takes over 24-48 hours for each simple question. Repeats questions I've previously already answered in a ticket, and after 1 week and 1 day of a simple request to get my server BOOTED... they're "working on it and will let me know when it's ready."

I miss the old OneProvider. Whatever happened to it now, is a shame.

I've since moved to HOSTKEY... but man, I'll miss the great era of OneProvider... it truly used to be a beacon of hope.

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