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Launched in early 2010, Othio Hosting has been providing reliable hosting services backed by our superior support. Originally offer shared and reseller plans, here at Othio Hosting we have focused our efforts entirely on reseller hosting so that we can offer a superior reseller experience.

Othio Hosting was founded on the principles of providing personal customer support, great value, and reliable service. With over 10 years of combined hosting experience between the owners, Othio Hosting have been able to achieve these goals by maintaining our high level of support, offering fully-featured reseller packages, and hosting a small number of resellers on each server.

By focusing only on reseller hosting, Othio Hosting are able to specialize our support and services for resellers, giving us an advantage other one-stop hosts can't claim.

We're so confident that you'll love our services that we offer a 30 day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee.

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I've been with Othio for about a year now and everything is pretty great so far. My wordpress sites load really fast and they are always up and running smoothly. I've only contacted support a few times, but they always reply super quickly to resolve the issues with helpful details on how they can/already did fix things. Since you have to pay per GB of space, it's a little more expensive than my previous host, but it's a relief to have a host that knows what they're doing. Definitely worth a little extra.


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Over the last year, I've started having problems with uptime. My site will go down at random times. I'll be in the middle of uploading a post and the site will just hang.

It's only been in the last year or so that this has been happening. The problem with the downtime is that it's intermittent, and by the time support gets to looking at it the site comes back up, so they tell me they don't see a problem.

It's happened so much that I don't even bother to report it anymore since they can't see an issue 90% of the time.

It's happening enough that I'm looking for a new provider. I hate to do that, because I've been very satisfied with Othio until this year.


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Othio Hosting - A Review of the worst webhost there is.

So it all started in June 2011. I did it. I clicked a Google advertisement - for cPanel webhosting. This advert happened to take me to Othio.com. What followed were a series of events that nearly cost me my job and all because of a host that couldn't stay online for more than 24 hours.

Right now (or the time of my leaving) It's November 2011. Now I've been with Othio since June. So 5 months basically. In that short amount of time I've had to raise 17 support tickets for seperate events. Some of those tickets were raised by me because others I'd posted hadn't been answered - Why? Because their ticketing system broke. This was an excuse I heard time and time again over these 5 months. Others included: "We're just fixing the server now", "We're performing a DNS change" (Oh yeah, don't ever setup your own nameservers with these people). DNS was a serious problem when I first joined. It seemed like Othio Hosting was moving it's servers every week - And each time they would forget to change certain things. Usually it was DNS. Now since I had a reseller account, I ran my own nameservers under them to customize my name. Each time they moved, all of the IPs would change, and they wouldn't bring mine with them. Imagine it - Having to change your nameserver IPs every week. Each time having to wait 24 hours for it to propergate correctly. Then even more time as you wait for all of the ISPs in the world to register the change. It was not a pretty sight.

DNS wasn't the end of it. The servers my sites were on were constantly slow, unresponsive and had large amounts of downtime. Oh, I may have just had a bad experience? Nope. I was moved all over the place, every time there was problem, they'd put me on a different server. Then I'd go a week or so without any downtime, then all of a sudden my sites would be down. I'd have angry customers yelling at me about how they can't access the websites and a boss who thought it was all my fault.

Luckily I'm still in a job, after showing my boss some of the responses the Othio staff gave me. Oh yes, out of 17 different support tickets, I bet you'd like to see what some of the were about? Sure -

Me: "Can't access ***********.com is the server down?"

Othio: "That domain is still pointing to the old server as it was just switched off. You need to change your nameserver IPs."

Me: "I changed them and it worked last night."

Othio: "I had to change them in the DNS file again. If the changes made are not on the new server, I can re-transfer the account. "

By this point I was starting to get pissed. Eventually they had to transfer my account, again...

Othio: "I'll be re-transferring ***********.com shortly."

And after this there were still lots of problems.

Now as I mentioned that there were problems with Othio Hosting every week, usually for the same thing. So, let's have a look at what Othio's excuses were:

"Your IP address had been blocked by the servers firewall for multiple incorrect FTP logins."

"We're experiencing issues with abusers on the server right now. We're working on it as quickly as we can."

So far it's fair enough, I know it's not easy hosting servers. But then it got stupid.

"The reasons were that the Varnish cache on there didn't have enough threads to accept requests, and we also made a few efficiency tweaks to the caching algorithms."

"We are working on the issues presented regarding the Reseller server. You will notice a big difference over the coming days."

"I apologize profusely for the delay in getting a response. Unfortunately there was a problem with our helpdesk, preventing Matt on our technical support team's responses from being posted, so even though he was trying to reply to your ticket, our system was not acknowledging them."

"Yes, the IP address did change. It seems like a very bad miscommunication happened between our datacentre and Othio regarding a server move."

And this kept going on and on. Every week the same thing would happen at my end, but the excuse would be different.

All I can say is that by the end of all this I started to get extreamly pissed off. I would literally post tickets asking "What the f**k now?" - And can you blame me? To which point Othio acused me of being unprofessional. Well maybe I would have acted a little more professional if my hosting was professional.

All in all if you need cheap or reliable hosting or cPanel hosting, DON'T go with Othio, I can promise you that the service you'll get will be bad, and when things do go wrong, the customer service is even worse. Sometimes it'll take over a day to get simple questions answered and sometimes the technicians won't be able to answer... To the point of where their boss will email you to answer the questions - How unprofessional is that?

So hopefully you've read this and won't make the same mistake that I and so many others have - Cheap, so-called "reliable" hosting isn't always that. It certainly isn't with OthioHosting.com.


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Worst host ever, slow. My websites are always down and when they do work, they're slow. Don't buy othio!

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ASSISTENZA SOLO TRAMITE TICKET (GMT USA) il che significa impossibile!


Il loro sito è in Inghilterra ma loro vendoro connetività Americana che costa circa il 20% in meno di quella Inglese. Senza contare la latenza se siete in ITALIA!!!


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