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OVH combines a multitude of advantages in terms of hosting: whether you are looking for a professional solution or a quick, effective and easy way to build your project on the Internet, we are here to reassure you and point you in the right direction.

Take advantage of our vast experience in hosting and choose the credibility and performance of our solutions.

Already more than 400 000 users have been trusting us for 12 years (more than 2 300 000 domain names), helping to grow our reputation throughout Europe: today OVH is the No. 1 web hosting company in France and second largest in Europe.

OVH réunit une quantité d'atouts en matière d'hébergement : que vous cherchiez une solution professionnelle ou un moyen efficace, rapide et simple pour monter votre projet sur internet, nous sommes là pour vous rassurer.

Profitez de notre expérience dans le domaine de l'hébergement, et choisissez la crédibilité et la performance de nos solutions.


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Hosting Reviews for OVH

    Review Rating

Absolutely fantastic, Support is Good but I never use that anyways.

Ovh is so epic I cant even believe it, they are a complete GODSEND, Thanks for being so epic OVH! <3333

    Review Rating

Offers all thats needed for small - mid size and huge site.

Private project or main stream CMS: they all work ok.

Even the shared (= afforable) servers can stand the shock.

They start to be very big in Europe.

Good 'between clients' support.


    Review Rating

OVH is a powerful web-host, I think it's the best by their perfection pricing and the number of features included, in facts, the service is pretty simple to use...


    Review Rating

Bad support and I don't get any refund!

They told me they would pay the money back but they just don't do it. Slow, slow, slow people @OVH!!

People, don't buy from them!

Use a reliable partner which uses Paypal!


    Review Rating

They offer refunds but it will never happen. Extremly terrable lack of support when it comes to mails/critical tickets/phone. Hardware has a big chance of dying when buying a dedicated server.

They take your money fast and you'll lose it forever. Stay away from this terrible host!

    Review Rating

Very bad support, server often down, because old hardware. Poor hosting - support and hardware.

Philip Walsh

    Review Rating

I placed an order with OVH at 21.09 on April 10th, the order was for a VPS at £2.03 per month. Payment was taken instantly using my Mastercard and I was presented with a message that said my order was on hold pending security checks. I called the 24 hour number for OVH and was told that the order would not be processed until Monday morning and that I would have to wait until then.

I asked the OVH representative to cancel the order and he said he was not able to do that and that I should call back Monday.  I emailed customer services after getting off the phone stating clearly that if they could not have the server up and running within 24 hours then it was of no use to me and that they should cancel the order.

On Monday morning I received email notification stating that my order had been processed, 2 hours later I received an email from OVH stating that they don’t do refunds as per company policy. Having sent a number of emails to OVH about this issue they insist that I am not protected by consumer rights laws and that I should just use the VPS. They consistently refuse to cancel this order despite the fact that they did not set the VPS up upon payment from me and despite the fact that I requested the cancellation within an hour or submitting the order.

I advised OVH that I would proceed to do a chargeback with my bank as the service was not instantly provided and was told the following:-

“well, there is nothing else we can do for you. Now, you just need to be aware that if you do a chargeback, then you'll be banned from ordering again and normal measures to recover the payment will be taken.”

Such a pathetic and sad company, one that I would never trust to host for me.

Kevin Kwasnik

    Review Rating

You know how every few years, your credit/debit card gets reissued to you with a new expiration date, but it's the same card number? Well that just happened to us, so we frantically tried to get our card updated to no avail, and about 4 days later OVH deleted our dedicated server, despite that we replied to our own support ticket with them for 4 days in a row, without a single response from them. Sad. Simply put, OVH sucks ..Recommend you STAY AWAY.

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