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Whether you're a professional Web designer, or just getting your business online, pair Networks has a Web hosting plan that's right for you.

Currently in our eleventh year of continuous operations, pair Networks is the Web host with long-term stability -- we'll be here long after many other companies have gone out of business. We have no long-term debt, we've been profitable since 1996, and we reinvest our profits into further growth of the business.

Pittsburgh, PA

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Hosting Reviews for pairNetworks

    Review Rating

Never a problem.

Rock Solid Email.

Advanced Spam Filtering.

Reliable Reliable Reliable - never down.

Inexpensive. Never a price increase. Extremely fast. High bandwidth allowances.


Disclaimer: I am a highly satisfied customer. I do not work for Pair Networks, I do not resell hosting for Pair Networks and none of my relatives work for Pair Networks.

John Ander

    Review Rating

I have to say Pair Hosting is WORLD CLASS, never down, fast, support tickets always answered fast and helpful.

D. Brandt

    Review Rating

Have been using pairNetworks since 2000. Have never had an issue and have always had exceptional tech support when required. I would recommend them to anyone. They are a bit higher in price, but for the service and dependability of their servers, it is well worth it.

    Review Rating

I have been hosting with Pair Networks now for over 6 years. This is a mature web-host with a great track record. They were recently listed on Netcraft as one of the top-10 reliable hosting providers.

Great reliability. I've had almost no problems with server downtime over the past 6 years. I've also had a wordpress blog on a Pair shared hosting account Slashdotted with over 90,000 unique visitors in one day... With not a single slow-down!! Pair even drops the highest bandwidth day of the month from your bill! Great for sudden burst-traffic.

Great e-mail support and knowledgebase. Alot of hosts don't even reply to e-mails at all. Pair is not one of them.

Very reasonable prices that never get raised. The only downside is that they charge a $5 setup fee for adding new domains and $1/month for dedicated IP's.

Jonathon Hofley

    Review Rating

Pair is rock solid. It's a great value. My only criticism is their control panel interface. Although it's functional, it's not very intuitive. Also, their support database could be improved. That being said, I have hosted with others with slick interfaces that had nowhere near the reliability of Pair.

Robert Meador

    Review Rating

We have referred 20-30 clients to Pair for hosting. Pair offers a small kickback - I mean incentive - for each referral, but we wouldn't recommend them if we didn't think they were good. In general we have no complaints. Very good uptime, responsive and generally knowledgeable email support. Phone support good though they do require a signup key if you call.

They do seem to have occasional recurring MySQL server downtime on some servers, but nothing catastrophic. Control panel somewhat limited, but they do support or allow all the capabilities we ask for (cron jobs, Secure FTP, .htaccess). Boring but reliable.

    Review Rating

We have hosted our website on pair networks since 2000 (today is Oct 31, 2011). Incredibly satisfied with their uptime. We have a dedicated server that just went for almost two years without a reboot (and then was rebooted for a security update). They also allow us to roll our own C++ scripts and custom databases that are memory hogs.

    Review Rating

3 years of great service, but I might leave them because they are very tight with storage/pricing. It would be nice if they could add some flexibility into their offerings; especially with all the competition out there.

Don Y.

    Review Rating

I've been using Pair Networks for years with favorable results. However, recently I've had a lot of problems with the servers being down and thus my site cannot be reached. This has happened at least twice in the past couple weeks. We are talking hours of my site being down due to their faulty servers.


    Review Rating

I actually switch my clients away from Pair and Pair Networks very cheaply, because it makes maintenance of their site easier in the long run. Pair shared hosting is horrible at best, with no access to log files, .htaccess files scattered everywhere, and seriously botched upgrades which brought our site down for days.

We kept the SSL keys purchased under Pair Networks, and wrote to them a month before they were scheduled to expire, asking to renew only the SSL keys.

We assumed all was good and the credit card would be billed again. But lo and behold, they waited until the DAY OF OUR SSL KEY EXPIRY to tell us that they cannot renew the SSL key, since they no longer host us, and they cannot install it themselves. The site owner was away at a conference, and was livid, as he should be. We're spreading the word about how terrible Pair hosting happens to be.

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