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PEER 1 is a leading IT infrastructure provider to startups and small to mid-size businesses. Peer 1 delivers highly scalable hosting solutions that allow customers to focus on the possibilities of the Internet, not the problems. Peer 1 provide managed, Self-Managed, and Co-location hosting services. Peer 1 host over 10,000 customers worldwide No matter which business you are in, peer 1 goal is to ensure you get an unbiased hosting solution that is right for you and your budget.

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Hosting Reviews for Peer 1

Gabriel Zeegers

    Review Rating

We are hosting 15 servers with Peer1 Between Atlanta Data center & UK data center.

I must say peer 1 support team are the best!

A small example 2 weekends ago we got a Ddos attack our downtown was less then 30 minutes the support activated the shield and they were so helpful.

There DBA is absolutely great & helpful.

Thanks for there support (Bill, Mialy and all others)

The speed is perfect with 0 time down!


    Review Rating

We've been with Peer1 for years and I wish we had changed provider earlier. Originally We were signed up with Netbenefit, whom were a good organisation for which I would have rated at least a 4 star. However, since Peer1 aquired Netbenefit, they went downhill hard in our opinion.

Whilst the Peer1 hardware has been faultless, the support team was okay. The customer service and management response times have been atrocious. For the amount we pay, they could at least appear to give a damn. It's supposed to be about the relationship and how each party helps the other succeed, with Peer1 it's simply one sided.

Regardless of the hardware, they cannot be trusted to deliver across the board. Due to their lack of flexibility, poor customer service and their high prices, they should be avoided.


    Review Rating

Beware of PEER1. We were a customer of theirs since 1999 when the dedicated hosting was branded as Interland. Over the last year or two, their service has gone downhill. The RAID controller on our dedicated server went out. They had stopped supporting the hardware on our server in the last year and never told us. Our only option was to migrate every website on our box to a new server. It took over a week, and they couldn't guarantee that they would stock replacement parts for our new server. They also have had major network network problems. When our external monitoring service notified us of a problem, we called the PEER1 NOC. It turned out that over half their data center was offline, and they didn't even know. It took them several hours to recover from the internal error. We have offer our customers much more reliable hosting, so we have moved to another host.

Magento Site Owner

    Review Rating

• We hosted a Magento site and migrated Peer1 servers from Miami to Atlanta and Peer1 simply “forgot” an entire Cpu processor unit. I was the one who discovered this a full 4 weeks after they did the migration. It took me 2 days to get our Peer1 sales rep to even acknowledge the error, he couldn't or wouldn't login to our account to verify the error, I had to do it.

• When Peer1 went to add the missing Cpu unit, we asked them to partition the Linux system but they left off 2 Required Php extensions rendering our Magento site totally non-functional. The extensions were "mycrypt" and "memcache". This took my developer (also a Magento partner) billable time to discover.

• Delays caused by Peer1 postponed our launch, causing lost advertising dollars as well as requiring integration work again and it needed to be rechecked and re-tested once we moved to rack space.

• Peer1 double billed us for the month of July. No explanations or apology.

• We cancelled the Peer1 service for the above reasons in early August 2010. However, they are still chasing us for an outstanding invoice of $240 that was due on 9/30/2010 for 30 days of Ram on a server that they de-provisioned nearly 60 days before. The server no longer existed; yet somehow they billed us for additional Ram. Peer1 is now threatening to send our company (in our 31st year of business, highest Dunn & Bradstreet rating) to collections. We are now considering litigation to recover all of our wasted money, time and damages.

Our advice is to stay clear of Peer1. "

avner netz

    Review Rating

I am Peer1 managed server hosting client for years and have 7 servers. until this year I had a TAM assigned to my account and the support was "OK". This year they drop the support manager and since then the support level is basically useless at best. The new rule is drop the blame on the client even when it's 100% server side issue. It is ALWAYS my code, even that in 99% of cases it was NOT. If you planning to get managed server I would highly recommended against them!

    Review Rating

The hardware of the dedicated server I hired at Peer1.com broke, and they don´t want to repair it, and they tell me that I must upgrade and pay 4 times more as they dont have parts to repair my current hardware.

I have hired a dedicated server at Peer1.com, the plan is a Managed hosting with the highest level of support, product name Business Premium.

Since may 19th 2015, its down with all the issues this causes me with clients.

On their website http://www.peer1.com/about-us/legal/sla

they put


Peer 1 guarantees the functioning of all Hardware, and will replace or repair any failed component at no cost to you within 1 hour of Peer 1’s identification of the failed hardware.

But on the answer to my Ticket they write the following

Ticket #1822674

Dear Peer 1 Customer,

The RAID Hardware on your server has failed and is causing your server to become unresponsive. At this time, we have exhausted all avenues of troubleshooting and repair in attempts to get your server to remain online in a stable state. Since your RAID hardware is still failing and your hardware is many years old and can no longer be supported, there is no alternative but to upgrade to one of our current hosting plans.

We will forward a request for a salesperson to contact you or you may contact the sales department during normal business hours (Monday-Fri 8:00AM - 6:00PM EST). Since you are not subscribed to our backup plan, there will be additional charges for any data recovery you would wish us to perform.

Please update this ticket and let us know how you would like to proceed and we will do our best to assist you. If you have anything you wish to convey or have additional questions, please call into our support line for immediate assistance and reference this ticket number.

Thank you for choosing Peer 1 Hosting,

I was paying 88 usd per month for the service, they charged me this month in advance as always, and now the sales department tells me that I should pay

$388.95/month (month to month)

And that I must also pay to recover the data on the server on which the hardware failed.

Can I consider this a fraud?

If the hardware is obsolete, I think they should have reported this before charging me this month, correct?

If they charged me for the service and guaranteed hardware replacement free of charge, why is this occurring?

Am I wrong? or Peer1.com is not proceeding as they should?

Please advise on the steps I should take, as I am desperate and losing my clients.

I understand its their problem replacing the hardware, and that´s their cost, the current period was paid, and this should not affect the costs, at least for the current period they had charged me in advance.



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