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PhotonVPS has been in the Web Hosting industry since 1999 where we operate our own infrastructures, networks, and in-housed staff. PhotonVPS has the capability to provide TRUE 24/7 Unsurpassed Semi-Managed Support - Real people, real responses. 99% of our tickets are replied to within 30 minutes! With years of experience, proper disaster planning has been implemented to preserve enterprise level data and services.

The idea of PhotonVPS is virtualization at an affordable price without sacrificing quality. Each machine is limited to less than 15 VPS per node on RAIDED technology with weekly backups to their VPS. This allows the system to eliminate any issues in regards to IO limitations, CPU, and memory that can diminish the quality as more VPS are added to the nodes.


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As a first time user of a VPS, I would have to give lots of thanks and support to the PhotonVPS team. They provided me with very helpful solutions and answers to all of my questions for a first time user.

After a few days of playing around on SSH and tips the support team provided, I was able to control and understand how a VPS system works. In addition, they were able to help me with some general PCI compliance issues I found with my scanner. Great customer service and support!

The price of Beam 1 is very reasonable and just a few dollars more than shared hosting. Now I have so much more control of my web server and confidence being supported by this reliable young company.

Additionally, I did not purchase the cPanel. With my general knowledge of Linux and help from the support team, I was able to install only what I wanted to meet my PCI compliance.

Overall, I would recommend PhotonVPS to experienced and new VPS users.


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In summary, fast activation, working OS images, quality support from qualified engineers, excellent reliability and data transfer rates, access to 8 cores and pretty much unrivalled prices ($12USD / mo for cPanel, $6.95 USD / mo ClientExec). Accounts come with 2 IPs.

Please continue to read if you want to know why I have chosen PhotonVPS over other VPS providers.

I have been with 5 VPS providers this month, and have continually cancelled and changed due to problematic panels, support, servers, OS images, download rates. I've finally settled with PhotonVPS due to their support and robust network. It is probably relevant to mention that I use the WARP-3 package which is Xen virtualization.

I was initially experiencing problems with some occasional packet loss to my location in the UK. There was a problem due to the fact that I am connecting from a University research network as part of my job, and one of the companies providing peering had a router causing some sort of issue with SSH keepalive. I posted a traceroute on a support ticket and explained the issue, and one of the engineers promptly rerouted the connection via. a different provider which solved the problem completely.

The support team are professional, and will respond to absolutely any issue. Many companies charge a fortune for the type of support PhotonVPS provide. All of the engineers appear to have Linux certifications and post the level of their certification as part of the signature, and will often pass the issue to other engineers if it is beyond the scope of their role.

I have referred 3 friends to the service so far and all say activation has been approximately between 30 - 90 minutes. Regardless of the time I open a ticket, someone responds so it seems they have somebody watching out for orders 24/7.

I achieve a data transfer rate of approximately 6MB/s to my location at West Yorkshire the UK through the ISP www.ja.net. The limiting factor is most likely to be the JANET network so if you have a faster connection, you will probably achieve faster speeds than this.

The OS images used by PhotonVPS are all properly configured, and I can confirm that the 64 bit CentOS image will install WHM/cPanel no problem out of the box. I suggest you ask for a 64 bit image as all the Xen kernels are 64 bit and you may have some problems using "yum" if you try to use a 32 bit version, unless you do a bit of configuring to exclude all x64 packages. Also, at the time of writing the packages include access to 8 CPU cores so compiling is really quick if you use "make -j 9" or "make -j 8" (depending if you believe the N+1 myth!).

I monitor my server using Pingdom and the only downtime I have experienced has coincided with recompiling Apache, so in short PhotonVPS haven't been the cause of any downtime.

At the time of writing they are selling cPanel VPS licenses at $12 USD / Month and ClientExec at $6.95 USD / month which is a good deal. You won't get a license cheaper from a 3rd party seller, they can only offer them at this price due to some sort of internal deal or bulk purchase.

Please note that at the moment PhotonVPS do not seem to have any sort of customer VPS panel for Xen at the moment as they may well be testing some products for stability and security, but due to the speed of their support this hasn't been a huge issue. I have actually found most of the VPS panels to be insecure and buggy so i'd rather that there wasn't any kind of public access to manage the VPS in case it gets exploited until a decent panel becomes available. I'm quite happy to leave this control with the support team until I'm convinced.

In summary, PhotonVPS are highly recommended by myself and several colleagues. Their support is highly responsive and they offer a money-back guarantee.

Carlos Amaya

    Review Rating

I was in the market for a cheap vps host where I can host my personal wiki for technical notes. I found photonvps in webhosting talk. I signed up received my server 20min after placing my order. Zero problems until one day I locked myself out from my server by implementing too restrictive tcpwrapper rules, and making other firewall changes. I open a ticket and a support tech by the name Anup was able to fix my problem restore access to my server. I was impressed when he helped me by showing me what I had done wrong and what I could had done to prevent locking myself out.

Since then I haven't open a ticket, but if I do I am sure techs like Anup will be there for my every need.

I highly recommend them.


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So far so good. Server performance is excellent - the hardware they are using for the VPS machines are well specced, and appear to have very high performing disk mounted. Support tickets are responded to quickly, any time of the day or night.

The only concern I have is that in response to a slightly unusual request to reconfigure my Xen VPS, I was initially told that they didn't think what I wanted done was technically possible. After a bit of discussion with the technician, I was asked to supply some configuration information to complete my request, which I couldn't possibly provide without having root access to the host (dom0) machine.


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We've been hosted here for many months now and couldn't be any happier. We're a local business in Los Angeles so our customers are able to load our website quickly and without any delays.


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These guys are terrible. It should claim 100% downtime. many problems - STAY AWAY at any price! VPS down 2nd time now in a week and this time is going on 24 hours. they make excuses and really have no fail safe redundancy or good back up like they claim. so what if they guarantee your money back? they can ruin your whole trading account by being down. they know better but continue to let us down. i am sorry to say i cant trust them and am dending a refund and i just wasted 2 weeks thinking i could trust their services. nov12th and now down again nov. 18th and 19th 2013. in fact you can't even log into their website to open or check on a support ticket. they have many complaints all over the internet they use many alias like photon vps, cloudintrious or something, pfofuse solutions, psychz.net and another name. IN A WORD - "UNWORTHY"


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Been with them for almost 10 days now. I'm using the VPS only for FOREX trading. Last night they had a power supply issue and my VPS is down since that time. Thanks to my own monitoring I noticed the problem otherwise the bastards wouldn't have sent any notification bulletin. Last comunication I got from support is the following "The SSD VMs are being powered up one at time as we speak, there's roughly 600 VMs left to power on.Jimmy Lu

Vice President of Operations".

More than 17h after the incident the VPS is still down and I've got no other communication from their support. I plan to close it and ask for the refund. I wouldn't recommend this PhotonVps to anyone

Adam Obenhofer

    Review Rating

Hi, after signing up my account I never received the confirmation phone call and my account status says fraud...

Here is my information:

Order Number: **********

Name: John *******

Phone: ***-***-****

Thank you


IP Address: 71.212.**.**

Jimmy Lu

Staff 09/18/2011 23:23


We do not allow proxy sign ups.

Jimmy Lu

Director of Operations

How would you rate this reply? Poor Excellent

John *******

Client 09/19/2011 00:13

Hi, what exactly do you mean by proxy signups? I did not sign up through a proxy. I'm currently located in Washington state even though my billing information says Maine..My main web developer is also accessing this account with my permission.

You have all of my contact information to verify this is not a fraudulent purchase.

If i need to go somewhere else for hassle-free service let me know.

Jimmy Lu

Staff 09/19/2011 00:16


You'll need to go somewhere else.

Jimmy Lu

Director of Operations


    Review Rating

I have recently cancelled my account with PhotonVPS due to service quality on many levels. The latest was due to an incident when VPS was migrating their servers; guaranteeing no downtime for my website accounts. We experienced significant downtime due to the migration. It took several emails to finally get a credit on the account. However, the credit never automatically applied to my invoices despite notices from PhotonVPS that they would be applied automatically. My account screen says the following: ”Available Credit Balance: You have a credit balance of $83.55 USD and this will be automatically applied to any new invoices”. They were not.

I then tried to cancel my account and get the credit applied to my account to close off everything and part ways. However, the VP at PhotonVPS says that since the credit was a service credit it's not available for withdrawal. This seems absurd as my credit card should never have been charged for three months of service due to the credit on the account. Credits that should have been auto-applied. Now, they are not refunding my money. Their system had a problem not recognizing the credit, but they are not taking responsibility for misrepresenting how the credit has/should be handled.

I would stay away from this hosting provider like the plague. After all of this, I did more research into their ratings. Take a look at the BBB site. Others have had many problems getting their money back, so this is not an uncommon issue with this provider.

Thomas Secher

    Review Rating

What a shitty provider. I ordered a VPS and their system didn't accept my creditcard. I then decided to try with my Paypal and it worked. Expected a welcome email but after 6 hours still nothing. Opened a case with support - they sent it on to billing without even explaining. I then opened a case with their sales department. 12 hours later still no reply from no-one. Finally I opened a new case with support to close and refund my account. Never never again. Big warning!

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