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phpwebhosting was founded with the goal of providing a great webhost with fair pricing! phpwebhosting often get asked if their service is "for real" - if there is some sort of catch to the low prices. The answer is no! There is no catch. phpwebhosting simply give what they believe to be a fair price for the services provided.

Indianapolis, Indiana

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I've been using phpwebhosting.com since 2002. I'm generally satisfied, but their support fluctuates between 'wow, the response time was amazing!' and 'hello? is anyone there?' Unfortunately, for the past year or so it has tended toward the latter. I've turned in requests only to be assured they will take care of it or get back to me, and nothing ever happens despite my repeated requests for updates.

It is for this reason that I'm looking into other options, which is how I ended up at HostJury.com -- most of the webhost review sites out there seem bogus, but this one seems legit. :)

If you're looking for relatively reliable service and don't concern yourself much with customer service, I don't think you can beat phpwebhosting.com. For $9.95 a month you get basically whatever you want and need -- except consistent support!

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