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Hosting Reviews for Planet Hippo

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Excellent web host. We have been with planet hippo for just over 1 year now and never had any issues with server down time plus every question we have had has been answered exactly and explained with in an excellent time frame. I love these guys


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Excellent web host. What more can i say

Amy Wall

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An all round perfect host...


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Simply the best host I have come across in a long long time. Fast support, a fast network, everything good you need from a host.

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if you end the service and click end of current bill, they send you the following email.

Dear Kenneth Walker (MK Safety Solutions),

This email is to confirm that we have received your cancellation request for the service listed below.

Product/Service: Hippo Linux Starter

Domain: mksafetysolutions.com

The service will be cancelled at the end of your current billing period on 24/02/2015.

Thank you for using Planet Hippo Internet and we hope to see you again in the future.

However, they shut your website/mail down straight away and declare that they can shut down anytime they want. Disgrace


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1 word would define them: Amateurs. Gave them my trust because they had the 24/7 chat support. Useless. They can't address problems right, or give satisfactory answers. Many times servers down. For short periods of time, sometimes for longer. And when asked them about the reasons, received unbelievable answers. Started moving my websites from them.

Tim Walters

    Review Rating

I tried Planet Hippo for two months and it didn't take anywhere near that long to discover how useless their services are.

You certainly get what you pay for.

Constant Error 500's not only on our sites, but also on their own front end.

Their own site has been hacked. See: http://prnt.sc/e7bcx8

They provide no way of removing a credit card from file.

They automatically charge your credit card BEFORE they inform you that they will.

They provide no way of altering your domain's registered email as they have failed to update their WHMCS. This has remained the case for two months with a 'feature deprecated' error. I have told them what they need to do but have chosen not to fix this essential feature. The service provided does not meet the ICANN minimum requirements for domain management.

They choose to charge for outbound domain transfers 'sometimes'. Seems somewhat hit and miss.

In short, you will receive a headache for your troubles. I STRONGLY suggest you avoid this provider at all cost as they are, at best, unreliable.


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I have never received so much bad service from Planet Hippo. Yes tickets that have been submitted have eventually been dealt with, but they are totally unreliable.

6 times in 3 months the servers gone down, yet when i ask for one of the engineers to call me and give my number, later they say we dont do phone support. WHAT!"

6 times servers are down, and so far 5 hours and counting tonight. Its no good calling their number shown, NO ONE ever answers. Their terms and conditions links dont show same with their privacy policy, they cannot even show me their complaints procedure.

This company has broken a number of regulations, but with their lack of customer care or quality customer service, hey who cares it seems their attitude is.

They were warned before by me, as one important client was a radio station, that has now gone off air for 5 hours. I asked for details of was it a hardware issue or software issue. A simple valid question do i could inform the station production director.

What was their response, "Our engineers are working on it" Thats the only answer you will ever get. I dont blame alex on the pop up chat i know hes based in India not where Planet Hippo engineers are.

Planet Hippo is unreliable, with faceless engineers who cant even answer their own advertised number. They refuse to give any answers, they give below poor customer service, or indeed any quality customer service. Thanks to them and their unreliable servers, we have lost the contract tonight.

STAY AWAY FROM PLANET HIPPO IF YOU WANT YOUR BUSINESS TO CONTINUE. Everyone i have spoken to does not have a good word to say about them. Yes they are good at first, they have to be to get your business, but after that no they go downhill.




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