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By hosting with PLANETHOSTER, you will get a guaranteed 99.9% up time. 24/7 moitoring and support, a fast and redundant connection, and generous amounts of space/bandwidth at an affordable low price. Our commitment to customer service makes sure that you will have the best possible experience when you host your web site with us.

It is our main scope to keep our customers happy all the time. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee and of you are not completely satisfied with our service, we will refund your money anytime with no questions asked!

Montreal, Canada

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Hosting Reviews for PlanetHoster

Muhammad Gregory

    Review Rating

I'd specify two main reasons why I like Planethoster:

1. Tech Support – Whenever we have had technical problems we found their tech people very fast to respond, courteous, knowledgeable and helpful. Having dealt with many tech companies in the past, I know this is rare and valuable.

2. The Interface – I love their interface. It's clean, intuitive and easy to navigate with lots of great features that make managing a web-site a snap. Keep up the good work!

Sofie Andersen

    Review Rating

Excellent support team as always! I’ve been working with Planethoster for the last 5 years and the support team is one of the big points of customer satisfaction.

Geraldina Capon

    Review Rating

Have a server with them, it's fast and reliable and I found their support to be very quick and friendly not that I needed it much but their stuff is very skillful and knowledgeable.

Fabienne Collin

    Review Rating

I have hosted my two business websites with them and I found them the most affordable and best quality service provider.

Rory Christie

    Review Rating

What a surprise when I finally found, after much searching, an incredibly competent hosting provider. A beautiful surprise. Very good servers, steady and fast, as well as a very pleasant support to work with - understanding experts that solve any issue in matter of minutes.

Myla Watt

    Review Rating

What really stands out about this hosting is that. They have very good support compared to the small affordable price that I was able to get with this hosting. Since the day that I have purchased this hosting I was having many kinds of issues with my websites but their support guided me and fixed all the problems that I had along the way. I leave this positive review as a thank you to the awesome support team. I would very much recommend Planethoster for the budget minded people who are looking for a good hosting.

Jennifer Weiß

    Review Rating

They have quick support, knowledgeable technicians (for the most part) and they have helped me out on nearly any issue I've had. Their prices are reasonable for what they offer. I've never had downtime.

Hollie Gardiner

    Review Rating

Planethoster has been a great web hosting site for me. With WordPress it was very easy to setup and manage, plus my site is backed up every day in case you have a bad plug-in or code errors. I've used them for a few years now for my personal website and the support has been great, and site very easy to manage. For a personal inexpensive hosting company I would recommend them with no doubt.

Charlotte Nielsen

    Review Rating

Planethoster provides excellent hosting and support. I have never had an issue that was not resolved quickly, and in some cases Planethoster proactively dealt with the issue before I was aware of it. I have some sites with them, and all work effectively. Updates are always handled promptly. I am very pleased with the service!

Lucy Wicken

    Review Rating

The performance is quite good, the CPU is also very good. They provide amazing hosting services on very good hardware. Overall excellent services. Support has been reasonable too.

Sauli Uppa

    Review Rating

Whenever I have an issue, day or night, from Europe or Asia, I always have an immediate and qualified answer (and a solution). Just today, I had issues with subdomains, brilliantly solved by their techhnician, other issues about SSL certificates or billing and I had the same level of assistance from all their team.

Kristian Richter

    Review Rating

They helped me so much with everything! And they are really friendly, skillful and patient! EXCELLENT! Say no more!

Zvonka Anić

    Review Rating

Well I keep thinking to myself "how can they be this affordable AND offer this level of support" way more than I expected and hoped for. Their servers are fast and their patience is phenomenal. Impressed! I highly recommend them to anyone.

Kieran Sinclair

    Review Rating

I have a lot of experience using hosting services with other companies. Planethoster is the only one so far who gives truly WordPress-enhanced hosting services with fully managed support at a very good price.

Daniel Urner

    Review Rating

I have been with Planethoster for around one year and in different moments I needed some support. They were always helpful and kind, good services, good supporter.

Simon Koch

    Review Rating

They have fast answers. There is no need to wait and they resolve problems easily.

Their staff are really helpful and very easy to contact. You don't have to wait for hours to contact them.

Marko Lundqvist

    Review Rating

I have chosen PlanetHoster for the second time for the service and support to solve every kind of problem in max 10 minutes. For me the best Service Ever!

Thanks for fixing an SSL certificate issue this morning.

Mohamed Ritchie

    Review Rating

It is amazing with no problems. The chat responder it very fast. And I really like the cPanel and stuff. Good company with cheap prices. Good job. I guess worth buying it!

Brennan Anderson

    Review Rating

For a person with no knowledge of setting up websites, Planethoster's support team has been invaluable in their support, assisting & guiding me and resolving all issues almost instantly. From the time I first spoke to their Argus before registering my web hosting package to John installing my website software & SSL, Planethoster's support team have always been there for me. I can't thank them enough for their excellent services & would highly recommend them as your web hosting provider.

Lukas Bruce

    Review Rating

I had some issues with SSL certificates on a number of sites and platforms and their technicians managed to resolve all my issues. I am very happy with the quick and professional support. Guys, you have made my day.

Jamie Singh

    Review Rating

The best thing about Planethoster is that they provide a good environment of support... They also provide quality hosting services with high uptime and low prices.

Radomir Popović

    Review Rating

The support services you offer is very good and responsive. Plans are full of useful resources and prices are rock-bottom. Thanks for your unparalleled services around the clock.

Mie Kristiansen

    Review Rating

Surely the best reason to chose them is their price, but when you see hosting with this kind of prices, you think Oh they surely have bad support team which won't response or you can't rely on them!

That's is exactly what I thought until I bought their preferred shared hosting plan, and until now, every things look o'k and they have really a good support team.

Archie Howell

    Review Rating

If you are looking for a hosting company to host your website, you’ll make the best decision by choosing Planethoster, as it is the most efficient site to help you receive the most traffic possible. With inexpensive prices and magnificent customer service, I can 99% guarantee that you will never be upset or disappointed with the results you see from using this website hosting site.

Connor Culpin

    Review Rating

I just want to say that you would be hard pushed to find a nicer bunch of people, and a better service at any price than with Planethoster. I've been around and tried quite a few, and these guys come out tops in every area. Customer service, quality hosting service. Haven't got a bad thing to say about them.

Josephe Descoteaux

    Review Rating

Honestly, they are really the best.. their servers are extremely fast. Support is always there. For example , today they restored our site promptly after an idiotic change we made. That's with cov19 and their support is working at home.

Bonne van der Veen

    Review Rating

The service at Planethoster has been the best we've experienced from a managed hosting service provider since we started in 2007. Thanks the team at Planethoster for supporting us so admirably over the past couple of years!

Evan Ahmed

    Review Rating

They are always quick to respond and very helpful even if you have no idea what you are doing. Servers are well-balanced and affordable for my modest budget. Recommend to try them with no hesitations.

Paramon Abramoff

    Review Rating

I love Planethoster. I had a problem with my contact page. The great and knowledgeable support staff guided me every step of the way, and fixed my problem. I can not say enough good things about my experiences with this host.

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