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PowerVPS is a wholly owned brand of Virtacore Systems, Inc and is an industry-leading privately owned, profitable Web infrastructure service provider based in Ashburn, Virginia. PowerVPS are hosting experts focused on virtualization and cloud hosting solutions for start-up companies, web hosting resellers, and others looking to build an online web presence. With over eight years of virtualization experience and 10,000 virtual servers deployed, PowerVPS have the background and expertise to do what it takes to provide the fastest, most stable, and secure environment possible for PowerVPS customers.


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Hosting Reviews for PowerVPS

Sam Bechara

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Great support, Great network, and they are very helpful. I usually get responses to my tickets in less than 15 min...

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Contrary to previous reviews, I am not too worried about not having a phone number to contact. The email-based support from PowerVPS is so blisteringly fast, accurate, polite and helpful that a phone call is never needed and all problems that I have had (mostly due to my lack of knowledge) have been resolved via email. The teams always go above and beyond to help and the servers are reliable, fast and well specced out. I am really happy with these guys and am involved with two of their VPSs. I came to them on recommendation so I really believe in paying the good favour forward.


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I've been with these guys for 2 years now and they've been super professional, efficient and provided an excellent service.

In fact we just upgraded to the Force Advanced package and wow what a box!



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I've been with PowerVPS for about 2 years now. Their support is wonderful and helpful. I fairly often get explanations to problems and fixes rather than just a "ok, it's fixed now". After years of trying to find a host I can stick with and not worry about, PowerVPS has been wonderful. My only complaint would be they don't have a phone number, but they reply to urgent tickets right away.


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I've been a PowerVps client from 12/07/2005 ( the date of my first invoice ) and I can say that generally PowerVps is a very good professional and efficient provvider.

If I had done this review few years ago, I probably would have rated powervps as the perfect provider, though in recent years I have noticed some minor differences, so actually I can say that PowerVps is a very good VPS provider, they have a lot of experience and they provide a good support and good services. After a lot of years I'm still with PowerVps,and probably I'll continue to be one of their satisfied clients, but I'm looking around, and this is the reason I found this site.


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Web servers are complicated systems and so the best thing a hosting company can do is provide excellent customer service to help you through the rough patches.

This is where PowerVPS falls short. Their tech support is knowledgeable and usually fixes the problem. Unfortunately, they do not offer phone support and often take hours to respond to mid-level or low-priority tickets. In some cases, you end up dealing with many different technicians over the span of one ticket due to the length of time it takes them to reply which often results in misunderstandings or oversights. For example, I've had situations where I've given one technician a specific instruction, and then after some follow up questions it is turned over to another technician who somehow overlooks the original request and does something you do don't want to do or fails to do something you want them to do.

Overall PowerVPS is fairly stable. I've been with them for about 3 years. However, every now and then something major goes wrong which has resulted in my VPS being offline for days at a time.

Since I sub-lease space to clients it can get very stressful when client websites and email are down but I am powerless to fix the issue on my own since I am at the mercy of someone else to fix the problem. Perhaps this is inerrant with all hosts.

After the most recent screw up where email and database tables appear to have vanished I'm looking to take my business elsewhere.

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