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Proaxxs, a US Based Company, has existed in our current form since 1999 - but our brands and businesses have been around since way back in 1982 - ProAxxs actually started out in the IT business as resellers back in 1999 - started handling our own servers in 2001 - and added our own dedicated online support team in 2008.

ProAxxs are a "smaller" provider and intend to keep it that way, however we do have several related online businesses, in order to keep our business smaller, and be able to provide support that is "second-to-none".

One thing we have learned over the years, is how important the "smaller" business is - In our opinion, a smaller business can offer much better services and support, whereas with a larger business, you usually just become a "number" - Just remember, the larger they are, the harder they fall. This is why we intend to keep our business model on the "smaller" scale, and utilize our other businesses to maintain that scale.

ProAxxs think you will be pleasantly surprised at the level of support we provide - Our top priority is to offer our customers premium web solutions, top-notch support with fast resolution, all at the best possible prices. We think you'll be impressed at the amount of hard work we put into this company, and guarantee we won't let you down. ProAxxs guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with our services. Our top priority is to satisfy you, our customer!


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Hosting Reviews for ProAxxs

Fritz Muller

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It happened so that I needed to find someone to manage my VPS (scripts, web applications and other stuff - no web sites). I had had several chats with freelancers (perhaps they were former web hosting companies’ employees). But was scared of opportunity they disappear one day. So I decided to hire company not freelancer. Then I asked guys here at WHT to help me in finding good place to order such a service. Someone recommended to use proaxxs server management service and I decided to give them a try because of the reasonable pricing and because they are company, which can give me some guarantees.

I must say that they have exceeded my expectations. They respond very quickly. And they have been doing whatever I need and whenever I need that on my server. That is enough to send them request and get fast response and get the task done.

The things I like about them are:

- they keep an eye on my server all the time (most likely 24/7). Because when I see an issue - I report to them and they reply that they are already working on that !!!! So they knew about that early then me. Sometimes they report that issue was fixed, in spit of that fact that I were not aware of that or even not noticed that. So they are proactive in this matter.

- they know how to use your server and get the best performance from it. When I “tried” to manage my VPS myself I saw some parts of my web applications working slowly. They make everything working a bit faster!

I do not have any web hosting related services from them - only management. And I’m pleased to get such care. I can imagine which level of service getting their clients which have web hosting and management from them.

I am fully-satisfied and highly recommend them for server management.


    Review Rating

Using proaxxs.net tech staff services for a long while, I've realized they are the best in this realm. They have taken good care of their every single issue and try to solve any problems fast, even some unrelated.

There are advantages and disadvantages of their service!

Pros: they are quick in fixing issues which may occur on the server, their support is active any time I contact them, they provide a discount on their service, their technicians are knowledgeable and skillful.

Corns: they don't support Windows servers.

I plan to be with them as long as possible.

Ranu Xsamedo

    Review Rating

I have been with numerous companies providing managed services, and have yet to encounter one as reliable, fast and supportive as Proaxxs. For the price you pay, you get a lot.

Their implementation team and tech support have been outstanding with the migration process assistance, and while change does take time and patience, they have worked through the majority of the kinks to completion, without any hesitancy.

These guys know their work very well and also know how to monitor your servers.

Oh, pricing: Very competitive. There are cheaper options, but so far, all the cheaper options are less capable.

My business has never been so stable, thanks to these guys. HIGHLY recommend.

Hope this will help! good luck!


    Review Rating

I want to say that proaxxs.net has a team of true professionals seriously.

So far I have had no glitches with them and all issues have been fixed promptly and fast.

I have to say I am very happy with the level of service I have received and honestly their pricing can't be beat for what I m receiving. I really don't think anyone can beat their prices with the same level of service. Some will say you get what you pay for. But I'm getting much more than I pay for. It's amazing!

william quan

    Review Rating

I have been a customer since 2010. Overall the customer service from 2010 to 2014 was tip top. However the customer service recently drop to a very low standard.

Take a look at how the way they replied to a customer who is with them throughout so many years.

ATTN: wj-design,

Support Ticket #22499 has been updated



No, you are not understanding. You are the reseller and you setup the accounts that setup phishing sites. You as a reseller are responsible for this. This will be the same no matter what provider you use.

As far as hacking goes that was hacks on the 'account' level not the 'server' level. You as well as all account holder must me more careful. It is as simple as that.

We do our job by securing and maintaining the server and we expect all our clients to do the same with all their accounts. We can not afford to have one abusive account to take an entire server down. This is very unfair for all clients on the same server, besides it is against our tos/aup which you and everyone else agreed to.

All I can tell you for now if that I can leave a note for Aaron which should be available in the morning to see if he can do something, but we can not and will not allow any more abuse.

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