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With ProfitBricks you can customize your cloud server instances to your exact specifications – we don’t force you to pick a server or instance size. Create servers with CPU cores, RAM, Storage, Firewalls, load balancers just as you would in a physical data center. Then design your network any way you want – with unlimited private networks all running at 80 Gbit/s - your applications and databases will run better than ever. Plus, we bill actual usage by the minute. No confusing pricing/packaging, easy to use drag and drop Data Center Designer and no waste billing – this is is Cloud Computing 2.0.

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Gordon OHara

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Profit Bricks is the elephant that is unseen in the cloud hosting world but that soon I suspect will change for small and medium size businesses who want to not be treated like a number and thrown to the infrastructure without support At our previous "big name" cloud provider a director of sales told me point blank "we don't really need or want your business.. we are more interested in managed hosting. At Profit Bricks,the sales and support teams have gone out of the their way to help us understand the system, set up our environment and make us feel welcome... Then we discovered that our bandwidth rate was 40-60% better than the "big guns" and that our servers were more flexible on pricing and configuration. Particularly annoying at the previous provider was a 50BG limit on operating systems hard drives..which of course is ridiculous.... but never changes over the years we were with them. We shall see how the technology performs over time.. but hats off to a solid start and experience. One down side is that the ability to turn on and off servers requires separate log ins and provisioning.. which adds critical time when you need to reboot servers.. hopefully they will take a look into this and see what they can to improve that process. The interface and flexibility overall however is very good. We're pleased and look forward to great results.

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