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ProperHost is a leading provider of premium hosting services with a strong focus on Magento hosting and other performance-critical applications. Since our interception in 2004, ProperHost has attained a solid market position in the premium hosting market through our devotion to mission-critical hosting and commitment to customer satisfaction. The company is based in Norway, with servers located in several US and UK data centers.

After more than a decade in the industry we have gained vast experience allowing us to build a superior platform for growth.

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Hosting Reviews for ProperHost

Ingmar P

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I rarely give rave reviews about service but in this case I have to. My Magento shop stopped working after maintenance/upgrade, Andrew from the support team fixed my code in minutes immediately after the problem occurred, actual downtime was minutes from the moment the problem was identified. I've been over 3 years with Properhost on Magento Basic plan and I'm staying!

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Excellent customer support

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This is the fastest web server I've used. Excelent support, nice prices.

Shawheen Amirkhizi

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For years I dealt with poor server performance (VPS) and even worse technical support at a variety of hosting companies including Hostgator. Recently I switched to ProperHost, and am extremely satisfied.

The server they have me on is configured with all the latest software, and optimized to boost the speed of my Magento store. In fact according to gtmetrix and other site load time checkers, my site is loading in 3-4 seconds. Compared to 6-7 second load time before using ProperHost!

On top of the excellent load times, I have never experienced such experienced technical support. They are extremely knowledgeable, helpful and with quick response times too! At first I was concerned about not having phone support available, but the email support is far better than I had even imagined was possible.

Overall, ProperHost is the best hosting company I have experienced in the last 7 years. I would absolutely recommend them for your hosting needs!

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ProperHost are by far the best hosting company we have ever dealt with, they offer a impeccable service with a unbeatable product, you will not be disappointed with this company.

Shawn Thompson

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Awesome hosting with easy control panel. The specs and performance was what i needed to host my website. The support to setup different features was quick and hurry and professional and right on point! I did pricing and hosting specs comparison to other hosting companies and as you can see ProperHost came out on top!


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I am writing this review because I have been frustrated with the part-time performance of Properhost. I got their name from the Magento forums but have to say that my site really slows down at night. I think I've figured out that because they are a Scandinavian based host the performance is fine when they're European clients are not in peak hours. I'm not entirely convinced of this theory because they are only 7 hours ahead but it may have something to do with it. All I know is that it's often REALLY REALLY Slow. So before you commit to them make sure you test them out. I'm pretty disappointed so far but have not switched away just yet and don't want retaliation from them for a bad review. (hence anonymous).


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I would like to add an addendum to my original post. It seems that my site speed and performance has improved since my last post. I don't know if they put me on a different cluster or what they did but it's nice and zippy now (even at night). I can say that I haven't had ANY downtime in a year and a half which is awesome.


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We moved 3 of our websites to Properhost, based on their SSD server technology. After a few months of incredibly poor support and performance, we decided to terminate our relationship with them.

It is clear that Properhost is a 1 or 2 person operation. They appear to be renting 2 servers in a data center. A few key points of our experience:

1. Support is not always available. Entire days go by without their chat function being staffed.

2. Tickets may well take a day or more to be answered or resolved.

3. When they were adding a new server, our sites were down for days. These problems stretched for something like a week. Long explanatory emails were afterwards sent to the customers.

4. Adding a function for parallel downloads (a simple thing with our other provider) took a lot of communication back and forth - without a resolution (we terminated our relationship).

In our opinion, a small operation like Properhost is not able to provide the level of service and reliability which a professional website requires from its hosting provider.

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