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We offer enterprise-grade Anti DDoS Proxy and web security solutions at affordable costs. Our products protect your website from any kind of DDoS attack and accelerate it at the same time, by caching it's static content and even optimizing it with r00tBooster. Our Anti DDoS Proxies don't only protect your website from DDoS attacks, but also add an additional security layer infront of it, which instantly makes it PCI DSS compliant. DDoS protections for game servers are available as well.

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DDOS protection was easy for me. Thanks to r00t-services.net!

I got several troubles with my web hosting account in the past. The main

problem was caused because of the neighbors (I have on the shared

hosting) especially while DDOS attacks. I thought changing web hosting

company would help, but was I explained that could have happened on any

shared hosting, even on dedicated server or VPS (when you are the target

of the attack).

I found 2 ways to solve this:

- order ready to use DDOS protected hosting services.

- order DDOS protected proxy and stay on my current web hosting.

I used way #2. I signed up with r00t-services.net standard anti-ddos

proxy. So I was able to stay with my shared hosting provider. That works

as easy as any proxy and I'm being protected by r00t-Services not my

current provider. Some time ago I switched from one provider to another

and continued using the same anti DDOS proxy - I just contacted

r00t-services and informed them about new server IP.

I have to say that I'm not technically good in stuff like this, but it

was quite easy to setup for me and use and know, that I'm protected and

I can change my hosting as often as needed. That is really comfortable

solution for me.

To be honest I expected that my web site would be slow around the world

due to the proxy using. But everything is okay it is same fast - my site

is not so huge, but as far as I know there is a booster option they

offer for huge web sites (it is not included in my plan and I do not use


Nice solution so far as for me. Guys from r00t-services are very fast. Now

I do not care if there is attack or not - what I know - I'm protected.

Highly recommended.

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