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RackForce Networks is a privately held ITC service provider based in Kelowna B.C., Canada. Founded in 2001 by entrepreneurs Tim Dufour and Brian Fry, RackForce supports thousands of customers from over 100 countries.

RackForce's roots are based in Internet infrastructure hosting where we earned a reputation for leadership and innovation. RackForce has consistently provided market leading services by selectively leveraging emerging technologies to provide cost effective, innovative offerings. For example, as early adopters of virtualization, Linux and open source management platforms, RackForce has provided more function and performance for the dollar than its' larger peers.


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We've been using Rackforce for 2+ years now. We were a very early-adopter of their new ddsCloud servers. We experience virtually no unexpected downtime. I can only remember one time last year we lost connectivity for 15 minutes, and that's it. Other than that, our network connectivity has been stable and fast.

With unmanaged support we are able to get quick (roughly ~10 mins) support replies that are quite helpful (if it's daytime). If you ask for major changes at night, it's possible for it to take longer than expected because it's the basic support staff. They are prone to making errors, (our main issue has been expanding our cloud storage).

For example we caught them saying our maintenance was finished and everything was still offline. If we hadn't stayed up to monitor it, our server would have been offline all night. The next night when they finished off the upgrade, we went to bed and the server abruptly lost network connectivity until I woke up and asked them to fix it. It only took them 10 minutes to respond and fix it on basic/free/unmanaged support. If we had our alarms turned up we would have had them fix it right away, but we slept through them. It was still their fault though.

Bar none they have the best free support staff during the day... this brings me to the cost. Rackforce servers are VERY expensive, but you get what you pay for. As I said, other than us and the late night monkeys making changes to the servers we've had a miniscule amount of downtime for two and a half years and they jump in to help very fast at any time if there's a problem.

We keep looking up other server providers to cut costs and every time we fall back on Rackforce because none of them seem worth it for the service and quality provided.

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