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Fanatical Support® has made Rackspace the world's leader in hosting. Rackspace deliver enterprise-level hosting services to businesses of all sizes and kinds around the world. Rackspace got started in 1998 and since have grown to serve more than 99,000 customers, including over 80,000 cloud computing customers. Rackspace integrates the industry's best technologies for each customer's specific need and delivers it as a service via the company's commitment to Fanatical Support. Rackspace core products include Rackspace Managed Hosting, The Rackspace Cloud™ and Rackspace Email & Apps.


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Hosting Reviews for Rackspace


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Rackspace rocks! Service is stellar. I'm surprised I didn't see it listed on hostjury.com.

Anyway, when you sign up with RackSpace, you get a compressed-air T-shirt in the mail along with a small wire-bound booklet with an extensive FAQ and all the numbers to call, including the CEO! They also have an eccentric sense humor. For example when you call them for technical support, before assisting you, they'll first ask for verification: "What year was your first car?" Of course, this is a question you had previously selected at sign-up.

For the less technically inclined, their home-grown cPanel is a bit difficult. You really have to know what you're doing. But if you're feeling lazy, Rackspace technies will be more than happy to satisfy your needs. And finally, it seems you have to go through a "gauntlet" in order to log into your account at myrackspace.com. (I mean that in a good way!) And if you screw up your username/password and account number combination twice, you're screwed! Security is paramount to them, and it shows.

Under the pricing scale I chose "below average" because they're quite expensive. Their focus is clearly geared towards medium- to large-sized business.

Simone Parrish

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I'm here on HostJury because I'm looking at switching from Rackspace to another provider. As someone else mentioned, Rackspace's pricing seems like a relic of earlier times. I have been on Rackspace since 2005, and their uptime and service have both been spectacular. I don't know much about the features--I have support people to help me with that. It's really just the pricing that has me looking elsewhere.

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I've used rackspace for a while now. I've never had any issues and love the ability to up all the server stats on the fly during our busy seasons.

Mike Brennan

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IN January 2010 we signed up with Rackspace and hoped for the best as our first experience with managed hosting with 800Hosting was a disaster. The switch to Rackspace has been a great improvement for us. We have been with them for almost a year and have NO complaints about any of our websites, blogs or databases we have hosted with them. They have delivered all that they promised.

Our first experience with managed hosting was with 800Hosting and they delivered NONE of what they promised. They had a great website with great promises, but were more than a disappointment. All of our fully managed websites went down due to a catastrophic failure with their server, and we had to notify them! They did not even know! We purchased monitoring 24/7 so how could that be? We had purchased a fully managed dedicated server so we would not have such problems. They lost valuable confidential customer personal data and almost all product images - gone forever. We purchased daily back up so how could that happen unless they did not provide what they promised?

As you can see, we were very skeptical and worried about our next host. Anyone can make a mistake but they were NO help making things right and showed NO understanding as to how being totally down for 6 days was impacting our business. That really was unbelievable in a web host, and based on their website not possible.

Since moving to Rackspace we have had nothing but peace of mind. They seem to appreciate how much our success depends on them delivering the goods. They provide monitoring, pro-active support, technical support 24/7, and improved server performance. They more expensive BUT NO down time, no data loss and no worries. This is priceless to us.

We wished we would have found Rackspace before 1-800-Hosting!

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Really happy with rackspace, almost never any issues. Servers are fast, heaps of spare processing power, database queries happen very quickly.

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Rackspace used to be the one place we would recommend all our customers to!

We used to love them... but their "fanatical support" is simply no longer very fanatical.

Actually they have cut down on chat time, phone support and have increased their pre-fabricated generic documentation...and keep using the stereotype "you can find this in our documentation; please check 'URL'"... Managed accounts are now minimum $500 a month - no longer catering to small businesses.

Michele Meek

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I have hosted my server at Rackspace since 2003 and have spent over $50,000 in hosting fees through Rackspace since then. I have found their network to be extremely reliable. However,their customer service which they deem 'fanatical' is in fact pathetic. Due do an error of theirs I was charged $89 extra over a few months and when I complained, they actually gave me a hard time (they did finally say they would credit it). Secondly, their prices are of the web dinosaur age -- Absurdly we spend $375/month for 100GB of Bandwith when small companies like Webfaction include 600GB/month as part of their basic $9.50/month plan. Just simply put, a rip off. When I requested a better deal, they failed to offer me one until I gave them my cancellation date when suddenly a better deal was offered. But it's all too little, too late.

Servando Lopez

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I'm new to rackspace and yet within my first week I've been unable to replicate my server from images as their app will not let me and have had no answer yet, except for their online support that told me "we've had some issues about server images not showing up in the server front. Wait for a few hours and if it still does not show raise a ticket". Wait for a few hours = fanatial support? I don't think so.

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