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Established in 2015 by a group of web hosting professionals in Dallas, TX, we offer a wide range of simple, flexible and user-friendly innovative online services. Rad Web Hosting was founded on the principle of providing high-quality, affordable web hosting solutions with a focus on client needs. That means we give you our full attention before the sale, when helping you select the right hosting product for your specific needs, and after the sale, when you may need some help on the support side. This holds true, whether you are beginning your first website or hosting mission-critical applications.

As experts in e-commerce, web hosting and website development, we help our customers build and maintain their online presence, which is critical to running a business in today’s Internet-connected global marketplace. We are a trusted provider for web hosting needs of all sizes and scale. From hosting your blog to managing your enterprise infrastructure, Rad Web Hosting will deliver an excellent web hosting experience.

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Hosting Reviews for Rad Web Hosting

Shane B

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Been at Rad Web Hosting for nearly a year, and I'm very glad I found them. Since I moved my VPS over from a much bigger provider, I have been surprised to see 100% server uptime and the only downtime to my websites has been when I, myself, have caused it.

A far cry from the other hosting provider I used for several years, Rad Web Hosting support staff is always fast (under 60 mins-anytime of day) to respond to my tickets and generally has the exact resource or answer I need. I like these guys and I recommend them for VPS servers. I just use a basic Linux CentOS server, so my cost is incredibly reasonable. I could have two if I wanted-From Rad Web Hosting-for the price I paid at my last host!

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No downtime or server issues in the first 6 months. We use their Business WordPress hosting plan and have been very satisfied with the performance (fast loading to Texas) and reliable service. Any support ticket is answered within a reasonable time frame (an hour, give or take) and the staff is friendly and offers to assist with our site nearly every time we speak.

A stark contrast to the service we have experienced with the larger providers.

Definitely recommend for WordPress or other website hosting.

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