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Founded in 1998, ResellerClub provides a full range of Web Presence products & services to Web Hosts, Web Designers, Technology Consultants and Domain Resellers worldwide.

ResellerClub is a industry's leading provider of full-range products and services that enable them to become a one-stop shop for web presence products online.

ResellerClub product suite includes Domain Registration, Web and Email Hosting, SSL Certificates and Website Design which enables our Resellers to cater to the entire Web Presence market.

Part of the Endurance International Group. Endurance's (EiG) other brands include A Small Orange (ASO), Apollo Hosting, Arvixe, BigRock, BizLand, BlueDomino, Bluehost, Dollar2Host, Domain.com, DomainHost, Dotster, easyCGI, eHost, EntryHost, FastDomain, FatCow, FreeYellow, Globat, HostCentric, HostClear, HostGator, HostMonster, HostYourSite, HyperMart, IMOutdoors, Intuit Websites, iPage, iPower, iPowerWeb, StartLogic, JustHost, MyDomain, MyResellerHome, NetFirms, Networks Web Hosting, Nexx, PowWeb, PureHost, ReadyHosting, Saba-Pro, SEO Hosting, Site5, Spry, SuperGreen Hosting, USANetHosting, Verio, VirtualAvenue, VPSLink, WebHost4Life, Webstrike Solutions, and Xeran.

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Hosting Reviews for ResellerClub


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I woke up on a sunny day found the server DOWN! Nothing working, websites nor emails!

Sent them a ticket … they replied:

“The cPanel logs directory was missing which caused cPanel/WHM to not load. I recreated the directory and restarted the service. Now both WHM and websites are loading fine.”

I checked and found nothing solved, and I started receiving phone calls from clients about their websites and emails.

I kept contacting them and sending a ticket, shouting and fighting, want anybody to response but they didn’t till the next day!

They said “I can see that all the home directory of cPanel accounts has been deleted from the server”.

Well after that we discovered that not only the Cpanel accounts, actually everything deleted including backups and logs!

All the server disappeared in few hours, Home directory, Logs and Backups!

The server deleted, We kept contact them, much support team members, account manager and up to a senior manager with no luck! They said we are responsible for this problem and they have nothing to do!

They can’t even tell how this disaster happened, can’t restore a backup or even make a recovery!!!

I can provide a proof for every single word I said, and this issue/problem, was one of tens problems!


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A huge disgrace

They have become a huge disgrace, they think they are the worlds Internet morality police, if they don't like a domain you registered they will take the money wait a few days then disable your domain, they will then make something up and regardless if you resolve any complaints they have they will still keep the domain and your money.

Here is the worst, say a client of yours owes you money and you suspend their account, they can go around you contact Reseller Club and tell them they want the domain moved, in which case Reseller Club says OK. So now a hacker can make a fake ID and steal any domain they want and these people let it happen.

If you provide all information to say the claim is fake they will just lock the domain so no one can have it, can you imagine that happening with your business domain? (I had this one already happen)

Do yourself a favor stay as far away from them as you can, don't use any reseller that goes through them either or you will run into a lot of issues and the support has to be the worst ever, it gradually was going downhill which it has hit bottom and hasn't moved from their for almost a year, just horrible!

The overview here is not fully accurate, their hosting is through HostGator and BlueHost with bloated prices so who knows how much of your data is shared as well. Not to mention your clients can track it back and start to ask questions why they provide hosting from those but not you, which presents many problems and costs you money. But do they care? No, because they are from India and any legal claims need to go through India, imagine that nightmare.

And their support takes days to answer no matter how severe the issue is nor does the support care much about your issues they give lame answers that do nothing to progress an issue then just say it must be something you did, even if it is an issue on their website it is still your fault (I had this one already)

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