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RyleeJames hosting services are risk free. If you are not happy within the first 30 days of using RyleeJames hosting service, ask for your money back. If RyleeJames can't fix the issue, RyleeJames will be more then glad to issue a refund. RyleeJames will even help you move to a new hosting provider that suits your needs.


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Hosting Reviews for RyleeJames

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I`m with them for a full year now and I can breath. I started as a novice when it comes to finding a good hosting ..and when I think of the time I have spent searching for a new host and all the problems that I had with other 2 host companies.. JEZUS! I can really relax my website here. This guy Russ Kenney is very helpful he even installed the script without charge. There was once a downtime due to a "massive" ongoing ddos attack that lasted a bit to long, like 48 h, but they did explained trough an email what happened. No other problem whatsoever. Also very very good support from them. Who ever is on the other side, he answers fast and he is human. No superficiality or that "advertising" language. Helpful and to the point. Prices are OK from my side but the performance for shared hosting is just for me. Really RARE hosting ..that encouraged me to open my second website.

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RyleeJames.com has hosted my website for over a year now. I have a high resource script and no down time. Their support staff has always been extremely helpful and have gone out of their way to be of service.

Highly recommended. High quality, affordable pricing.

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