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Savvii was derived from the English word ‘Savvy’.

Savvy, as in smart, handy, skillful, inquiring.

Because that’s who we are: young people who’ve always had a passion to learn more about anything digital. Some headed towards the development side of things (php, ruby on rails, various open source projects and even embedded systems), the system side (linux, bare metal) others more towards the publisher side (affiliate, SEO, content creation). In addition we have gathered a wealth of hosting & system engineering experience together.

During the preparation phase of Savvii we collected as much input as possible from European WordPress specialists.

This knowledge, combined with that of our own, resulted in Savvii as we know it today. We are currently supported by a parent company with over 50 professionals and 10 years of experience in hosting.

We are one of the first managed WordPress only hosters in Europe. Therefore, we focus on that and that alone. So we don’t offer email & amp; domain registrations. We don’t build any websites. We only host, only WordPress. Period.


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