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Tired of downtime and horrible customer support and overloaded server's? Join SemoWeb and stop being tired enjoy your hosting with SemoWeb SemoWeb offer valuable account options and 99.99% Uptime. SemoWeb is not just another web host. SemoWeb strive to provide the best hosting possible and maintain great customer satisfaction.



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Hosting Reviews for SemoWeb

Clayton Flores

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I am now on my third month with SemoWeb.

The dedicated server I have purchased has been great and so has the support.

I am looking to expand my cluster very soon as this trial has been great.

I am hoping they release some servers in Chicago right now they have Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles, Orlando.


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I'm with Semoweb for over a month. Since day one I had nothing more than problems with them. First, they put me on wrong server (US instead of Uk that I ordered) and it took them several days(!!!) to resolve, in the meantime they lost all the data.

That's not everything. They support is outsourced and the level of English they speak is absolutely rubbish. I'm guessing they're getting paid by the number of answers, as every single support ticket took them over 24hrs to resolve, during which they keep asking for the same details over and over - probably hoping that the user would give up.

And now the last thing: the uptime. Every single day the server I'm on is down. The downtime varies from 30mins to 4 hours (remember: DAILY). The overal uptime for the last week was about 90%.

When I asked about this I was given a series of pathetic excuses of how their servers' firewalls are blocking Imcp and similar lies. I'm using Three different uptime monitors (UptimeRobot, moniutorus and Pingdom) and all 3 shows the exact same times for downtime, yet Semoweb claims that it's not a proof that the server was unreachable (!!!).

Summarizing: if you're looking for a decent hosting company, Avoid Semoweb and you will sleep better.

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