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ServeByte is the rock solid web host. With Servebyte, it is possible to get your website online and accessible by the entire world. ServeByte has a large range of services, all keeping both budget and power in mind.


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Hosting Reviews for Servebyte

Spark Hu

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I have been using ServeByte for 2 years. I think I will NEVER change hosts! :-D I have had no downtime. Their support is great for requesting upgrades. Response in minutes. (i've never needed any other support from these guys) The server is fast too. Keep it up!

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6 Outages in two months, 1 downtime that lasted over a day the month before that. Poor customer service and staff that think they can give you hosting credits and still keep you as a customer. Don't believe me? host through them and see! Oh and don't depend on their "Weekly Backup System" Its unfortunate their excuse is "We have gone Raid 1 and have yet to reconfigure our backup system"

Any how, long story short with servebyte you do NOT get what you pay for with the professional hosting companies that actually sustain 99.9% up time and not 98.xx up time every month.

Robert Turner

    Review Rating

We used their WINLITE windows VPS offering for a couple of months for a mail server and had a bad run with them. They have no concept of their responsibilities under the Data Protection Act and are incredibly unprofessional. Weve reported them in the appropriate places where we strongly suspect they are breaking the law and urge you to stay clear if you are a legitimate business.

Looks like some guy in Ireland reseling from his back bedroom .... buyer beware!

Steve Drake

    Review Rating

SCAM HOSTING. Always down and can not protect from Ddos. Dont fall in their trap.

John Miles

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Useless support. Been a customer for 18 months, usually OK, but my service went offline 42 hours. I notified support and still have not received a response.

Do you really want to have a dedicated server with a provider that takes 42 hours to respond.

My server is still down and I still have not had a response. Needles to say, I will be moving my service elsewhere,

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