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Server Intellect, located in downtown Orlando, Florida was born in 2003 from Client Intellect, Inc to assist businesses and individuals world-wide to achieve their internet technology goals. By offering enterprise shared server hosting, virtual private servers and dedicated servers coupled with world class customer service, Server Intellect has become a world recognized leader in the global web hosting market.

Server Intellect is a privately owned, profitable enterprise that serves thousands of customers from over ninety countries worldwide. By offering cutting edge technologies, industry-leading customer service and comprehensive web hosting solutions, Server Intellect has forged and solidified its position at the top of this market.

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Hosting Reviews for Server Intellect

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I've been with Server Intellect for more than two years on a shared hosting plan. I've been running a 10-minute monitor on my website for more than a year (I'm a demanding customer!) and I'm pleased to say that Server Intellect have delivered exactly on their 99.9% uptime promise. I've not had the same experience with every web hosting company so thumbs up to Server Intellect. I host two medium-volume (~50GB/month) web sites with them (www.albahari.com and www.linqpad.net).

Pranav Manpuria

    Review Rating

Server Intellect is great! I was with GoDaddy for a couple of years, and then as my needs changed I decided to go for a 1and1 server. Extremely disappointed there, I switched to Server Intellect, and there has been no looking back! They have the best customer support, hands down! Amazing up-time, and a great interface too, if you are a beginner!

10 on 10!

Courtney Ringer

    Review Rating

Best hosting company out there plain and simple. I've been with all the major players out there and Server Intellect by far has the best technical support and uptime I've ever experienced.

West Coast Customer

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I have four sites hosted by Server Intellect. They are quite good about providing phone assistance 24/7.

But something happened with them several months ago. Before then, their performance was top notch. Currently they are undergoing a disaster. As of mid-August 2014, they are more than one month into what they originally termed "a transition". Web sites have become inaccessible or are extremely slow to perform. They presently have a work-around for users who want to modify their Web sites. (I had to pry it out of them that this was a work-around. They didn't bother to tell me up front.) Their telephone support is above average but you have to monitor your sites continuously to ensure they're still accessible.

Daniel B

    Review Rating

We had 2 private servers with SI, a webserver and a DB. Everything was well in 2012 & 2013. Then problems started: unannounced upgrades & poorly managed migrations.

A couple of times the servers went down for no reason during the week, and when I call they mention that they were doing an upgrade. I did not request an upgrade and we were down for 3 hours. I believed them and forgave them. Then 2nd time, happen same thing, my alarm went off, and started doing real-time redundancy on the Database in a different hosting company.

Today Oct 24, an announced migration 2 weeks ago goes in effect, in which they inform the customers that there will be little to impact at all. Our servers went down for 4 hours! I found out that our IPs were going to change (Still no news on what the new IPs are) after a very angry email and several phone calls they restore my web server back to normal.

Something along the lines went wrong at SI, I was a big supporter and recommender, but not anymore. Beware!

Richard Lee

    Review Rating

While using serverintellect I constantly experience my website not being accessible. Upon highlighting this to the organisation they then place the burden of proof on myself. Of course the website was back up by then (so no proof). I am pretty sure they knew what I was saying was accurate through their logs however they were unwilling to accept responsibility, fix the problem and invoke their SLA. I ended up having to use these two sites to monitor my website:

http://www.uptimerobot.com/ http://www.pingdom.com

And believe me the website went down a lot. Only then would they accept responsibility. At this point I was rather annoyed with this company and the final straw was when they tried to charge me $20/month for 1GB extra of RAM. Unbelievable on a cloud hosted system. If you are not amaze then lets do the math ($20 * 12months) = $240/year for 1GB of RAM.

NEVER EVER use this company.

I now use Amazon web services (AWS). The basic package even costs less than serverintellect and you get more for your money. Granted you need slightly more technical expertise which everyone do not have. My website has never been down since except when I rebooted the server myself :).

Geoff Ables

    Review Rating

Poor performance. Bait and switch pricing tactics. Bad service.

In 2007, they were second to none. I'm not sure what happened, but they have gone down hill since then.

After over 3 years, we are leaving as a very unhappy customer.


    Review Rating

Wost experience of my entire life. I lost so many clients due to their incompetence it was ridiculous!

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