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SERVER4YOU has been in the Web hosting industry for more than a decade. After offering only virtual hosting, SERVER4YOU began selling dedicated servers as early as 1997. In 1999, SERVER4YOU became one the world's first providers of a line of discount dedicated servers. And, because SERVER4YOU were at the forefront of being able to fill so great a need, SERVER4YOU grew rapidly. Today, SERVER4YOU are one of the largest dedicated hosting providers in the world. SERVER4YOU host over 30,000 servers and more than 2,000,000 domains in their data centers in the US and Europe.

Now part of the GoDaddy Group of companies that include GoDaddy, Media Temple, Host Europe, 123-reg, Heart Internet, domainFACTORY, Domain Monster, RedCoruna, Domainbox, Donhost, Brand Fortress, PlusServer, Server4You, and the Paragon Internet Group which uses the brand names TsoHost, WebFusion, daily internet, EVO, MrSite, Dataflame, and Vidahost!


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Hosting Reviews for SERVER4YOU

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We are using Server4you the last 4 months for two big traffic projects: http://www.seoblb.com and http://www.b2b-templates.com The server rocks and the support are real PROs responding immediately.

Drakakis George

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If you are not German, just forget about it. Everything is in German Language and the stuff is not obligated to help you in Enlish. Prices are awesome but the support and reliability of this host is so poor that I wouldn't continue my host even it was completely free. I have many ugly stories to tell but thats not important.


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I had hosting service with Server4You years ago. I was with them for 1 month. I canceled the server after the first month and they still tried to charge me for a second month. I went back to Server4You after about a year because I received an email for a free trial. I Signed up for the free trial and after 1 month was unhappy (Because their servers just don't live up as they advertise) and canceled my service. I decided a year later to give them another shot. So I went back and tried to order thier $81 ProServer. They denied my payment 3 times. When I called they told me that it was because I Was behind a proxy server (this is untrue) later to find out the real reason was that I owed them $500 for the trial server that I never used after the trial month and had try to cancel. They will do anything to get your money and they provide a service that just isn't worth it. They also made 3 withdrawls from my account of $2 ($6 total) as "test transactions" and wont give it back. Jews.

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Don't expect any support or courtesy from these guys, and don't expect any customer appreciation, I was with this company over 20 years, when my server went bad, I had to move everything myself, they have a ticket system that is slow and a pain in the ass, you can't email them, after 20 years of business, I missed a payment, sent them information when to expect payment, they didn't receive my email of course, shut down my service and erased everything on it before I could respond . They refused all correspondence at that point. you get what you pay for... and with server4you it is just poor treatment.

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