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At Server Mania, we believe that you shouldn’t have to pay through the nose to get what you need out of a host. Empowerment should be within every client’s reach, no matter their budget. That’s why we’ve always provided our customers with cutting-edge technology, backed by superior customer service and unbeatable reliability - all at a price that doesn’t strain their budget.

Our slogan - “Hosting Empowered” - reflects our dedication to the needs of the client; our devotion to equipping them with all the resources they need to put themselves ahead of the competition. Backed by our powerful Surge platform, our Cloud, VPS, Dedicated, and Web Hosting solutions can be deployed in as little as five minutes. We offer services in four state-of-the-art data centers situated across the United States.

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Hosting Reviews for Servermania


    Review Rating

When you have found a right host you try to be with it as long as possible.

And ServerMania is such a host. They are worth having a deal with.

Their tech staff is helpful around the clock and prices are competitive.

Just my two cents.

    Review Rating

I have been with Servermania for some time and I think that now is right time to drop a few lines about their services. I want to start with the signing up process. Everything was processed very fast and I hadn’t had to wait more than a few minutes for my account to get approved.

Right after the payment I got my 1 GB cloud account. I pay $15 per month and I have to say that I’m satisfied with:

- Connection speed

- Support team: Their support team is very helpful

- Price. Well worth the my money I think.

I do not have complicated web sites, but so far I’m really happy with their service.


    Review Rating

I have been with Servermania for a while now and I have to say their prices are really good. There are not the cheapest but the value seems very good, so I feel I have gotten more than what I paid for. Since I’ve been on board I have not experienced any downtime or outage. Their customer service is always reachable and has never let me down yet.


    Review Rating

I've had only good experiences with this host! They have always answered all my questions regardless of how complicated they were. Today I realized that I had an old/expired hosting plan with them that I forgot about, and they quickly moved all my domains to the new hosting account in a matter of 2 minutes.

They are super helpful in every way!


    Review Rating

I'm very pleased with SierverMania. Their tech staff is beyond praise and all works like a clock with them. There is no downtime om their stable servers and pricing policy is simple and flexible.

    Review Rating

I run a WB based site and I haven’t faced any issue or downtime with Server Mania. I have to say that I’m a very happy client of theirs. I get what I need without having to ask and that pleases me. The excellent service makes the competitive prices even more attractive and that makes me happy!


    Review Rating

This is my second host and I can’t see myself having to find a third. Their support has been awesome, with less than 5 minute responses, going over and above to assist me even with my custom web applications. Felt like just a number with my previous host while Server Mania makes me feel like a VIP.

Noah Duffield

    Review Rating

I had used several web hosting providers prior to Servermania. There is no comparison to my other providers. It’s clear that I now pay less, have much faster and personal support (average 3 minutes to get a reply) and have not yet had any downtime that I am aware of. They are the first web hosting provider that I can honestly recommend.

Joshua Ham

    Review Rating

Their support is great. Really fast, polite and with the right knowledge. Even at weekends and in the evenings they are ready to help you. So much better than my previous host. Really super value for money. Keep up the good work!


    Review Rating

ServerMania has been great to deal with when it comes to dedicated server and VPS hosting services. I've had a really good experience with them that is why I share my review of them here.

I'm particularly impressed with their online chat when I need support, even late on weekends! Keep up the great work!

Emile C. Skov

    Review Rating

ServerMania rocks because I get immediate help when I have a tech support call, I've never waited more than two minutes to get a technician. On top of that they're pretty fast at getting things resolved. Their sales staff is also fast and helped me when I wanted to upgrade an account, they figured out my credit for money paid on an existing plan, and I was in action in about five minutes. They are really perfect!


    Review Rating

I was provided support for one of issue I was facing. I'd similar issues with different Hosting vendor which really wasted lots of my time. This time, I only want to say Fantastic support. Just because of their support I moved all of my hosting packages towards ServerMania.com.

Good Work!!!


    Review Rating

ServerMania is the best web hosting service, bar none. They helped me much in fixing tech problems. Ever since, the ServerMania team has been immediately accessible via phone 24/7. They provide services at an extremely low price.


    Review Rating

Being a webmaster, I've worked with several web hosting companies, but ServerMania is the best host I've come in contact with, and used. I highly recommend ServerMania to all.


    Review Rating

You guys ROCK because you are so helpful and have great communications. Great support. Really fast, polite and with the right knowledge. Even in weekends and in the evenings they are ready to help you. So much better than my previous host. Really super value for money. Keep up the good work!


    Review Rating

Hi all,

I think this is the better choice than others because they win confidence of their customers. Some days ago me and my brother decided to take hosting services of ServerMania for our blogs. Today I think that was a superb decision I have ever made. ServerMania's dealing with us is unique. They look after of every website which they host. their trained staff, 24/7 services, money back gurantee and one click install is really great. I want to salute this hosting company. I have not enough knowledge of website building but my favorite ServerMania makes it simple and interesting for me. There prices are low from market with 100 percent satisfaction. they are not new in market. ServerMania is a back-bone for my blog. I think it is fantastic for all type of websites but it is superb for my blog. Last but not least it is a complete hosting solution for online world.


    Review Rating

ServerMania rocks:

1. speedy servers

2. very responsive sales and support team

3. features are not too restrictive (like max upload file size)

4. competitive price...

So far I am very glad I switched over.


    Review Rating

ServerMania is the best web hosting service, bar none. They led me gently through migrating my domain from another carrier. Ever since, the ServerMania team has been immediately accessible via phone 24/7. Prices are low.


    Review Rating

Server Mania provide an excellent service service in all respects. This includes: (1) a high-spec infrastructure with many extra features bundled into the contract (eg automatic server-based backup, anti-virus protection, etc); (2) superb technical support accessible/delivered in a number of ways (eg high quality self-service knowledge base, online chat & a real person helpline); (3) support staff who are responsive, knowledgeable & patient; (4) efficient billing support in resolving issues (eg moving domain billing between accounts); and (5) good value-for-money for a quality product. In fact Sever Mania's service has been so consistently good over that last time I have moved my company's web services account to them.


    Review Rating

As a business man, website is a must have one. After switching a lot of hosts, finally joined ServerMania. Everything was easy, in a matter of minutes all of my website is transferred to the new one. I learned what you pay is what you get, but here in ServerMania you get a lot more than you imagine. The support is better within just 1 hour, I get reply regarding issues. #Rocks

Bao Tsui

    Review Rating

I am delighted with ServerMania. I am a small business owner, author, and co-founder of a non-profit.

After a bad experience hiring a programmer who used Joomla I transferred my site to ServerMania.

With ServerMania my calls are answered and I have been patiently provided with the assistance needed to learn how to manage my sites and get them to do what I want. I have called many times and received great help from people who speak a language it is easy for me to understand-- English.

I feel confident in my ability to get help when needed at ServerMania based on the help I have received so far.


    Review Rating

Well words are not enough to describe how happy I am that I joined this big family here.

I was in many other hosting companies maybe their service/products were 3/5 but their support was 0/5 and I hate it.

Even if we know how to fix that, we didn't had access to do it. So they would charge us just for that stuffs. Anyway.

ServerMania fills our needs for products/pricing is 5/5 its not expensive and its amazing.

About Support I never saw and would never see this kind of support, 10/5 :)

I definitely suggest anyone that is reading this review to join this Big Happy Company that would give you amazing service/support.


    Review Rating

I am new customer of ServerMania and I needed very specific VPS service without all limits to work with it and only ServerMania provided it to me.

So I am very satisfied with the service.


    Review Rating

ServerMania is the best hosting website I have ever used. I am a professional web developer and I create many websites daily but the hosting services ServerMania provides no one else have provided before. 5 stars to ServerMania.


    Review Rating

Bought one of their largely advertised $39/mo Box. within 72hours of set-up, it was pulled offline. When I contacted support they said the empty box was pulling large amount of traffic and affecting other VPS Boxes on thesame server. Was told the issue will be investigated, only later to be told, my VPS box has been terminated. I initiated a charge back with paypal, but was given in their favour.

Be careful when dealing with them. Not safe to have any serious business on their network, and don't be carried away by their prices.


    Review Rating

I’ve been a customer of Servermania for over two years. My WHM servers are always on and load very fast. Thank you very much!


    Review Rating

Low prices, no outages. Perfect for my business!

Nicklas Christensen

    Review Rating

Stable service and accessible support are important for me. ServerMania has always delivered the best in those areas for me.

Max Faust

    Review Rating

I’ve never experienced any downtime with my ServerMania dedicated server. It’s the perfect server provider for me.

Mark C

    Review Rating

If you forget to change your zip code on the auto-pay system (when you're moving and trying to remember every service that you have) they'll completely wipe your server immediately. They don't call or attempt to warn you, it's their policy to rotate their servers the instant something happens.

I was a strong advocate of them for years, but this most recent situation has turned me into a very unhappy customer.

Jim Heil

    Review Rating

My website is down most of the time. The price would be great if their servers worked.

Basalat Raja

    Review Rating

I have had a very poor experience with ServerMania. I run a VOIP

application in a small cluster of machines sprinkled around North and

South America; basically, it's a multi-headed Asterisk-based PBX. I

had a dedicated VM server in their New York facility. Then they put in

supposedly DDoS protection, and we started getting complaints from our

customers about poor quality, inability to register their phones, a

host of stuff. 99% of the times, everything still worked fine.

However, people are so used to 100% reliability from their phones, 99%

is too poor. For me, DDoS doesn't help that much. Our IPs are only

published to our clients and they are businesses. I suppose someone

might eventually try to hold us hostage or something, but it has never

been a problem.

So anyway, I went and got a VM in their Los Angeles facility. I added

it to my cluster and immediately, they started yelling at me for

abusive use of their CPU, I was using too much of it. The only thing I

had installed was a copy of mySQL and Asterisk, and it had zero load

on it. A few days later, they sent out an email saying that they were

going to rebuild the RAID array. Obviously, one of the disks had

failed. The reason why my VM was taking so much CPU, even with zero

load is because anything that it ever tried to do, the failing disk

would take forever to respond, and that would lock up all threads on

disk reads, basically driving the load average through the roof.

However, I didn't want to stay and argue the point. I had paid a year

in advance, and I gave the VM to some friends. One of the few things a

small VM would be good for would be to run a chat server. The AUP for

their network does not allow open proxies, so if you connect to their

network, they will scan your IP for open ports. ServerMania's AUP does

not prohibit such scanning (at least, as of the writing of this

review.) At 11pm yesterday, they decided that the chat server was

going on a rampage and making DoS attacks against the chatters

connecting to it, and on that basis turned off the machine. It's

difficult to see how a chat server is "attacking" clients that

successfully connect to it.

I was woken by my friends at 11:30pm, I filed a ticket explaining

this, and 12 hours later, they haven't even bothered to respond, let

alone turn the machine back on or at least tell me that we have to

turn off the port-scanning. Dead silence. That pretty much takes the

cake for me.

In conclusion, I think their real problem is that they really don't

understand what a DoS or a DDoS is, both from a attacker or the

attacked's perspective. This serious lack of technical understanding

is what scares me away from the idea of ever having a server with them

again. Aside from that is the fact that in a professional environment,

you cannot leave tickets unanswered for half a day, not when a server is completely down.


    Review Rating

I started a "Live Chat" and waited 10 minutes, then I forgot their name ;-)

Seriously, what do some cloud clowns believe?


Come down from your clouds and stand firm on ground again, before pretending to be anyone


    Review Rating

hi all

2 days ago , I write a review for Server Menia , they gave me downtime for more then 6 hrs , they said there was a hardware problem and my review was also removed from here so i doubt on honesty of webhostingtalk.com reviews.

Again today my server is down from past 5 hrs and still they saying it will take 4hr more and today there is problem with network. I have made my life time mistake of taking server from servermania ....they are worst.

if any one wants to verify PM me or send me a message , I will send all my server Ips and tickes details. Server mania is worst host.

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