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Sharefaith is a creative solutions company run by passionate individuals with a common goal to empower the church and to inspire others. Having served nearly 100,000 churches globally over the last decade,

Sharefaith has become the go-to source for churches of all sizes who want all their media solutions in one place, at a budget they can afford.

Sharefaith is known as the largest church media company online, providing professional church websites and hosting, sermon graphics, video, print, worship projection and a Sunday school curriculum.


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Hosting Reviews for Sharefaith

Steve Damren

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If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive site with moderate features that a somewhat skilled person can use to design your site. THen this tool works. Beware that if you ever are going to change, you will need to plan accordingly. We missed the annual refund window by two days (during the whole COV-ID crises) and they were adamant that we could not receive a prorated refund. Unethical at best.


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Share Faith is the worst company I have ever worked with online. All they want to do is steal your money and give you out-dated services and designs. Don't go with Share Faith.


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I recommend avoiding Sharefaith. They promise a full migration of your current site (at the cost of committing with them for one year). So we did this, but they never completely migrated our site. So we were left trying to make their template work for our site on our own (because their support basically tells you how to do it on your own. No problem if you know how to build websites and navigate their crazy sytem. We were st one point instructed how to update custom CSS. How many churches know how to do that much less have the time? We also had a lot of trouble with making our site live. For one it took over four days to get it to work at all. Then once it worked, it only partially worked. So we were then instructed to some kind of IP traces or something else only to be told they couldn’t fix the issue. During the process our site was down for about 5 days OVER A WEEKEND! The app they offer is also horrible. You cannot put unique content and the process is very difficult. In addition, there is no way to post a feed of sermons you ought have hosted elsewhere. So after more supper calls, we somehow figured out (on our own) how to embed a feed. So when we finally decided that after all of this effort and the site wasn’t even fully up and working on some networks that Sharefaith was not for us, they still demanded we pay for a full year of fees (over $700). So save yourself the trouble and avoid Sharefaith.

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