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SimpleHELIX is an advanced web hosting solutions company located in Huntsville, Alabama. Simple Helix are determined to provide the fastest and the most reliable web hosting service that Simple Helix competitors can't match. Simple Helix cutting-edge hardware and technology allows Simple Helix to offer the fastest page loading time for your websites. Simple Helix determination to offer the quickest and the friendliest professional 24x7 support makes SimpleHELIX the most reliable web hosting service in the market.

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Hosting Reviews for Simple Helix


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I found SimpleHelix back in November 2009 on a Magento forum where other Magento developers were discussing about the best Magento Hosting available, and everyone gave props to Simple Helix. I moved my accounts from another provider to Simple Helix, and I must say I don't regret a day! I don't know why so many people have said bad things about them. Their support always answer all my questions within a few hours and sometimes minutes. I think the pricing is a bit steep at $20/month, but that's worth just for the fact that they are optimized for Magento and any other CMS available. Any script I ever tried to run on this provider, worked, and that's not true for all other ones I've used before. Right now, I am running 8 Magento stores there, plus several Joomla and WordPress installations, and they all perform great. They use cPanel, which is also good. If you want a reliable and fast host that will run everything you throw at them, with no hassle, I recommend Simple Helix, despite the $20/ month pricing.

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I use simple helix for my Magento store, and I would just like to say that they have excellent customer service. I've contacted them many times for problems that I have had, and they have very quick response times and help me fix the problem every time.


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Stay away from this company, I have 3 hosting accounts and all have been slow as hell, when I contacted support they said the issue will be fixed with in 10 minutes right after we spoke the sites went down for 5 hours, and then a day later they emailed me and said there was a virus attack on the servers. WHAT??? that's crazy. moreover I had an account under 20 days and they would not refund my money even though they offer 30 days money back. bad company!

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I needed to migrate our Magento site to the US. I went with their semi VPS deal and found out they don't even use an in memory caching solution, so I asked my money back. But they refused! They said that paypal payments cannot be refunded!?

Simple Helix took my money, and forgot to mention all tha up front.


Beware, beware!


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The server setup appears to be fragile. Our monitoring system reported 36 outages of 10 minutes or greater from Feb 1 to Mar 30, 7 outages over 30 minutes, and 2 outages of 1 hour or more.

Their mySQL connections seem to be a problem too, it's common to get sql comnnectivity errors, your going to see them every day.

Performance is good.

Overall I'm disappointed. At this time I would NOT go live with an e-commerce site or any thing that requires high uptime.

I'm writing this while waiting for the service to restore. Server pac-ds3-106 (DA+Ruby+Ap2) has been "Not Available" for for 3 hours and counting...ailable


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Honestly I've been with SimpleHelix for about 6 months and this last month its become unbearable. My site is always down! BUYER BEWARE! I am switching to something else ASAP. Enough is enough. Its been down about 10 times in 2 weeks with no real reason.


    Review Rating

We have a store hosted at simple helix and it was recently down... FOR OVER 24 HOURS!!!

To make matters worse, their backup software failed and they lost the entire previous day of backups. So when the restore finally did complete we lost a whole day of orders!!!

Their rememedy? Our next month of hosting is free... Below is the timeline of events as reported to us:


Here is a timeline of events. These events are directly from our

ticket history with GNAX (the data center) as well as our backup

software (r1soft).


1:00am - Server crash – we opened a ticket with GNAX (the data center

where our servers are located)

1:30am - Auto FS check failed

1:30am - Started manual FS check

6:57am - FS check was stopped by tech due to errors & data was being

dumped into lost & found

9:39am - We requested KVM to work on the server remotely

10:35am - We requested hard drive to be replaced

12:47pm - Hard drive was replaced – started to rebuild

2:01pm - Array failed at 63% - found that drive 0 was also bad –

requested hard drive to be replaced

2:54pm - Hard drive was replaced

3:10pm - Reboot requested

3:36pm - Server rebooted

3:53pm - Hard drive 01 was removed

3:57pm - Requested new drive install – replaced 01

4:08pm - Hard drive was installed

5:16pm - Download and burn CD was requested (Bare Metal Restore Disc)

5:19pm - Reboot requested

5:22pm - Server rebooted

6:09pm - CD in drive

6:29pm - Reboot requested

7:10pm - Server rebooted

7:35pm - Reboot requested

7:47pm - Server rebooted

7:56pm - Server rebooted

8:22pm - Bare Metal Restore started – ended at 6:44am (241 gigs total)


7:00am – Rebooted server to confirm BMR

7:05am – BMR Failed (bad grub.conf)

8:15am - Reboot requested

8:16am - Server rebooted

9:11am - Reboot requested

9:54am - Server rebooted

9:58am - Server rebooted

10:06am - Reboot requested

10:11am - Server rebooted

10:41am - Reboot requested

10:44am - Server rebooted

11:03am - Reboot requested

11:05am - Server rebooted

Started restore of the server at 7am on 5/12/09 and was cancelled at

9:31am (only 4.7/241 gigs had been restored within a 2 ½ hour period

at this rate the restore would take 128 hours. Opened ticket with

R1Soft and they informed us of a bug that affects restores or archive

of 100,000 or more files. )



    Review Rating

They claim to be fast and reliable. Here is the truth.

My site got hacked because one of their users had a malicious code injected into their site so it effected the whole server and all the websites got the virus.. now that I call reliable! lol. Also they are the slowest host I have ever seen, actually google stopped indexing my site because it was so slow.. take a deep breath if you go with simple helix.


    Review Rating

Site is down more than it is up!

Excuse after excuse as to why. Many tickets go unanswered and when they are answered they are full of unfulfilled promises.


    Review Rating

A few days ago my Magento site hosted through Simple Helix was compromised. At first I thought it was hacked because it had the info of a different site, uboutfitters.com on my site. I checked that site and found it was an operating store and so I concluded that it would have been stupid for them to hack my site since it would put their own business at risk. On top of that, the site I was working on was just made so I started thinking 'how could they even have known about my site in the first place?' I then did a WhoIs search on uboutfitters.com and found that they were also hosted at Simple Helix.

After first contacting Simple Helix with concerns that I had been hacked I later emailed them with my concerns that there might be an issue with the server itself and it wasn't a hack. We emailed back and forth a few times and they kept ignoring my questions about the server itself. Finally I received this response from a tech support person:


This is a problem with the server's memory, we are already working to solve this ASAP.

We are truly sorry for all the inconveniences and will update you as soon as this is fixed.


SimpleHelix Support[/quote]

Okay. Good enough right? Nope. [b][u]12 minutes[/u][/b] later, Min Lee, who must be the equivalent of the salesman there, sent this:

[quote]Hello Dave,

Our server is not having any issue.

There are many sites running on the server without any issues.

Problem is with the magento itself. Just to let you know that we can't trust any third party softwares. Most of the third party softwares has security holes. If you want to use third party software like Magento use stable version.

Backup which took on 23rd doesn't work. Let us know if you want to restore some other backup. If need to restore some other backup let us know the date.


Min Lee.[/quote]

What the heck?! Who are these people? Explain to me why someone who hosted their site on the same server hacked my site. That would make no sense! This was clearly an issue with the server itself and Min Lee does not want to admit the problem.

UBOutfitters.com, if you're reading this, I wish you well and know that you had nothing to do with this. I want to tell you though that your data is not secure. You should seriously consider switching hosts.

I am not going to tell you who I switched to because I do not want this to seem like a push for another host. I will only warn those who are considering Simple Helix that your data will not be secured and if there is an issue with your site they will blame you.

Oh, and in closing here's how much they think of Magento.

[quote]The website could get hacked if the magento has lots of bugs, which it has in plenty. I have checked the server and other websites and it just works fine. Could you please contact Magento support as we had this issue where one of the website has hacked due to a buggy Magento.[/quote]

So Magento is a buggy program and at least one site hosted on their servers has already been hacked, or so they say.

I have a question for you then, Min Lee and Simple Helix. Your whole business is aimed at hosting Magento. So why base your business on such a "buggy" software?

Stop lying and own up. I would have never had a problem if you would have just admitted the mistake and moved on.

Stay away from Simple Helix.


    Review Rating

As others have commented before, this company is terrible in a lot of ways. Their support team SEEMS to care and are responsive in a somewhat fashionable manner, but half of the tickets opened shouldn't even need to be submitted in the first place.

It took their tech team 3 tries to get an SSL cert install correctly. 1 time was due to a misspelling. Total rookie mistakes.

My SSH access got turned off magically with no explanation why and I had to get a tech ticket and wait for a response to get it re-activated.

They won't allow the purchase of an additional IP for a set monthly price, only by purchasing their reseller package can you have multiple IPs.

They decided to migrate a massive site during peak business hours, slowing down the entire server and everyone on it. When asked about this, they said the client they were migrating over was in a different time zone, so it was nighttime for that client. Well, ok, then put that client on a server with other clients in that time zone so you don't affect businesses that operate in this time zone! Total illogical client management.

Server went down at 4pm on a business day. They said it was their data center. They had an ETA of 1hr. 5hrs later it came back up.

Two days later, again, the server goes down, this time at 2pm during business hours.

All in all, do NOT signup with this company. Their website states all these wonderful things and yet you cannot find a single contact phone number and their live support is never online. Their 100% SLA is not true and they overload and oversell their servers.


    Review Rating

Embarrassing hosting company. I've had so many problems with Simple Helix, I've lost count. The site frequently goes down, and when you raise a support ticket they answer after they've rebooted the server saying "we can't find anything wrong..."

Excuse after excuse, to begin with it was all apologies - but once they've used up all the excuses, they just ignore you.

Can't think of anyone worse to host with. Good luck to anyone who has signed up with Simple Helix.



    Review Rating

My production server went down 36 hours ago because of db corruption and it is still not up yet. They give me excuse after excuse, promise after promise but nothing else happens. Use this company at your own peril.

Roy Munson

    Review Rating

Simple helix servers seemed to work well for a couple of days... Often our site will be down for no reason at all. Once we got a support email saying our server is overloaded like they've known about it for a long time. The interface is also difficult and not very intuitive to navigate through. Btw, their support is often very slow to get back to you. Our site has gone down several times and overall has really been terrible hosting. We are changing this week. Not reliable and not worth it. Simple helix is simply not simple. Not recommended.


    Review Rating

Firstly, there servers are slow and overloaded.

There is a lot of downtime...and their 100% SLA is a scam.

Also, my page loads were 5-10 seconds....

Buyer beware!

    Review Rating

SimpleHelix.com hosting service sucks big time, don't waste your time with this company, no support emails answered, you get billed even after closing your account, complete pain in the ass, to deal with. Not recommended at all.

Rick W

    Review Rating

I've been using them for a year and their support has been lousy. My site has been down at 8-10 times over the year and 2 times now it has been down over 36 hours. My last issue they say was caused by a power surge and the server was doing a file check. Once they rebooted it my database was no longer there. And as of now 36hrs of waiting they still have no answers for me. In the meantime the image of my site is getting tarnished because of the lousy reliability - i am also losing sales by the hour. I HIGHLY recommend everyone to use a different hosting provider this one is horrible!!!!


    Review Rating

Absolutely the worst company I have ever hosted sites on!!!

You will hate yourself when reading this review after getting their hosting!



    Review Rating

Caveat emptor/ buyer beware

I have had multiple problems that i have patiently dealt with I have had the downtimes of others.. it happens..

I recently was looking to do a multiple store magento set up> I was willing to upgrade service or change things as they recommended their response was they were going to investigate how to do it but could not find anyway to set up a multi store magento on their servers and suggested i could maybe find something on the net. When this occured i looked elsewhere and found Elief.com could do all and more. Problem then was i discovered when i went to tranfer domains i had parked with simplehelix that though i had 4 domains showing as parked with them and proof of payment that they were never purchased/tranfered on my behalf. I had to go and do this somewhere else. They said it was some automated techincal glich of some kind. I was irate but it can happpen right. I mean no harm I still was able to buy them even though someone else could have in the last 9 months, but it did occur. So I requested just my money back. They refused and suggested i file a complaint with Paypal. This was infuriating because paypal said that they never do that after 45 days. I have requested the BBB to be involved yet they try to spin it that they ask the BBB to be involved. I am considering a class action suit with this company if interested please email me [email protected] if you have been wronged and they refused to give back your money for services they never provided.

john yates

    Review Rating

SimpleHelix shut down our website for non-payment over the weekend while our business was closed. We had paid for our sevice and was a mistake on their end. Long story short. we missed a weekend of orders and all they would do is offer us $4.95 credit. They promised it would not happen again. haha

    Review Rating

simplehelix.com is NOT a world class hosting solution!!! 10X faster Magento hosting means nothing when your server is down for two days due to VMS server failure. There is no Enterprise Managed Backup in place as promised from the company! Their poor service has caused a major loss of revenue and a halt to everyday business. No e-mail, no data, no working website… This is no minor error on the part of simplehleix.com it is a critical one and I highly recommend not investing in their product and if you have already move to a new host.

D. Hakimi

    Review Rating

We added an additional service to our hosting plan and several site pages broke. It took them 3 days to address the issue. If you're a small site and you're not too concerned with site down time or hosting related site issues, then simple helix may be okay for you. But if you have high traffic and you are concerned about your site users' experience, then stay away form Simple Helix. There is little integrity and accountability when their servers start acting up.


    Review Rating

Their hosting is horrible. The site sticks all of the time and it is not reliable. I had an issue this weekend where I needed support and they would not assist because I wouldn't pay a $25 fee to them immediately. I would find an alternative to this company, I know we are.

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