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Simple Servers provide optimised web hosting solutions from a small business up to corporate companies. Support is polite, UK based, fast and accurate. With more than 15 years in the industry and two strategically placed data centers, we leverage our knowledge and experience to provide unique, secure, optimised hosting solutions. We own and operate all our shared, dedicated and cloud services and hardware. Simple Servers specialise in ecommerce hosting and are Magento Hosting experts.

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Hosting Reviews for Simple Servers

Martin Chambers

    Review Rating

All i can say is fantastic, ive been researching for a few months about using Magento to host my store and these guys have been helpful from the start. My initial enquiry was via the online chat and i was answered quickly and professionally. I was given a point of contact (Simon) and he was a great help telling me the most economical way to get started. I eventually took out a shared hosting account which i have been extremely happy with, it was installed for free and the site runs very fast. So far A++

nick parsons

    Review Rating

Been really happy with Simple Servers. Support is quick to respond.

We run x cart on another site and have always been happy with their response. They have done a lot of upgrades for us, without any problems.

ten out of ten, for quick personal support, We even have an out of hours mobile to call!


    Review Rating

Use simple servers to host my magento site. Really happy and not seen any of the issues in other users posts.

Nigel Peters

    Review Rating

Simple have hosted our server cluster for the last three years , we have found the support to be excellent and the site speed is always quick. I would recommend


    Review Rating

Host with these people at your peril.

As a new customer( I paid for 12 months hosting up front)they will fall over backwards.

Request a simple task to be done - such as - switch on notifications from Cpanel- and your in real trouble.They could not do it.

If you want an Xcart upgrade - This is well beyond their capabilities( and you have to pay them for this)

So much so after two months of complete frustration I have moved ISP's

Can I acess the control panel for the web space I paid for - NO

Do they respond to support tickets - No

Do they respond to telephone requests - No


    Review Rating

We have existing site hosted elsewhere, was looking to move to a Magento specialist. Almost 1 week on, we do not have a functioning server, we were asked to modify DNS in order to make the server work...the DNS change would not resolve to an IP address...the DNS details provided by Simple Servers seem not to work. Have phoned the published number on the website - always encouraging..."you are at Q position 1"...and then an answer phone. Have left vice mail messages and used the ticket system....no response.

Luckily I only paid 1 month in advance via Credit Card on Pay Pal - so have just initiated a process to get a refund. Not too fussed about the £18...but people like this waste time and potentially money. Someone should set up a hosting regulation scheme!


    Review Rating

I was really happy to switch at first. Then came the nightmarish problems, such as not being able to get ahold of ANYONE at tech support. I tried phones, email, tickets, skype. One time I got ahold of Nick, one of the support guys, and set up a Skype appointment (he was busy at the time) for the next day. He just didn't show up and didn't reply to my email about it. I felt very disempowered and yet at their mercy to make the changes. I also didn't mind them saying they didn't have an answer to my questions, but not acknowledging them is absolutely unacceptable.

I would give them less than "Poor" in Support if it were permitted...

Host at your own risk. I wish someone would have told me this before I signed up for a year.


    Review Rating

Claim to be elgg experts but couldnt get a new empty site even to load and blamed elgg - which begs the question why claim to be elgg experts and offer special deals tailored for elgg if you dont know how to get them working? I eventually got it cancelled (they didnt respond to emails never apoligised and kept £30). Don't pay a year in advance (luckily I didnt and I used paypal) is my advice or better still avoid like the plague!


    Review Rating

I have taken hosting out with this company because they claim to be magento hosting experts but since parting with my money, which there were clearly no problems with have had no real support since.

You can't contact them via the phone you just go to a reception in London and they tell you they are ALWAYS busy.

I can not contact anyone to get my money back!


    Review Rating

Fast servers but when things go wrong, don't expect any help. No live support, no phone support. Helpdesk seems to switch to foreign support agents in the evenings.

In 4 weeks of being with them, I have experienced an unscheduled server outage in the middle of the day (when any other hosting company would have taken back ups and made hardware changes out of hours - after all, it's supposed to be raided) and I've just come off 24hrs outage due to a WHM/apache config problem which their staff don't seem to comprehend.

Appalling support.


    Review Rating

Magento Sites, STAY FAR AWAY from Simple Helix!!

A client decided to upgrade their hosting plan with them, which meant moving to their Lightspeed servers. The clients site slowed to a crawl due to their server misconfigurations. They arrogantly insisted it wasn't the environment. We spent 5 days (during Thanksgiving and Black friday, no less) dealing with their ignorant and rude support, and finally convinced them to re deploy the site on the old server. Voila. Site worked on the old server!!

After finally proven wrong, they attempted to get it to run reasonably on the Lightspeed server, and were unable to. If you want to deal with a company who doesn't know or care what they're doing, then go with them. If you need reliable, knowledgable Magento Hosting so you can run your business, LOOK ELSEWHERE!

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