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SingleHop, Inc. operates a network pushing several giga-bits per second and supports over 7,650 dedicated servers. Singlehop owns all their own dedicated hosting servers, and they provide all of their own support from Chicago, Illinois,USA.


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Where do I start? SingleHope do not only offer great services for super low prices, but they have people who actually KNOW what they are talking about, seriously. For the first time I chat with someone who knows what they are doing, who can answer my question, and who can convince me to leave my current provider and migrate.

Their sales are very polite, so their customer support. I can't believe how patient they are, and I can pick up the phone 3AM and call the NOC (Hey guys, I need some urgent help here), and I GET IT. Pricing is impeccable, features are rich, and the level of support is outstanding.

If you're not a SingleHop client, you better become one today.

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I have been working with this company for about a year now and haven't had any issues at all. The only thing is i didn't know that they didn't backup my dedicated server but that i had to pay extra for that service. And later when i wanted it and questions about it, the response was meager and slow. Other than that no issues. I do like the tech support guys, they are good.

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