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"Since Site5's inception, it has been one of the industry leaders in reliability and innovation. Site5 was one of the first four licensed Cpanel distributors, and has always served as a leader in web hosting software innovation. Matt and Rod worked countless hours with little or no compensation for several years to ensure the success of the company, and the impact of their vision is manifested in every facet of Site5's operations today. Site5 has been routinely recognized by industry critics as one of the most reliable names in hosting, won several awards from hosting review outlets, and is often noted for its innovations in terms of technology and software."

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Hosting Reviews for Site5


    Review Rating

Very happy with the service and very competitive prices. Only been with site5 for about 3 months and the support is not only excellent but the spec of the servers and the up time is far superior to any other host I have been with. Their community forums are also great, loads of support through there too. A very good host indeed! Already recommended it to about 5 friends :)

    Review Rating

I've received excellent support and personal attention from management over the years. Started out with shared hosting and co-locate equipment with them now. Very pleased with my decision and have been with Site5 for a number of years now.


    Review Rating

I have several sites hosted through Site5 and have been with them for about 3 years now. I'm very pleased with the features offered, uptime, performance, and support I have received.

Several times I needed help and if I couldn't find the answer at the forums, I emailed support and received a response or fix within minutes.

I have moved several sites to Site5, just to my life easier because Site5 works so well.

    Review Rating

Great pricing and fantastic uptime. Site5's tech support has always been extremely responsive and helpful. I'd definitely recommend their service.

Jeff Chew

    Review Rating

I've been with Site5 for many years, and I always recommend them to my friends, family, and clients. I host several sites on there, just because everything is so easy to maintain, plus I host all of my personal sites there as well.

Customer service is nothing less than amazing as well, with incredibly speedy response times. Kudos, Site5!!

Mike Hopley

    Review Rating

I switched to Site5 in February (2010), because my previous web host had been over-selling their hardware, causing my site's loading times to suffer. I chose Site5 because they prided themselves on under-selling hardware. My site's performance immediately improved after the switch, and has remained consistently at this new level.

I've struggled with a number of technical challenges recently, such as learning how to use Mercurial and SSH access. Site5's support has been outstanding, even when the issues were not actually their fault: they are very willing to help even when there's no fault in their systems. Their responses have been fast, friendly, and useful.

Site5 has one killer feature for me: multisite. This allows me to host multiple sites under the same account, where each site is treated with full independence. For me, this simplifies my development and staging subdomains, as these no longer need to live in subfolders of the main site. This gives me a cleaner site architecture, allowing me to manage all three environments from one Mercurial repository. Essentially, multisite allows me to organise my project the way I want.

    Review Rating

I've had the pleasure of hosting with Site5 for just over three years now. When I joined they were going through a rocky spell dealing with clients in three different data centers, varied configurations, and overloaded servers.

A little over a year ago Ben Welch-Bolen and Joel Brown took over control of Site5 and made a huge impact. I noticed support became even quicker, outage posts decreased, and the servers just seamed snappier.

Instead of wasting more time let me leave you with one final though regarding their servers. My site runs on an older shared box and recently had a traffic spike. In May it served over 1100 unique visits (over 2200 visits) totaling over 950GB of traffic. In the first two days of the spike just over 320GB was transfered. The remaining 20 or so days of the month traffic ranged from 20-90GB a day.

During the entire traffic spike my site stayed online the entire time. Site5 had it's issues in the past, but the best I can say is Ben and Joel have clearly done an amazing job and if my words aren't enough to express this point then let the numbers speak for me and them.

Kudos to Site5!

James Costa

    Review Rating

I've bene hosting with Site5 for about the last year and have had only good experiences with them. They respond to support quickly via email, and even quicker via their 24/7 online chat. I'm so happy to be using Site5 for all my hosting needs!


    Review Rating

I've had Site5 servers on and off over the last couple of years. They've recently revamped their backend and I have to say, I'm starting to consolidate to them. Their support is fast, friendly and dedicated. The GUI they've developed is slick and helps me manage lots of sites much faster. I love it.

    Review Rating

I've had a fully manged server with Site5 for a year and a half now. There have been a few glitches, but service is remarkably fast even at 5 in the morning and things were fixed quickly.

Regrettably, they do not take automated PayPal payments, which makes me nervous, I tend to miss these things occasionally.

My server seems to be in Dallas and I would like a second one in Toronto, which is where half of my business is. However they seem to be thin on the ground in Canada so I am looking for second host, but in Toronto.

Len Jones

    Review Rating

I'm writing this because I feel bad for Site5 support personnel, who are really a cut above the fray. The problem I have with the Site5 hosting solution is that their billing department is subpar as a matter of fact they have soaked up more of my time than a DDOS!

I really wish we could continue with the service because from a support standpoint they really are fast and reliable.

site5 user

    Review Rating

I've had an overall very positive experience with site5. The only downside in my opinion is that the customer forums over the last few months have become somewhat over moderated in my opinion.

    Review Rating

Like Chris stated a few reviews before, i too am giving only 9's. This is because we expect more and more from site5. They are already perfect IMO. Support is great and so is the forum. I agree that the forums have become a bit moderated, but they have reasons. Too many people blaming site5 for their own mistakes, like not remembering the email they signed up with etc... :p

I havent tried rails out yet, but am going to very soon. The e5 team gives me confidence that i dont have to go to other forums and sites to get my answers :p

I am currently addicted to Site5 forums!!!!

Stopping my rambling and gonna go work on my site :)



    Review Rating

I have been very happy with Site5. After using them for several professional projects, I moved my personal stuff there this year. It's been great!

Linda Phan

    Review Rating

I've been with Site5 for one and a half years or so and am happy with their service and support. I decided to go with Site5 because they were cheap and had Ruby on Rails support. My sites don't generate a lot of traffic (I use my hosting more as a development playground) and that's one of the reasons why Site5 is perfect for me.

The Good:

Their interface is beautiful and intuitive. They're using a custom skinned cPanel admin (I think).

Every time I had to deal with their customer service, I've had my problems resolved adequately. When I requested a credit for when my server went down, I got it without questions. Getting SSH access was painless enough.

They're cheap, and their hosting features are just great for the price.

The Bad:

When they merged with another company (I forgot which) about a year go, there were several problems with hosting going down on various servers. I didn't receive a notice at all that my hosting was down -- I had to look at the forums to know there was even an issue. The hosting was down for almost half a day.

If you're looking for a host for a high traffic site, you might want to look elsewhere. The reliability of Site5 is questionable (I don't know how often my sites go down because I don't have a userbase to inform me).

However, if you're just looking for hosting for low traffic personal sites or family sites, Site5 offers an unbeatable value.

Matthew Elvey

    Review Rating

Extremely unreliable. Server goes down frequently, sometimes for hours, as confirmed by http://www.site5.com/support/uptime and third party reports. Support replies, but does nothing to improve the awful uptime, month after month. Almost daily outages. Guarantee doesn't help much.


    Review Rating

Site 5 used to be a great service. The operative word is "used" to be. Over the last 4 or so months their service has bitten the dust. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't have to contact them with severe server issues that don't allow me or my clients to access our email accounts. The sites drag and act lethargic. The customer service, while well intended, are too overloaded to give any serious issue their full attention. Site 5 has grown too big too fast and now all of their customers have to pay for it.


    Review Rating

I have several sites hosted at site5.com and they have been going down alot over the past 60 days.

Carl Boe

    Review Rating

I came to site5 several years ago after doing my homework to find a new host. They were fast and inexpensive and offered storage space I could afford. Service at that time was excellent and the users' forum remains one of the most informative and interesting I have seen -- everything is aired there, including the many, many problems customers have with the current site5. I purchased a contract for a few years and so still have some archive material with site5, but moved critical web and email away after the first week-long outage when an entire RAID array died. The techs ended up throwing away the mail queue in the restoration process , a very stupid and costly mistake. Recently, the same server just experienced yet another RAID outage with multiple disks and a controller all fried. The company was just sold to two new owners. I cannot imaging how they could turn things around, but I wish them luck.


    Review Rating

I've been with Site5 for nearly two years. I currently have 2 accounts with them, on 2 separate servers, with 14 different websites.

Over the last couple weeks my sites have been down several times due to (a) the server being down once, or "The load has gone up on this server".

While in the past I have been a strong proponent of Site5, in the future I will be warning people of the problems.


    Review Rating

I must say site5 was my first paid host that I signed up with. This was more than 3 years ago.

For the first 3 months everything was PERFECT (Yes, you heard me, PERFECT) no troubles at all. Server was LIGHTNING FAST.

Right after that I started having downtime and performance issues. I needed reliability and canceled.

They were my first love, I was very sad and felt betrayed.

In a few months after that lots of customers left them and it was the end of site5 as a quality hosting provider.

Too bad.


    Review Rating

I used to love Site5. They have the best control panel around, and their pricing and speed is excellent. Unfortunately, as many others have pointed out, their service over the last few months has gotten terrible. I moved all 10 of my sites to Site5 a year ago and everything was perfect, but my sites and email have been down 8 times in the last 6 weeks. I used to tell everyone about Site5, and now cannot recommend them at all. I'm looking for a new host to move my sites to ASAP.


    Review Rating

Initially Site5 met all my needs three years ago. They were never the fastest host out there, but I could host all the domains I wanted with them on the package I purchased. It was perfect for my needs. Then things got weird. It was like they realized that their servers were bogging down and so they sent out an email along the lines, "We will be moving everyone to new servers to speed things up..." which never seemed to happen.

Since then, I regularly experience downtime a couple of times a week. It mostly seems to be related to their database servers, but whatever it is, it's killing my websites. Their support folks are less than amazing these days. I'll send in a ticket stating, "The database on my server is down right now, could you please fix it?" and then they reply back six hours later stating, "Everything appears to be fine. Let us know if you have and problems again." It's a bit annoying.

In short, they're not great. If you can get a cheap package with them to demo stuff, then they're all right. But, if you want to have a solidly reliable host, stay away. Oh, I've referred a few people to them lately and their whole setup system is really messed up. You don't receive passwords you need and it requires a lot of service tickets just to get up and running. Of course, they already have your money by then, so you're screwed.


    Review Rating

Site5 frequently has my site down. We supposedly violated some "Resource Usage Policy" - a policy that I was never told about in the introduction e-mails (I saved all of them). They're slow, sometimes unresponsive.

Look before you choose a host. Site5 is the worst I've had.

    Review Rating

After being with them for a while they sprung on me that my site used too much CPU and gave me a week even though they had been monitoring my website to either move hosts or pay them a massive amount. I paid for a year and didnt get a refund, bad business practices. Would not go with them again.

Mike Lamson

    Review Rating

I hate this company. I moved all my clients from HostGator,due to the whole Provo Utah/ EIG mess. As soon as we got everyone over, which was not an easy migration, I started having massive problems with them. Immediately they started emailing me that my clients use too many resources and they are moving me to VPS hosting in 3 days, whether I like it or not.

It has been a nightmaare working with them. The owner was like hey too bad, that is just the way it is. They do not want resellers for sure. DO NOT USE THEM IF YOU ARE A RESELLER.

If you are just a person with a quiet tiny website, sure go ahead. They offer no specials no discounts, they only have phone support during limited hours and not on weekends.

This is a rinky dink place and I cannot get away from them fast enough. I do not recommend them to anyone. I will say one thing the guys who helped me with the migrations where nice and helpful and seemed good. Also most their support is through email and chat which got really old fast.


    Review Rating

I've been with Site5 for years - but as others have pointed out, they've gone through some real growing pains over the past several months. The servers are down a good deal of the time, and while support used to take minutes to respond to your ticket, they now take days. So your site can literally be down for days on end before anybody even gets back with you. I'll definitely be moving my sites to another hosting service. I'd rather spend a few extra bucks and know my site is up and that customer support is there.

    Review Rating

I used to be with Site5. But for the past year or so, the server that I was on would fail, or MySQL dies, or needs to be rebooted at least once a month.

Then recently one of my blog posts became very popular - too popular that my site got locked down. This was after I had tried to optimise the site, and had installed WP-Supercache.

I wasn't angry about that. But I was annoyed that I wasn't told accurately what was going on. The first response that I got was "it needs to be rebooted". The second was "your IP is blocked". And then finally the third was, "We locked down your site". The last response came 16 hours after the fact, and after I had spoken to 3 different techs.

The price and features were good, but everything else about this company is not acceptable. Take your business else where.

Theo Robertson-Bonds

    Review Rating

I found that overall, the price that I paid for the Reseller Reveloution plan to Site5 was acceptable and you get what you pay for. Features, considering the amount payable per month ($14.95) were reasonable, but compared to other reseller hosts offerings, they weren't outstanding.

I found that the reliability was appalling - by the end of the month I had 98% uptime, and after looking on their status website, other servers had been having similar problems. Each time the server went down I sent a support ticket as high priority, and I was responded to 24 hours later making the whole point of reporting such incidents invalid.

Quite simply, the price tag might be good but the service certainly isn't.

David Wilcox

    Review Rating

I've used Site5 for hosting for the past 3 years. Until recently, I used them for hobby sites. I upgraded to a reseller account and started offering credit card purchase options on one of my sites. That was the beginning of the end. During the first month, the site was down for over a week because of Site5 internal issues. Site5 only offers support via their POS chat system that is supposed to be up 24 hours/day. We were only able to get through on the chat about 1 out of 5 times and then the chat person would tell us to put in a ticket and then the waiting process would start all over again. At writing, I've been trying to get Site5 to release my site to a new hosting company for nearly a week. They finally sent me a link last night to approve the transfer. Guess what, the link is non-functioning and the morons at Site5 can't figure out what to do.

My suggestion: use Site5 if you like terrible customer service, less than 100% up time and if you feel like pulling out your hair sounds like fun.

Joe Johnson

    Review Rating

Run don't walk from even considering this site! Awful, they misrepresent their pricing and their refund policy. Aggrgh, I hate this company!!!!

Jack G

    Review Rating

I had problems that my ip address got blocked my site5.com. When I asked why they told me I was checking my email too many times from my ip address. After complaining and asking them to stop blocking my ip address and fix their firewall, here is the reply I got from their head of operations:

From: Site5 Technical Support [mailto:[email protected]]

Sent: 2008-10-23 11:07

To: [email protected]

Cc: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]

Subject: [Site5 #FQJ-313043]: ghoulian.com


From our perspective, the only "problem" is your failure to adhere to our resource usage policies.

As you have indicated that you do not intend to even attempt to bring your usage in line with those policies, I'm notifying you that we will be terminating your service in 10 days, in line with our Terms of Service and Resource Usage Policy documents, both of which you agreed to when subscribing to our services.

You will receive a refund for any unused service at that time, as a courtesy, and your account will be removed.

Please ensure you've procured backups prior to this date, as data will be irretrievable following the deprovision of your service.

I apologize for any inconvenience caused.




Vince Stratful

Director of Technical Operations

Site5 Internet Solutions, Inc.


Technical Support:

24 hours a day / 7 days a week

Patrica Nebbeling

    Review Rating

I am a long-time customer who can't wait to get away. Since their ownership has changed hands, they have become terrible. My DNS was hijacked with no explanation. Support is unresponsive and unapologetic.

Robert Smithson

    Review Rating

The new ownership decided to move servers over to the planet. Since then DNS was improperly set, databases lost data and email is being blocked by major corporations because the new IP's are blacklisted. Currently searching for a new home for my sites and client sites. Stay away from this host. Let the confused offerings on the home page be an indication of the lack of vision.

Down For 3 Days

    Review Rating

I just had the worst hosting experience of my life. The server was down for 3 days and once it was finally restored the last good back up was over 2 months old! So I lost 2 months of data and bunch of clients. Before you choose Site5 check out their forums and you can read about their issues, just search on the word outage.

Here is a link to my 3 days of hell. http://forums.site5.com/showthread.php?t=26241


    Review Rating

Site5 blocks my IP for more than 5 log ins from the same IP per day. I am glad that we found out about this crap company straight away. Shared server or not, what kind of stupidity is that? We have already have several spam attacks and we are not even at 10 days with this awful company. And this is our trial period. RUN do not walk away from these scammers.


    Review Rating


When I first signed up to Site5 some years ago I was amazed by their technical support. They were most efficient in solving most of my issues I had. Except in the last few months the service has become extremely poor.

I have with site5 2 VPS and 2 shared Turbo accounts.

I'm with site5 since 2007 they was very good but I notice that these years they are creating so many problems to customers such :

- You should put a captcha (closing mail php instead of securing the server from spammers)

- You should upgrade your joomla version (which is not always possible)

- You have more than 2500 files (so they close the site)

- And the most is that they have a system of CPU resource points that is very restrictive and with no logic!

I was obliged to close a site that helped for free people to exchange there town of work and that made only less than 100 visis/ day

www.permutationtunisie.com because they say it consume very large resource points and I'm very very sad for this.

I read in some posts that they use a su mode that helps to increase in a dramatic way the amount of these virtual resource points that they invented

For a little overuse of there strange sytem of resource points they treat you with a big agressivity (You move to a VPS or we close your account => all your sites !!)

- Many of my updated sites was hacked by an injected file (it was the same file) and I'm sure that it's a server hole but they blame the customer and tell him to correct the problem or they will close the site


- You can NOT send more than 1000 Emails !! before it was just less than 100/hour without other limits ...

- The price of the shared unlimited turbo was 8$/Mo now it's almost 12$/Mo

I prayed them to merge my two Turbo accounts but they refused !

- I tried to contact Ben Welch-Bolen in a support ticket (I know him since years in the forum) but he never answered me :(

Before they was much more helpful now for every little problem they close the site without paying attention that you are loosing money doing this and instead of helping they ask you to pay a very expensive VPS.

I really feel that site5 of 2013 is very very very different from site5 2007 - 2008 - 2009 ..

Now they have a very aggressive politic with customers and I let you think why they closed the forum that was very helpful for us customers.

We prayed them for letting it open but they closed it anyway and put instead a very poor knowledge base that don't really permit discussion.

If you tell what you think in the knowledge base they don't publish if they don't like.

I'm really sorry but that what I'm feeling.

I'm not really waiting for long (copy past) answers as they used to do but I really will be happy if they think about there politic and if they try to be again more human as they was on 2007 !

Sorry again but I'm not happy any more as I was before

They were good some years ago but now 2013....I wont recommend site5.com anymore...their servers are becoming slow, downtime every month, hackable. Worst if not hack, they will be the ones who will kill your sites anyway. so why trust them further?

I will not

Best regards

Real Research

    Review Rating

Site 5 has really fast servers. Some of the fastest that I've ever worked with as a web designer, and I was really excited when I began using them. However, that doesn't make up for the copious problems in dealing with them. The company is very heavy handed and consistently interferes with the operation of peoples' accounts. Here are the issues that drove me away from ever wanting to use them ever again, and why I tell my clients to stay away:

- When I first signed up, I called them to tell them my usage would be higher as I was getting all my sites moved over, which requires some bandwidth. Nonetheless they sent me a punitive sounding usage warning email, threatening to suspend my account - within 48 hours of becoming a customer.

- In that same first 48 hours, their servers were down for 36 of them.

- They have really sensitive IP blacklisting filters. This means that your own IP address will frequently get blacklisted and you will be locked out of your accounts, and it will take 30 minutes to restore access every time this happens (4-5 times a month on average, for me.)

- This will especially happen if you try to access your sites or your account when traveling in different states (I'm not even talking about abroad, here). Then your account will get flagged for fraudulent activity.

- You'll have constant password problems because Site5 requires you to have several sets of them, which you use for different applications, and which they can't keep straight. You'll be asked for your passwords every time you have to contact support to get your IP un-blacklisted, and they'll tell you you don't have the right one when you do so they don't have to help you. They won't even look at your emails until you email them your password. I'm pretty sure that passwords in email have been proven to be a huge problem, and most companies advise you NOT to do this (Phishing scams, anyone?)

- They have a large support staff, who will send you lots of emails with smiley faces in them, but that means no one ever takes charge of anything and your issues will rarely be resolved, because they are always passing the buck to someone else, and the buck never lands anywhere. It will take 2 or 3 attempts with customer service each time you need something, like getting your IP address un-blacklisted.

- God forbid you ever want to change your billing plan. I spent a month and about 10 hours with different departments trying to change my billing plan, and they made me set up a second account (rather than change my existing account) then refused to move the files between the two accounts, all while charging me for both.

- When you quit using them, because of these issues above, and cancel your service, they will continue to bill you every month. Every month you will tell them that you cancelled the account, and every month they will continue to bill you.

- The words "cease and desist" mean nothing to them, and they will continue to harass you.

In short, Site5 has a huge bureaucracy that causes many problems with your account and then refuses to solve them, and even sends you condescending, pedantic sounding emails about it all, adding insult to injury. Fast servers are not worth the smiley-face condescending email and lockout nightmares you will endure.


    Review Rating

Recently site 5 upgraded their hosting. I have been struggling for a whole week not able to access my back stage,trying to contact them, they are just non responsive. Anyone else receiving such frustrations with site 5?

Dino Cairn

    Review Rating

In my opinion.... It's best to avoid all EIG owned hosting companies. Bad reviews are common amongst them all.

I won't explain the problems with site5 as so many have done this for me already... but they're right.

The problem now is, how do you find a hosting provider that's is better? Well I can't answer that for certain but I can tell you which are EIG owned and which I will therefore be avoiding.

Firstly is EIG's own hosting provider review page. Surely not I hear you say. Yes EIG have cleverly promoted a review page of several hosting companies which reaches page 1 on google. It misleads you into thinking it is independently reviewed. There is a disclaimer but it doesn't give enough information for you to understand this point fully. Strangely enough the top 4 hosting companies listed there are owned by... yes EIG. Here's the website below :


Finally, for you to avoid and EIG companies then best look at the list of companies they own. This is why I believe site5 staff don't care if you leave them. Odds are you will sign up to another of their company's without even realising.

Here's the list below. Good luck!



A Small Orange




Berry Information Systems







Cirtex Hosting

Cloud by IX

Constant Contact










Escalate Internet




[email protected]




Host Excellence










Intuit Websites



IX Web Hosting








Networks Web Hosting







SEO Hosting





Southeast Web



SuperGreen Hosting










Webstrike Solutions


World Wide Web Hosting



Mark Andrew

    Review Rating

Site5 is the most defective, most amateur and most problematic host I've ever used. I run several companies with websites hosted by Site5 - HUGE mistake - MASSIVE!

emails sent to clients and sent to me by clients frequently fail to arrive - ever! I've had to run a business GMAIL account in parallel because without a back up email service, there is sometimes no way my business can communicate with clients at all. Having bouncing emails provides such a poor impression to existing and prospective clients and trying to run a business with a GMAIL account sends out completely the wrong message.

Time and time again I'm making support requests, often with little result. Problems recur again and again.

I went back to site5 over and over and tried to get my account closed and refunded but they refuse, insisting on making me pay for a whole two years of defective hosting with no way out. Great shame they're not based in Europe because EU laws prevent second rate companies like Site5 from conning their customers with sub-standard services that don't do what they're meant to.

Word of warning to anyone in business considering Site5 - they may be a bit cheaper but you'll pay and pay again in downtime, lost business and damage to your reputation. Choose a professional web host and don't waste time with these cowboys.

Help us to help you! - Review Site5!

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