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SiteHost provides New Zealand web developers with professional level hosting with Virtual Private Servers, dedicated servers and co-location.

SiteHost can tailor your hosting plan to suit your needs. SiteHost provide one-on-one support and put you in total control of your hosting environment.

Our mission statement is simple: To provide an excellent Internet experience using innovative and effective solutions. We are dedicated to making sure the services are available as physically close to your customers as possible, at a competitive price.


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Worst hosting provider ever, total amateur operation with shoddy security and privacy practices.

1) *E-MAILS* ROOT password in *CLEARTEXT*

2) Absolutely no notification about suspension of accounts

3) Asks to *E-MAIL* sensitive govt ID AFTER I ask why I cannot ask my account

Clean up your practice, if you need an ID then ask it when somebody signs up and not suspend without notification and THEN ask it over e-mail.

You need somebody who knows about basic security working there like acknowledgement that e-mails are not secure...

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