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SiteServing is a privately held web hosting company that was started in 2000. From the beginning, SiteServing set specific goals by which to follow and grow our company by. Over the years SiteServing have not let go of these values and have continued with our company motto, "We're not here to compete; We're here to serve". This is what has set us apart from the competition.

Virginia, USA.

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Hosting Reviews for SiteServing

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SiteServing has been a great hosting company for my Drupal site. So many hosts are unreliable and lack in the support department. SiteServing has been a save for sure. Seem to have proper hosting figured out im quite satisfied with their services.

I have plan of KVM-Flame with them and have not had too many issues, there was problem with solusvm configuration, but suppor quickly resolved all issues that faced on my server. So result has always been positive with them and support.

also, i have not suffered downtimes or anything like this as they seem to understand what I need and when I need it... and have most of the issues resolved before I can open ticket... I did notice some issues in the begging but have since not found any other issues.

Julie Chen

    Review Rating

SiteServing has been my web hosting company for about 2 years now! I had previously been with BlueHost, and got tired of the downtime and slow support time.

SiteServing is by far the best hosting company I have been with. I have experienced them to be very professional, offer competitive pricing, and (most important to me) great support.

I moved my website space up to a VPS and have had a great experience working with their support team throughout the whole process!

I absolutely trust SiteServing with my website and I recommend SiteServing to those who want quality products and professional support! Thank you and I hope that this reviews is helpful!


    Review Rating

SiteServing is really one of the best hosting companies around right now. I did try some other bigger hosts which are usually always talked about, and honestly..I did not have a good experience.

SiteServing's support is probably the aspect I like the most and what makes it stand out to me. Their prices are great too and they regularly run promos. I've never had any issues with my site being down (unlike BlueHost).

Overall, this is a company I trust do recommend to people. I'm on shared now but they do have great VPS plans and dedicated server plans.


    Review Rating

I invested in a Flare Server at SiteServing about a year ago. This server handles the load beautifully, their tech support is very knowledgeable (not that I’ve needed them much) and I got an awesome price on top of all that .. I’m a very happy customer. Don’t buy your dedi anywhere else!


    Review Rating

Didn't hear about them before I started using them for my web services, since there is no more independent web hosting providers... I try to support the only independent ones left... but I must say that I've been treated very well with their service.... no problems on the support side.

The uptime side seems to be good too, they do make announcement for updates and fixes they have to do to the network, so it allows me to focus just on my website without having to focus on the stability... very happy about that.

been with several other providers, but their all have issues, so far this is been the best provider I have been on... and will post follow up in a while if im allowed too.


    Review Rating

We have moved to them before 5 months and everything is perfect so far. Top connection speed and reliable web host.

Kevin Mcmullins

    Review Rating

having had web providers before, I've really been taking my time to read up on anyone before I choose them... so I decided to leave my feedback based upon my exp with siteserving...

In my view, they are a stable and good provider, they have everything that my website needed php, mysql, auto installer, and most importantly a large support resource (i hate waiting on support at any company). So, I gave them a shot... about a year and a half later im still with them... so I can say that I'd rec' them... and have to my coworkers.

Chris N.

    Review Rating

I became familiar with SiteServing because of their knowledgebase. I’d visit it from time to time and during that period I was having issues with my other web host. I decided to scope out SiteServing.. asked around… talked to the SiteServing support and made the switch. Let me tell you… If you think you know what a good host is supposed to be like.. check out SiteServing. They are what hosting USED to be.. excellent support, quick responses, great resources, affordable pricing. All around perfect!

Erika Williams

    Review Rating

I don't like to spend alot of time when it comes web hosting... cause I have a life outside of my virtual one... so I needed a web provider that wasn't gonna be offline and had enough tools to make things simple...

when I finally found siteserving and that was after some real digging... I started to checkout their site and features and whatnot... I found everything to be in decent nick... without any real problems (as far as I could tell). So I got a package, and it was activated within minutes and stuff...

So I moved my site over (was with another host)... so far not looked back really... glad I made the switch over to them.


    Review Rating

I wasn't so sure about SiteServing just because they are not spammed and splattered all over the web…but in a sense it almost made me trust them more. I had about 4 web hosts I was considering. I spoke to each of their support channels to get a feel for the quality. After a few other "quality checks" I chose SiteServing hands down. My websites are my life and I fully trust SiteServing with them…that says a lot!


    Review Rating

when I was looking for provider, I was looking for provider who offer both latest php and python, as my applications need this... and I was shocked to find many provider don't offer this.

I tried all around, and couldn't find anyone... I was almost giving up and start buying vps or dedicated to solve myself... but then I came across siteserving... I checked and asked their support on versions and was happy to see that they provided php and python latest version... on shared hosting... I was very happy.

Once all was resolved, I got hosting and moved my website, and have no problems to this day... I've been with them for six month so far... overall service is good and people very happy... good people at siteserving make me happy... cause I dont have any problems with them.

    Review Rating

Having needed to find a ffmpeg provider, I started searching google, and I ran into many issues with providers who said they offered ffmpeg, but then when you got into the details told you it was an 'extra fee'. So naturally, when I stumbled across siteserving, I spoke to them for around an hour… asking the same question over and over again... I got the same reply… 'ffmpeg is included' – when I signed up, I found it really is!

Since I have a Xen-Inferno server with these guys, I’m able to tweak what I needed and after some tweaking I managed to get clipshare installed and running – it turns out its quite a handy script... I found most of the items I’ve needed in their sites kb so I never really had to reach out to their support much.

    Review Rating

I've been on a XEN VPS with siteserving for just over 7 months now, and can say had many hard times with its startup, but learned by trial and error. Their support is very good, they always know how to answer your questions… or have some fix that you can apply to fix it.

In terms of Xen hosting, I've not found a better company as yet (I've tried several before this one) in terms of support and customer service. They are quite reliable, and I would suggest you to review them if your in the market.


    Review Rating

I’d have to say that SiteServing is the best Drupal web host I’ve hosted with. Everything they deliver is smooth, quick, and consistent and you know they give it their all. The past hosts I’ve been with have clearly promoted rushed support and upselling the customers. This is a huge turnoff for anyone and I’m so glad I found SiteServing. I recommend this empresa.


    Review Rating

Stay away from this bad company. They did not refund me my money cause i never even used my license it was not working, they ever never activated my account, they are only good at stealing money. I try to contact them several times at day with no luck, but if i contact them with another name/email they answer in less than 10 minutes. So i think they only want to steal money. I bought a whm/cpanel license and vps hosting, and they never activated it. Their communication sucks. I will never recommend anyone to go for them as their system automatically terminates your account even when you have paid.


    Review Rating

Can't believe how poor this company has ended up being. Support was the worst! Absolutely no phone support. Try to call, get nobody and company name not even mentioned on the line. After ringing forever it says "the person you are trying to reach is not available". Makes me wonder about this "operation". Cpanel and whm went down several times because they did not renew the license. Support by email does not exist either. They changed my billing date to two weeks earlier with no notice. Many things they would "fix" never got done. Even if you get a good price, stay away. Definitely not worth the down time, hassle and time lost chasing them.


    Review Rating

I have searched and find cheap hosting for one of my client. But they are not live now. Because i was paid and bought VPS hosting for USD 70 at 10 days ago. Till now i didnt get activated my hosting, single email i not recieved. But payment has been debited from our account. While i paid, they shown a message, please wait, our tech team will activate your hosting soon. After that, i didnt get anything. I was tried to contact them by submitting ticket, 1000 of email to them, contacted through facebook and twitter. No response.

I was really wasted amount of 70 USD for VPS hosting, WHMCS and Cpanel. Useless peoples. They are not till live. They need to shutdown their website, instead being live. They are cheating peoples like cheated me.

I didnt see this type of hosting companies. So please be aware and stay away from this company. Thats just website, they wont send any mail to after you paid. Their payment system works well. They have charged me USD 0.5 yesterday without any information from my creditcard. Thats why am posting this review and also i was deleted already my card information from their hosting panel. I dont know how they are getting money.

They are really cheating, i am going to complaint against them. Am having the payment record. Also i have sent multiple emails, thats also am having. So going to complain against them and getting my refund and also they have to pay penalty for taken money without any information.

So stay away from this cheaters.



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