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Since 2004, SkyNet Hosting has set the standard for high-performance Web hosting services. SkyNet is dedicated to provide the best services in the industry.

As with any successful company, customer service is the key element to SkyNet success. The satisfaction of our clients is our number one priority. Our support team is constantly (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) accessible to our customers. Excellent customer care is a priority for our support team and they strive to make sure every question is answered adequately and thoroughly and help our customers with the long-run development of their web site.

If SkyNet dioesn't provide to you the level of service that we are capable of, then SkyNet surely don't deserve your business. That is why SkyNet strive to meet each and every one of SkyNet customers needs and even offer you 100% free 30 day trial accounts. At SkyNet the customer is King. You are king.

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Hosting Reviews for Skynet Hosting


    Review Rating

Great Customer service, thats why I host there. Online support and email support understand what I am talking about.. especically as I am not that technical.



    Review Rating

Best features that I ever had with any resellers host backed with great customer support. These guys are friendly, down to earth and knows absolutely what they are talking about. I originally signup with them as I was looking for a host that offer WHMCS and end user support, everything else was just an added bonus. I could actually recommend skynet to any of my friends without any hassle.


    Review Rating

I have never left any reviews for any kind of servic I have used before, but I was so happy with their services and especially with their support team that I have to write a review for them.

I mean, these guys got back to me every time I opened a problem ticket, within minutes and they were polite and very helpful.

Honestly, I have used lots of big name and small name hosts, but have never seen the level of customer support that I see with skynethosting. Its got to be the best hosting company i have ever used.

Ahmad Mukhtar

    Review Rating

I've been with SkyNetHosting since February, 2015 and I would like to say that out of every web hosting service I tried, SkyNetHosting may lack some features when compared with some big names but they are the best in prices, best in support as they always respond to the technical questions I have within 20 minutes if it is a Ticket and within a minute if it is live chat. Uptime was a bit down a few weeks back but it is back to normal again. Overall it has been a great experience up till now and I hope it stays like this. The only problem I encountered recently was the domain reseller prices went very high all of a sudden which is higher than other domain resellers.

Angga Kurniawan

    Review Rating

I using dedicated skynet service about 4 months. And i got problem, I contact support. And they reply very quickly. Best support, very good hosting service.


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I have been with them on a VIP Reseller plan for several months and the service have been pretty good. One of the things I really like about them is that they have live tech support 24 hours a day, so if I have any problem I can just talk to them over chat and get it fixed. They also have good features and the plans are somewhat affordable. So I'm keeper :)-


    Review Rating

I have been using skynethosting.net for almost 2 weeks. I should say that my first experience with them is pleasant. To me it has been a great learning experience and the staff has been very helpful. Setup was bit slow but it wasn't a big deal waiting few hours for the account info.

Sites speed is very fast although I have had some lags but I'm exactly not sure its my ISP side or the server, I must admit my ISP giving me trouble from time to time. I've put in 6 tickets, 3 was answered within 10-15 minutes, 2 in about 1 hour and one in about 3 hours.

Bruno Cardoso

    Review Rating

I've been Skynethosting.net client for over 4 years. The few complaints I've had in the past were solved pretty fast and without any fuss. Their costumer care team is great (special thanks Steve, Jason and Jessica) and to be honest I would recommend their services to any of my friends without any second toughts.

Zeena Mariyam

    Review Rating


I'm using their reseller plan for several months now and thought of share my experiences here.

Features: They offer greats features for their reseller plans, nothing can beat that!

Support: The support is fast and they actually understand what I'm talking about most of the time and provide solid support, specially Chris! They normally reply within 10min to 2 hours, not the fasted I have seen but nothing to complain about.

Server Uptime/Speed: I had few downtimes but after they have upgraded my server with their server reliability program I never had any downtimes, uptime has been every good after that.

Overall: Skynet looks great specially the features that comes with their plans, support is good friendly and I can recommend them to anyone who's looking for a reseller plan


    Review Rating

I've been with them for about 1 year...their support is ok, they normally reply within a 10-15 min. (at least I know they are there lolz) then probably resolve the issue within 1-2 hours sometimes less. When I signup 1 year back Live Support was not that good but I see its been improved now and its online most of the time. The server that I'm on is seems to be ok, pretty good actually.

Nash J.

    Review Rating

I'm new to these guys, but they appear to have everything one box that I can dream of, especially I like that fact that they offer separate control panels for every domain. I mostly get get mixed up if there is any confusion in a control panel but their web hosting control panel is relatively straightforward. I can set up my own hosting accounts without even paying a single penny extra to them.

I didn't had any downtime or anything like that but I did have some email issues for some time but I'm not exactly sure its my end or theirs, anyways it was no longer there next day so I didn't bother to submit a ticket.

So, there you go. Overall I'm satisfied with the service that I'm getting for the price.

Jack Doank

    Review Rating


My review will be based on there SEO hosting plans, its pricing and of about there support/billing/sales etc.

Presales: The reply times for my presales questions were around 1-24 hours which is not that good. Their Prices are great! Their IP rangers are great (most of them are A Class, even I'm paying for C-Class) but I felt that they really don't walk that extra mile to achieve a new customer. Anyways with that price tag and looking the quality range of IP's at Softlayer I have decided to give then a try anyway!

Setup Times: Setup took 24 hours and I even had to mail them and ask why its taking so long!

Server Performance: This is an absolute beauty! Server Performance is great and its better than any other host I have used! I think that use 16 or 20 CPU per server, my PC screen nave had enough room to list all of the CPU showing on WHM so I probably think its over 16! WOW!

Support: Support is just average, more like call center type. Not bad not good, I guess at $00.99 per IP I wouldn't expect some one to cal you and explain how to setup a wildcard :P ... anyways I must than Steve there for the great support provided over skype!

Summation: Overall these guys are great! I love their IP rangers, server performance and specially their price. I think the support side needs to be improved, thought it was not a big problem as I mostly run doorway pagers SEO sites with them.


Ashvin J

    Review Rating

I signed up especially for their Singapore DC. All was fine at beginning until most all my customers started complaining email sending issues. The frist time they solved it at short notice, but same issue repeated next day and this occasion was what broke the camels back! There was some 6 hours or more NO response. Until today the email sending issue remains unresolved. Well I could not wait any longer, so started my refugee move of important domains. Like has been mentioned, they respond quickly in most instances but have very few knowledgeable people around and get stuck with above average issues. My decision to move was simply that I cannot afford a support that goes silent well over 6 hours.


    Review Rating

Only one advice: STAY CLEAR OF THIS HOST. If you are looking for this a professional hosting, they ain't up to the task.

Alex Mandl

    Review Rating

I have just fed up with skynethosting UK SEO Reseller after being blocked out of my whmcs for 8 consecutive days so I decided not to extend a minute with them. They did not even understand how a DNS resolver system works, and my sites have got lost all the MySQL database that I have to recover from backup now. The support is very nice and friendly, but do not have a clue how to handle the issues or sometimes they answer some rubbish. Very cheap SEO hosting, but I doubt that 95% reliability has been ever reached. Otherwise the servers are fully loaded with extras, your whm and cpanel is like a christmas tree.


    Review Rating

For this company:

100% White Label means "redirection to softlayer"

FREE WHMCS means "you can install WHMCS but you have to pay for a license"

1 hour guaranteed response means "We are looking on your ticket and we will update you soon" - after 10 hours


    Review Rating

Lost money, never refund.

Stay away from them

Puneet Dhawan

    Review Rating

The only good about them: Pricing.

Every day my site stops to load. They have not been able to resolve the issue. Above that their support is not understanding at all. They provide ticket based support and most of the times they do not respond/act withing specified SLA/TAT.

I have so far worked with godaddy, bigrock and skynet. Skynet being the worst I experienced.


    Review Rating

From the 2 months we've been using their services it's been absolute hell. constant downtime and staff ignorance doesn't help.


    Review Rating

Do not go with these people. We wanted a Singapore based server. Their staff are not in Singapore. There is no way to contact staff other than email. This is distressing given the DAILY downtime our sites experience. Yes, every single day there is downtime. Right now the sites are down and have been for 2 hours. The email support simply say they are working on it and give them some time. Always the same. This is the most incompetent web host I have come across and yet with the higest downtime. We are now taking moves to change to another host. We have been with these guys for 2 months and downtime has been constant over that period. Stay away if you value your business!


    Review Rating

This company has quick support but they can't actually solve any problems. A simple file move took nearly a week!

My sites are constantly down for short (1-3 hour) periods throughout the week.

Take my advice, stay clear of this host!


    Review Rating

Shocking, been with them a day and my sites are all down. Cant get hold of support because I cant get their details as their site it down. Third time this has happened in 20 or so hours.

When I signed up I was sent the login details for someone elses cpanel and their ftp details with my email details mixed in.

Less than a day and I am going elsewhere, it was a free trial but its not worth the stress and I wont be continuing it.

Wasted hours, you need to surround yourself with reliable partners o do well online.


    Review Rating

One of the WORST web hosts ever seen in my life. The sites with them are down for most of the times and they don't seem to care for it as well.

Their support and administration system sucks as well.


    Review Rating

DON'T EVEN CONSIDER SKYNET. My websites, hosted on IDN's are dead for more than a week. No real answers from support. BE CAREFUL !

Mark sutherland

    Review Rating

I wish there was a below poor setting,I have waited 2 weeks and not one site is up.I waited over 2 weeks for the welcome email despite many emails.

PLEASE AVOID THEM at all costs.

Jason A will reply with "I have passed this onto an administrator,ALL THE TIME.

I don't think they have a clue.

If and when I get a site up,God help me,I am scared to do any seo on it google comes and the site is down,seriously this company is crap.I have 100's of sites so I thought yeah I'll try some seo hosting.

Please bear in mind if googlebot comes to your site and it's down your serps is finished as google thinks your site is out of the game.Ask yourself is it worth that to save a couple of ££ I think not.

They are unreliable,I have yet to get a site hosted after 2 weeks ,a disgrace of a company who will take your money and screw you up the a**

I can sum up this long review with one word AVOID!


    Review Rating

I cannot begin to describe how horrible the customer service is at Skynet Hosting. I have spent most of the last two days - in their entirety - doing online chats with various guys there, who then ask me to update the ticket, and then do nothing after I update it, randomly cut out in the middle of chat and never get back, never answer any questions I am asking, and not once apologize for the entire ridiculous process in any way! And all this for simply trying to move a site over to them -- I had waaay better support from the company I was trying to move away from! So that settles that!


    Review Rating

These guys are hopeless.

They do answer promptly but it all ends up ti opening tickets and ignoring problems...

There is no contact phone number to call!



    Review Rating

Skynet offers cheap seo hosting. The reliability is ok as well as the pricing. The support is horrible and the only person I have confidence in getting something done goes by the name of Chris. The guy is brilliant at solving issues. The rest I would simply not employ.


    Review Rating

I cannot describe how annoyed and dissapointed i am about htis hosting company and its support. They alway delay to reply and their servers are slow, and cannot manage a lot of data simultaneously. They take the site down for "overloading" the server when there is nothing wrong with the site. They live clients without emails for days and delay to answer support tickets. STAY AWAY!

Daniel Butler

    Review Rating

I ordered their basic reseller package and had to wait for two hours for them to "activate" it. Then when I needed my php upgraded, they told me I had to have the VIP plan. REALLY?? For PHP?? That is something that should come standard. PLEASE DO NOT USE THEM!!


    Review Rating

Downtime always, they never take responsibility of the fact that their servers are always down. Support guys mostly incompetent and unable to understand the problem to help you! Stay away from these unprofessionals.

    Review Rating


Its been years since I am on SkyNet,

I would not recommend to any one.

Hosting WP got hacked they can't recover.

I have hosted many sites that finally got compromised and they have none of the working backup and result was website lost , client lost.

They can suspend your website anytime so that would stop email server and any website or service is inaccessible. Will not send any email about suspension.

you will only get to know when you visit your own site.

Customer care has three nerds. only one of them is more aware of anyone else. other 2 are useless and just to give user experience that we have Customer care they are being hired to get online to show customers that they actually have customer support.

SkyNet belongs to Colombo. Their Support team is from India.

Servers are from IOFlood USA.

It is never too much reliable if they get their business shutdown in an hour or 2 without any trace to actually existence of their office or well known team or group behind them.

I would never suggest any one to be the part of it.

I have migrated to Amazon since their too much irritating customer support.

I have been in good practice of handling server since SkyNet is unable to provide me technical assistance . Results was very good that now I can handle many of my own instance on Amazon Elastic Cloud. :)


    Review Rating

Stay Away! Two years now the worst service support i have ever encountered. They suspend accounts and websites without informing clients, they do not upload correct backups, a lot of downtime, absolutely unprofessional!

    Review Rating

I have been with skynet for almost a year and had a reseller account with them. I'm currebtly trying to get my files back from them as I my sites have been down for more than 30 hours with no help from support. They ignored most of my spport tickets and when they did answer, the only issue they addressed was my not being able to login to cpanel, but even then, I was only able to log in for a minte then it would sign me out and lock me out. In the meantime I managed to speak to the lovely Sandra at support who said she would get the tech dept to email me regarding the issues, but as yet I've still not heard anything and am still locked out of my account. These days, there's not a lot of difference in webhosts, but the main thing that defines them is their ability to respond to tickets promptly, even if they take tie solving the problem. But no response is not acceptable. Stcik to a reliable host and give this crowd a miss.

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