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Smart Web Host is an German based web hosting company that provides reliable, affordable and secure shared, reseller Linux hosting, reseller Windows hosting, virtual private servers, dedicated servers, domain names and other internet related services to customers of all sizes, all over the world. Our staff and management has been active in the hosting industry for well and know what it takes to ensure each customer gets the best hosting experience possible.

Our suite of services is designed to offer businesses large and small a trusted partner for domain management, SSL Certificates, DNS management, and more domain services.

Smart Web Host offers an array of products and services that meet or exceed those offered by even our largest competitors. But there are two areas where Smart Web Host clearly separates itself from the pack: Value and Service. We at Smart Web Host take great pride in our commitment to providing our clients with systems and services designed to meet their business needs, not ours. We take our role as Web Presence Providers very seriously.

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Hosting Reviews for Smart Web Host

Andrew Meyers

    Review Rating

Well in my opinion Smart-web-host.com hosting service is second to none. I have used 4 hosts before them and none of them were able to satisfy my not really high demands. They are offering the most popular control panel which is user friendly and comes with script autoinstaller that is easy to use. Uptime is high as possible to get for my low price. The most important side of hosting service for me is support and they have beaten all their competitors on this field. They reply in minutes in a polite manner and are able to solve any question, even the dumbest ones (which are to be honest appearing frequently). For now I love Smart-web-host.com solutions that deliver to me all needed features for low price, recommend them to you, folks.

H. Design

    Review Rating

I am totally satisfied with their support team, billing and services.

Their Prices are usually lowest & best Price

Highly Recommended!


    Review Rating

Super Dedicated hosting

Smart web host highly recommend Friendly support Good software and hardware Best price

Martins Ribeiro

    Review Rating

I just want to let everyone know that my hosting experience with Smart-web-host has been really cool. After seeing their promo discount and plans on their website I decided to give them a try and I think that was the best choice I have ever done. No downtime in several months, good response times to all my ticket requests. Support staff always quick, knowledgeable and efficient. Approximate response time was 20 minutes, it is best time I ever seen delivered from a host. Performance of my account is ok, loading speed is high. Overall experience is perfect, I am thankful for their top notch service.

Rochelle Korf

    Review Rating

With Smart-web-host.com you get what you pay for. Loading speed of website increased dramatically when I switched to using their hosting. My websites are up almost 100% of time. The service to get things repaired are quick - usually within 1 hour, but generally about 15 minutes for me. The last four tickets I raised were responded to in an average of 8 minutes, and all of them resolved immediately. The technicians take time to give me the right explanation even if I don't understand right away. I hope to continue my relationship with them.

Somer Archambault

    Review Rating

After several bad hosts over the years I am glad I have found Smart-web-host.com.

Price was very reasonable, much less that I had before.

The customer service is the bomb - fast response and high skills. They are very dedicative to customers and very caring which most companies lacks this days.

Their network is really great and they do short latency to many other networks and points.

I'm not sure how these guys work to keep their servers up, but I am pretty sure they are doing great job for making my websites stable and problem free.

It feels great to know and say where our websites reside, it is a pleasure working with them.

Anasztaizia Benedek

    Review Rating

I had appalling service from previous web host and are very pleased with Smart-web-host. Server runs great, no problems with it or customer service and to be fair I consider the package to be excellent value for money. Their support guys have provided even better customer service than I had been used to. Their mentoring has meant a great deal to me and I look forward to their continued support. Looking forward to acknowledge their help with a deep sense of gratitude. I am receiving service based on quality optimized server that gives me top-notch uptime and performance for my websites. I am really thankful for this high level hosting service I get for that low value I pay.

Jasna Debeljak

    Review Rating

I find Smart-web-host top-notch from many perspectives: ease of use, availability of staff for questions/ help, customer service oriented, and good value. With them I am confident that if I have any problem it will be resolved with expediency and professionalism. Stability has been 100%. No downtime in a solid half-year. With my plan I get all the usual software, Wordpress installs a breeze and easy to use cpanel works flawlessly. All-in-all I'm pleased with Smart-web-host, it will be very hard to find another one host with such a quality service.

Zander van Zoest

    Review Rating

Once I chose Smart-web-host everything was amazingly quick and easy. I did expect things to move faster than at my previous bad experience host, but I did not expect things to go as fast as they did. To date I have had one outage, as reported by Uptime Robot it lasted less than 3 minutes. Load times are always very fast. In summary for now I am proud and totally satisfied customer of respectful Smart-web-host company and would recommend them to everyone.

Virgilio Dominguez

    Review Rating

If you will ask me what negative words can I share about Smart-web-host.com I'd say nothing. I didn't hear anything on them before started using them. Of course they are not perfect but close. My last month uptime 99.92% according to pingdom monitoring. Websites are loading blazing fast. I always get assistance from technical team on demand. My expectations of quality service came true. After almost a year paradise with them I'd like to share this impressions with you and recommend them to everyone.


    Review Rating

Smart Web Host is not my first web host and in the past I have used a few and now I have to say that Smart Web Host is #1 in my list.

I signed up with them and pay $13.99 per month for RL-LITE reseller account. I am web developer and in future I plan to host there some of my clients. And that is crucial to understand that web host I am going to offer to them is perfect.

Now I am 100% sure they are the best one I have ever used: fast server, fast network provider, no downtime. I have not used support yet, because everything is fine on my end so far.

My resume: good host for reseller hosting. Fast and reliable at honest price. Recommended.

Ellen Schaeffer

    Review Rating

I have been with them for several month already and I am totally amazed with the affordable prices and high reliability of service they provide.

My initial interaction with their sales support was great, as well as others. Since they helped me move and setup my websites everything is working smoothly. Network connection is fast and control panel, cPanel, is user friendly. Sometimes I receive errors due to wrong configuration of my database but it was because I have not configured cms properly.

I just want to show my appreciation to Smart-web-host for their killer services.


    Review Rating

I would like to put my review at glance regarding Smart-web-host.com services. From my experience they have knowledgeable quick staff and stable servers. I have not faced a single issue with them. Even though it was a Sunday, they have answered my pre-sales questions within minutes each time I asked "just one more question" and their nice attitude and responsiveness led to me buy an account.

Whatever I open a tech support ticket, within 10 minutes I get a reply. If that time of responsiveness from support and 99.94% uptime according to monitoring tool is typical from them, I believe I made a perfect choice.

Sean Le Couteur

    Review Rating

My overall experience with Smart-web-host is definitely outstanding. Now I would share some detailed information. In reality, I moved to them because of their low prices, but I was not disappointed at all. I have received all what I need from hosting provider that I could name reliable: 99.95% of uptime, fast connectivity and quick tech support. They usually responded in less than three minutes. I don't know how these guys do it. They reply to my tickets faster that I have time to answer back to them. Because I rarely have trouble with stability or performance, most of my support tickets were regarding other issues like errors from mysql, wordpress etc. From my personal experience now you can make conclusion about their level of reliability, but I would say it is top.


    Review Rating

I am rather new with Smart-web-host and have with them several projects including support ticket platform. Sure I have done research on them before using and was satisfied with results. I am happy enough about their services and how everything is working there. I have already installed by means of Softaculous several scripts that was really easy and quick. During my working with them I had 100% uptime and that is ideal for me and I believe for everyone. I have even no experience with their technical support, only sales staff, because everything is working just like it have to. To be short for now I could only praise hosting service quality provided by Smart-web-host.

Thomas Soledad

    Review Rating

I believe you really can't get any lower than price they are offering their plans, like they are almost doing it voluntarily. I am using them for a short while, however I had opened more than 5 tickets on several small issues and they did lots of optimizations to please me and reply my requests. I have not operated any uptime monitoring but I do not remember my websites being down at all when I was working on them or while doing random checks. Recommend Smart-web-host without hesitation for anyone who seeks good quality shared hosting.

Laura Dahl

    Review Rating

Smart-web-host is a top tier hosting company with great prices, great support staff, and at least highest uptime, maybe even 100%. I can only say positive and amazing things about them. I have had the pleasure of doing long term business with them. The technical support is phenomenal and you can rest assured that everything will run and operate smoothly as a result. They are always courteous and approachable to all concerns. Friendly, fast, efficient and top-notch - that is what Smart-web-host are!

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