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"At SmartyHost we are all about value. Since 1999, SmartyHost has been dedicated to providing reliable and affordable web services to individuals and businesses of any size. Over 20,000 customers trust SmartyHost to handle their web hosting and domain name services. SmartyHost has been featured in The Age, The Australian, and Technology and Business Magazine."


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Hosting Reviews for SmartyHost


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I am amazed with the service and support I have received from SmartyHost.

They have really turned themselves around in my view.

I would definitely recommend them to all my friends.

Steven Mills

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I have been with SmartyHost for 4 years and I have around 60 sites with them. For the most part their service runs on auto pilot and you don't need to worry about anything as all works well. I have had a number contacts with their tech support and most of the time they are willing to help and polite. I find them value for money and when you compare their price and support with the likes of telstra, SmartyHost wins hands down!

My sites where migrated to new Optus datacentre and I did not have any issues.


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Having complained about my site disappearing for minutes at a time far to often, I received a response (included below) which to me means they have more clients than their server can support = poor server management.

Smartyhost response begins:

This means that the server on which your site and email services are hosted also hosts services for 100s of other domain names. This, in turn means that if there are any problems caused by any other websites or accounts on the same server the can potentially impact adversely upon all other sites [on the same server]. Generally an issue like this which you experience for a few minutes is either a momentary resource issue on the server [caused by another site] or a network glitch [and nothing at all to do with the hosting server]. In either event this type of thing will occur from time to time in a shared hosting environment.

JK Horn

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I'm finding this host servers to be very slow and this is backed by comments from local users and o/s reviewers. Also they offer php but dont have the latest 3rd party php encryption tools such as Ioncube or Zen decoders (all free by the way!), which eliminates all but the most basic php 3rd party products from use. They are cut price, so i guess you get what you pay for. frustrating.


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They've been good to me right up until July 2006. Site has been down at least once a week, sometimes twice a day for a few hours at a time. Calling on the phone is hopeless unless you're prepared to spend a few bucks constantly hitting redial redial until someone answers.

The guy I spoke to once set up a new account on a new server but the interface / control panel on the new server is damn simple. The quota system is designed to get you to purchase more space.

So today - 6th Sep - After two outages for around 2 hrs each time - I switched. Only just renewed the plan 6 weeks ago - wonder if i'll get anything back....


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I have used Smartyhost for 7 years. I have over 70 domains with them, some for government, small and medium business. They are one of the cheaper providers around but they are still decent. Looking at pingdom stats, they are 99.5% up on my sites. Admittedly, if I look at Westnet Hosting, they have 100% uptime but they are nowhere near as cheap. I have used many different providers and all in all for their price, they are the best of the bunch and continue to get my service. Their toolkit is comprehensive, their DNS panel is also very nice compared to most. Definitely look at smarty host as they are a decent hosting company.


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I have three sites with SH and was resonably happy with them except for a few times when my site was down.

A few years ago (2006-07 perhaps) there was a momentus stuff up when they changed from primus to optus I believe. You could not get access to the company on the phone or by tickets. Now they have changed their name servers and I have to go back and change things with my domain name provider. On top of that the PRICING!!! The last few years I've been paying $60.00 a year for 500 M of which my sites run around 350 M (perfect for me). SH has decided not to offer this package anymore. Their new offer for me $72 for personal site (250 M max) or $180 for business site!!!! (5 gig max). That's a 200% price hike. When I phoned they were nice enough to allow me to keep my plan for another year but said in future I would have to use the $180 plan. I told the very nice girl I was speaking to thatshe needed to tell her superiors I was moving all three sites before the next renewal. She understood.


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    Review Rating

Deceptive, steer clear, disgusting scam to get you in cheap then make it hard to leave once they completely jacked the prices up to a ridiculous near $60.00 registration fee. Then, in person, have the self righteous indignation claiming it's cheap! Use webcity - they answer the phone in seconds not minutes and have never price jacked with a bait and switch like smartyhost. You even have to ask then wait for them to email authcodes!


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Probably the best Australian host I came across when I was searching for something local, but compared to international hosts, it just doesn't stack up. Most features are limited or come at extra cost, meaning I paid just as much (if not more) than I would have elsewhere, with nowhere near the available options.

At various times it seemed they were having issues with their server which I'm fine with because these things just happen sometimes, though communication was non-existent, meaning I had no idea what was happening, nor how long it would take before the problem was amended. I tried on several occasions to contact support, but if I did get a response, it was either automated, or received after things were back to normal.

It's conventient for Australian customers that don't have a credit card, but for everybody else, I wouldn't recommend it at all.


    Review Rating

WARNING DON'T EVER USE SMARTYHOST I have lost business, and lots of email, they where ok till they decided to move servers. That's when all hell broke loose, my BUSSINESS website dissappeared and I was never even notified of the server changeover, the first I heard was my customers complaining about my website being not there and email's bouncing back! Support was overloaded and no help could be raised, so they did this to lots of people. Incompetant Idiots who did the transfer! Morons is a better work


    Review Rating

This host basically lost all emails and databases for tens of thousands of customers in their data centre migration. The service is horrible, you can never reach thme on the phone or via their other support channels. They seem to spend more on marketing than anything else. Avoid at all costs,

Former SmartyHost customer

    Review Rating

AVOID AVOID AVOID. I'm another victim of their bugled datacentre move - but get this - they copied someone else's database into my account, and instead of my customer database, I suddenly had the database of a group that deals with abuse victims. WTF! I've contacted the group who's database I inadvertantly ended up with, I hope they sue SmartyPant's backside off.

5 days my business was offline - went down Wednesday, it's now Sunday evening, they still haven't responded to help desk tickets, I've dropped them and gone to another host.

Previously reliability wasn't too bad - I had to raise a ticket maybe every 3 months in the last 2 years to get something like email or FTP tweaked when it was unavailable, but this time just takes the cake.

    Review Rating

They are the worst host. Sites have been down for days, dns, mail, everything.

Not very smart

    Review Rating

They have now been down for 5 days and counting. No explanation given and website configuration changes during migrationn . Very disappointed and suprised on the neglect of their customers.

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I had a personal blog style site with them for 2 years or so, I had the odd niggle, sometimes they were down, couldn't access emails etc but for me, it wasn't a problem.

Then one day a few weeks ago (early May 2006), I found my site was broken, I tried to login to find out what was happening, and I couldn't. I logged a call with their help desk stating my problem, and when they responded, they simply emailed me my username/password. Which was different to the ones I had used in the past. They had truncated my username, and removed the first character of my password. There was no explanation of why this had occured, there was no notification before hand that this was going to happen.

Then they upgraded. They lost my subdomain, failed to move all email that was on the server, took an old copy of my site, and as they changed the usernames used to access the site, it broke my website as well.

Avoid this host like the plague.

Mr. Roberts

    Review Rating

Thoroughly agree with the comments above. Lack of support is key here. They now appear to have removed the ticketing system and gone with a so called "live chat" system. Only trouble is there is no one at the other end. They migrated our site as mentioned above, resulting in our web site being down for some time, emails not turning up for some time, email aliases and mailing lists not transferred at all (just gone), email mailbox capacity restored to 2MB when most of ours were set to about 15MB with no warning (only worked it out when mail started bouncing). These guys are incompetent and perhaps should consider careers selling used cars or something.

Bennie Naude

    Review Rating

Smartyhost is great ... until something goes wrong. My site and email service has been down the whole day - i'm not able to get through on their number and it's been hours since I've logged it using their support interface - no response yet. Once when I did get through a recording stated that they would get back to me in 'office hours' - this being 9:30 am in Australia.

All the uptime in the world does not make up for this pathetic service - I'm dropping them as soon as I can - if good service is important to you, stay away.


    Review Rating

SmartyHost offer the main services you'd expect from web hosting - PHP, a decent webmail client (squirrelmail), an administration interface, and several other bits and pieces you may or may not use.

If you don't require any support, SmartyHost are generally good. In my experience with them of almost 2 years, there has been almost no downtime, and speed has been acceptable. On the few occasions I've needed to contact tech support, they have been an absolute NIGHTMARE to work with. Their staff are technically incompetent, and worse, arrogant. They constantly close support tickets without consultation and without solving the problem. On every occasion I logged a support ticket they did not initially seem to understand (or try to understand) the problem at hand, and being an IT professional, it was not due to my description of the problem. It took several times to explain, usually involving suggesting where the problem could be.

Today, as the last reviewer mentioned, SmartyHost moved their hosting to the Optus data centre. By the sounds of things, the migration was a disaster. My website, email (and webmail), FTP and SSH are down, my friend's website is down, and judging by the warning notice on SmartyHost's website, we're not isolated cases. They did not give sufficient notice of what was involved in the migration, or the risks involved.

I think the bottom line is, if you know what you're doing, you should be fine, just pray they don't screw things up for you, and don't rely on their services for more than a casual site.

Not happy

    Review Rating

Absolutely aweful. Smartyhost recently did an "upgrade" to their servers and has resulted in my website being down for 5 days and counting.

I have been hung up on and ignored when trying to get support to resolve this issue. The worst thing about it is that we know how to fix our website - we've known since the day the site went down, but as they removed SSH access to the servers we have been unable to fix this problem ourselves and have been unable to contact anyone either through their ticketing system, which they largely seem to be ignoring (that's when they're not closing jobs that haven't been resolved), or via their phone system that seems to be down more often than it is up.

I have since moved from this provider as I could no longer afford for my site to remain down.

    Review Rating

Me too seems to be the word here and yes, my experiences mirror exactly those already here. This company deserves to go down the gurgler. Support? what's that? Friendly service? not from SmartyHost - they are the most arrogant bunch of incompetant idiots I've dealt with in over 30 years working in the telecoms & computer area.

They are SO helpful when you first approach them but once signed up they seem to take every problem you raise with them as a personal affront. The responses to problems would be laughable if it wasn't so serious - countless times I've asked questions on their trouble ticket system which have been just signed off as 'resolved' with not even an attempt to answer the questions raised. Once they told me how to fix email issues when that was the only thing that DID work...

I gave up last week and shifted my sites off them to a real hosting company.


    Review Rating

IF ANYONE is even thinking about joining Smartyhost, please think again. Signed up for a two year account 2 months ago, and am now having to transfer to an alternative because of all the downtime. I doubt I will see that money again as Smartyhost can't be contacted.


    Review Rating

I've been with SmartyHost for a year or so now for my personal website, I have been running two MySQL databases (one for a forum, one for a webcomic manager) and despite having to contact them to get the second database slot added as an extra it was all fine and dandy. But after the move to the Optus datacentre I logged onto my site to find my databases had been wiped, I was back to one slot, and none of my email addresses existed anymore. I had to set up the automated side of my site from scratch, as well as losing a plethora of stored emails. My calls to customer support have often been met with either operators who didn't know how to respond to my question, and/or were clearly situated in an outsourced country.

SmartyHost were a good company before the move, and indeed still are so long as you know what you're doing and don't plan on changing your details (a nightmare with their approval service). If you need customer support or are setting up a website for the first time, try somewhere else.

Don't Choose Smarty, Its worse than "Not Smart"

    Review Rating

Gave them the benefit of the doubt and upgraded. One day after, the site was down. The servers are repeatedly down for more than 24 hours - and currently down for 48 hours. No communication as per what the problem is. Not recommended, the only worst hosting found was Hostik.

For a N-American price you only get sub-par features, support and absolutely NO server reliability. Thank for the loss of money Smarty.


    Review Rating

Had a e-mail problem today at 11am.(connections to port 110 failed)

Lodged a support ticket and 2 hours later nothing done. Tried calling, but never get a human. Calls time out and end up with an answering machine. SO I lodged another support ticket, this time with a "critical" urgency. By 2 pm still nothing so I ran again and left a message. By 4 pm, still nothing and no response to the support tickets. Tried calling again but still no response so I called the sales department. Voila! picked up on the 2nd ring ! TOld them the sitch, got transferred to support, support guy agreed it was their fault and resetting the POP3 server. Problem solved.

But it really did'nt have to take that long.....

    Review Rating

CRAP and still going..


    Review Rating

Never ever been able to log in to smartyhost and that was over 2 months ago.Customer service is pathetic,only got back to me once ( I was not home, Grrrrrr )sometimes you get what you paid for

David Barker

    Review Rating

Absolutely the worst host I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. Arrogant, incompetent, and totally non-existent support. AVOID AT ALL COSTS if you value your website.

Darius F

    Review Rating

There support is pathetic, I just bought 1 years worth of hosting and I cant even log in to the control panel. "Server Not Found". I cant lodge a support ticket, it just says is cant contact smartyhosts servers and the phone support is shit. No one answers the phone. I've been trying all day to no prevail. I would advise against going with this company.

Nick Blood

    Review Rating

Absolutely awful host.

Terribly slow speeds on my flash site for people accessing overseas.

Technical Support is non-existent.

Server uptime is suboptimal.

Rip off of a refund policy, you only get 45% of your original investment back (Guess I should have read the fine print)

Really wish I'd never gone with these guys but now I'm stuck with them until I can afford a better host.


    Review Rating

I ordered a email hosting package recently, and have never received an email with user name and password (and no, their email isn't in my junk, and I am receiving other emails). I rang twice and finally, after five days my call was returned. When I said that I wanted my money back, I was then told I had to log an issue on the website, which for some bizarre reasons, refuses to allow me to register a user name. They are impossible to contact, told me that it was reasonable to take five days to respond to a customer!, and are a poor excuse for a company. DO NOT USE SMARTY HOST!!

    Review Rating

I agree. My websites have been down now all morning. Email was down all weekend. Smarty host not only fail to give feedback on what the problem is at the time, they should post something up on their site so people know why there is a general problem!

They don't phone back, they manage to make sure their website is running okay but have failed to fix up their client's sites. It is now middday and I have had to take my cost per click add off google as no one can get to my website so why pay for clicks. They never even offer any compensation and I feel like suing them for thousands of dollars of lost business.


    Review Rating

There is nothing smart about going with smartyhost. Their support is abismal. waited over 15 hours for a "critical" support ticket. When i did get a response it had nothing to do with my problem, so i had to raise another ticket.. 8 hours later, i get an very rude response to say that i should not be opening multiple tickets as it takes up all their time and efforts dealing with the same problem... considering they never dealt with my problem in the first ticket (which they closed with "resolved") i raised it again...

in the end up i just gave up, between 1 working days between responses to my ticket and the rude and arrogant responses i got which didn't resolve my issues, i got out of there fast.

Never ever go near smartyhost, they're not worth your business.

    Review Rating

This company is full of crap. These guys sit at their job drinking and at times spilling their beer on the server.

I have signed up for 2 years hosting package. My flash sites run dead slow for users overseas, at times i cant login to my ftp.

Once I uploaded something bigger than my actual quota and they disabled my whole account with a big message on my home page saying "please free up your account quota" fking ridicules if you ask me.

Steve Cornips

    Review Rating

If you are thinking of using these guys - think again!

We have constant problems. Domain down, servers down & support is short of non-existent at times.

The mail servers down again & it took 40 hours over the weekend to get it back up & running. It has to be the most amateurish shop in town.

So if your website is not critical, your mail can afford to be down & you don't care too much for support, then you may as well use them. So unless you price your own time as valueless then Smartyhost does not give value for money

    Review Rating

These guys took my money 7 months ago and I still cant access my account. No emails and only one phone call have been answered. When I spoke to someone there they sent me a password that locked the site! I asked to be re-embersed for the time Ive paid for and couldnt use, their response was "Not our problem, we would have sent a password with the invoice", the invoice says a password will be sent within 24 hours, which never happened. I still cant access my site, support is only buring office hours and then you have to leave a message. This company is terrible!!ps. they will answer the phone if it is inregards to sales!


    Review Rating

eCommerce website down 4 times in 4 months thousands lost - No emergency weekend support - slow otherwise and the errors are stupid ones like cpanel stuffups - goodbye SH

    Review Rating

These guys should be shut down the same way their servers often are. Stay away people they have been down 12 times in the last 2 months. Shocking tech support, rude & aggressive. Give them a huge miss!!!


    Review Rating

A year ago SmartyHost took my money, didn't give me what they promised, so I cancelled the hosting. Of course they wouldn't give me a refund. Now I have been emailed to inform me my hosting is up for renewal with them. What a joke!!!


    Review Rating

Technical problems I experienced were being inundated by 100+ spam emails a day because their spam filters are so weak. Also, my mail would just back up on their servers for no apparent reason and I'd find out I had 1300+ emails that had never got through to me. Nobody was even interested in explaining that to me.

On top of that, they charge $5.00 AUD/month without any identity protection and getting hold of customer service (or getting a reply to a technical fault report) is pretty darn difficult.

To top it off, when I told them I was leaving they made it next to impossible to get my EPP code so I could transfer my domain elsewhere and proceeded to call me by a different first name even after I'd corrected them.

These guys are amateurs and they don't care about their customers. Take your business somewhere else - I have!!

    Review Rating

I wish I read this review page before I used smartyhost. I have had many problems over the years and usually they eventually get resolved. Recently they have upgraded to a new program and in doing so they have either lost parts of or destroyed some of my files which has made it impossible for me to update my website. I have spent 2 weeks trying to contact them, I don,t think they even read my emails as the information they send back is not relevant. I,ve had it, can anyone recomend a webhosting that gives good technical advise or better still just fixes the problem.

    Review Rating

As an early reseller (since 2007) I'm confounded that the price of a .com domain rose from $8 in 2007 to $27 in 2013. Especially since I can get them at my NEW provider (VentraIP) for $8. MYOB and goodbye.

    Review Rating

SHIT AS!!!!!

Worst hosting, expensive!!!!!, crap!!!!!!, impossible to send emails for feedback (Error all the times), CHECK OUT Crazydomains $54 / year vs This Thieves!!!!!!!!!

Absolutely Pathetic!!!!!

Don't go with them!!!!!




    Review Rating

I have used SmartyHost for about 6 years, they have slowly become increasingly worse in all aspects of their service.

I recently made an enquiry to have php updated for my hosting package, they are running an antiquated version php. They told me they could do it, but they didnt want to do it and may do it at some point in the future. Well, I saw red. I found another provider with up to date php and cheaper prices. I told SmartyHost I wanted to cancel my service and get a refund. They replied with 'no' that was it. Game over - I lodged a complaint with the ACC which is currently ongoing.

I would strongly suggest you never put yourself in a position where you have to deal with this company.


    Review Rating

Moving websites away from Smarty Host due to lack of support and features to a new registrar who is cheaper with great support and features. Would not use them again


    Review Rating

Worst worst worst experience with Smarty Host.

I have been using Smarty Host for about 5 years until now.

The last 12 months or so they have just gone to absolute shit.

You used to get someone on the phone for support (from Australia). Now YOU CANNOT get them on the phone and all email support is from India.

Not that i would mind if they could understand my problem. It was like talking with monkeys who read my emails and reply with something completely different.

Was awesome, now is completely shit... Just DON"T DO IT!!!!


    Review Rating

I have used Smartyhost for around 10 years. Over the past year and a bit I have been gradually moving everything to a new registrar as they become due for renewal.

When I first started using SH in 2004, it was costing me around $40.00 per year for all of our domains and hosting. In 2012 I worked out that the exact same items were costing $280.00 a year! With the last of our domains moving to our new registrar now, it is costing me $60.00 a year!

Also, as the years went by, customer service went from really good to nearly non-existent.

I would strongly advise choosing another registrar.


    Review Rating

Dealing with Smartyhost (now Uber Global) has been one of the worst, most frustrating, least joyful experiences of my business life.

Appallingly poor service, outright lies and what can only be flat-out ignorance combined with a complete disregard for their customers.

Soooo not recommended.

Scott Warren

    Review Rating

I decided awhile ago to migrate two domains from goDaddy to SmartyHost because I had other domains registered there so I figured it was a good idea to consolidate them. Stupidest thing I have ever done.

Somehow the transfer stuffed up between MelbourneIT and Smartyhost. Contacting them BOTH to find out what happened, lead to "We can't fix it contact (other company)"

Eventually (after a month) it was fixed (by Smartyhost) but now I have two accounts in Smartyhost - so it's not any more consolidated than before.

Now when I tried to move other domains away from this mess they are holding it up also.

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