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Softsys Hosting began web hosting operations in 2006 (under domain softsys.org) and since then has become one of the best Windows hosts.

Along with being a Microsoft Windows Shared and Reseller Hosting Specialist, Softsys Hosting offer a full line of small business solutions, including payment gateway services, SSL certificates, domain registration, etc.

All aspects of Softsys Hosting company follow a customer-first business model as Softsys Hosting strive to take special care of every one of their clients – no matter how big or small. Customer satisfaction has always been, and always will be, Softsys Hosting number one priority and their over 75% referral rate demonstrates this commitment.

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Hosting Reviews for Softsys Hosting

Derrick Nel

    Review Rating

I just wanted to say that I am extremely happy with my overall experience, the machines are really fast and the support is too.

Keep up the good work..


    Review Rating

I have used them for a year. Very happy with their service and reliablity. They also support full tust mode and ASP.NET 3.5. Their support is the best, really hard to find such quality support that are priced so reasonable.

Director of Media Technologies, ASiM

    Review Rating

Absolutely Amazing! You just don't get technical assistance like this anywhere else on this planet! It's been years now and they just won't stop giving me oustanding and beyond competent, not to mention lightning fast, SERVICE and TECHNICAL SUPPORT! Great job, Nick, Rick, Harry and whoever else is over there at softsyshosting!

Single Palm

    Review Rating

During the upgrade process I ran into a few problems (that I created) and contacted Softsys Support for help. Within minutes (15 at the most) each of my problems were resolved (from permissions to database issues). Being an online only store uptime is a must for me and Softsys is by far the fastest and most thorough (and this all happened at 1:00 in the morning)! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Jay L

    Review Rating

I submitted a ticket for the first time with Softsys hosting this afternoon to make a permissions configuration change to the site that other web hosts often balk at or completely refuse. While writing the ticket, I was frustrated, expecting the ticket to go into a 'black hole'. But, Softsys greatly exceeded my expectations -- they responded back to me in a matter of minutes, and had the entire request completed within a half hour. And everything was completed correctly the very first time! I couldn't ask for anything more. Thank you so much!


    Review Rating

I would not recommend softsys. They have a lot of hidden fees. Like $20 downgrade fee, $50 backup retrieval fee, ect.. Im sure these things are somewhere in the fine print, but if it says daily backups are included most wouldnt think you have to actually pay $50 for them. Anyways, they do have good tech support that usually will get things fix in an hour or two. Unfortunately during the last year of our service I had to submit support tickets every time I went in to there webadmin panel. We switched and it is like a breath of fresh air, at least its over with now.

Josh D

    Review Rating

I migrated to them based on reviews that I read that I later found were astroturf. It turns out that their databases corrupt regularly and that they are trained to blame it on your application. I lost about a week of time troubleshooting and rebuilding databases. I finally cancelled my account and went to another host and have never looked back... Except for the part where they refuse to release my domain name. I seriously might have to lawyers involved as they still won't release it.

    Review Rating

Bottom line: if you want a overpriced hosting for a blog or for a 3 html pages website no one reads SoftSys will get the job done. But if you actually want to host a website which actually does something, look elsewhere.

amit rane

    Review Rating

extremly over priced vps, no refund policy, money gone if you are unhappy with it

Steve Calnek

    Review Rating

I was a happy customer with SoftSys until I renewed my web site last month and they charged my credit card twice. That seemed like an honest mistake, but they denied it happened. When my bank reversed the unauthorized second charge, SoftSys blocked my web site and were extremely uncooperative in trying to resolve the problem.

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